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Updated on March 10, 2011



In the binging in the book of Genesis, God finished all that he created, the animals he brought to Adam the man he created to name the animal and whatsoever name he calls them that is what God approve for them. Some thing that got me thinking about God's action of bringing the animals to be named by Adam was that:

-He that created the creation knows the purpose why he created it                                                                                                                                                -He only knows what inspired him to create the creature                                                                                                                                         -He only can tell more on the formation of the creature and it functional system

By reason of this, Him (God) should be in a better position to name the animal that he has created but still, he gave man the opportunity to name. This put the man in a position of authority which is backed by God and man naturally possess this ability as God's own possession. Therefore the ability to create, decree and speak things into manifestation was a thing man possessed from the beginning in the Garden of Eden.

Alone the line, man lost this ability and position when he disobey God's instruction in the Garden of Eden. He was driven from the garden and came in contact with difficulties, pain and hardship directly and there was no way he could decree a change because he has been shifted from the place of authority and the ability was taken away from. Even in this state of man's life, God’s original plan for him was still in place because He (God) loves man with an everlasting love.

God came out with a plan B to redeem man and bring him back to the place of authority and at the same time restore his ability to create which he lost in the Garden of Eden. He gave his son JESUS to die on the cross that through his death, man will be bought back to him and his original position restored. In Matthew 16:8-9, Jesus made it clear that whoever believe that he is the son of God (according to the revelation) and accept him, him God will make his son according to john 1:12 and he will give the keys of the kingdom (the same ability that God gave to Adam in the garden that gave him the opportunity to name the animals from the beginning).

From the day we received Christ, we’ve been made the sons of God and God lives in us and so is his fullness. The ability to create according to his will and purpose is in you. Jesus said what so ever you bound on earth (decree, create and prophesy according to his will God's will for your life) shall be bound in heave. God’s backing is on your declarations to honor the words of your mouth. THIS IS YOU POSITION IN THE NEW DISPENSATION ...GO CREATE YOUR WORLD.


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