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Video's for Kids Only.[ Amazing Tale of Vikram & Betal.In Hindi.]

Updated on April 13, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Swamiji's every where.[ B.E to PhD]

Film on Swamiji
Film on Swamiji
More Swami's
More Swami's

Vikram - Sanyasi.

King Bharat.

Vampire's Test.

You must know Hindi to understand Video's.

India has such fascinating and unanswerable adventures and Myths that it will not only impress the young but fascinate the adults.

The Yantra part is most popular it will be in many forms from Threads of all kinds tied to wrists or neck and so many varieties of Rings worn on different fingers to ward of anything you wish or make you posses the things that you dream.These Yantras are sold in so many temples and masjids by the priests or moulas.They listen to you and take out some powder utter some mantras which you can't understand and than put it in mini tubes of just 2 mm dia and 4 mm wide.both ends tied to loops in the tubes one side open and then plug it and seal it.You wear it  around your neck and the effect is instantaneous and all your problems are over.You can see such Yantras worn by our Cricket players of our Country.

Mantra is another big ritual and more effective there are Homas also in these Mantras some require such rituals that you just can't do it but the priest will do it for you.The carrier of this deadly mantras may be the Red Kumkum or Lime which must touch the person to be commissioned to destroy what you wanted the person whom you want to destroy.It can also be a Ash.Such acts are performed on Amavasya day at Mid Night in Burial Grounds.

Tantra is just evil the practicing people live in burial grounds or cremation grounds and you can meet them to get your problem solved but you will get to spend quite a fortune for this type of Magic and Mesmerism.

Vikram & Vetal is quite interesting you got to watch the Video's all the 15 and its sub sections.


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