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An Introduction to Yin and Yang and Feng Shui

Updated on January 19, 2016

Yin and Yang Symbol

Ying Yang Symbol
Ying Yang Symbol | Source


Chi is the subtle energy force that is present in everything. Chi flows freely between people and the items surrounding us. Our personal chi will float off and at the same time we are drawing chi from the environment we are in at the time. This alters our own chi and can cause a change in our feelings and thoughts.

Yin and Yang are the two different forms of chi. Yin is slow and cool energy and yang is faster and hotter. In general people and things are a mix of yin and yang energy but sometimes this balance can become unsettled and problems can arise from having too much yin or yang energy within or around us. Fortunately this can be corrected by making changes in our lives such as the foods we eat and things we do or by adding items to the environment that attract more of the energy we need, for example crystals can help bring more yang chi into a room.


Yin and Yang Qualities in People

Natural yin qualities that can be found in people include having an oval shaped face, full lips, large eyes and long fingers and toes. Yin personality qualities include being creative, sensitive, easy going and gentle.

Having a round face and stocky build are considered yang qualities along with having small eyes and thin lips. Someone who is naturally more yang is likely to a focused, alert and active individual who may enjoy a fast paced and full lifestyle. For people who are naturally more yin or yang the risk of having too much of that energy is increased.

Balancing our Yin and Yang Energy

If a person has too much yin energy they may feel cold, depressed and lethargic and be susceptible to illness. They are also more likely to suffer with diarrhoea. Attracting more yang energy to balance the excess yin can be achieved by playing competitive sports or taking up a martial art. Wearing bright colours and smart formal clothes and eating more root vegetables, grains and fish will also help. Removing clutter from their living space and taking regular exercise will also help balance a persons chi.

When too much yang energy is present in a person they may feel a lot of anger or stress and a need to be in control of people and situations around them. Physically they are likely to suffer with dry skin, constipation and feeling stiff. Yin energy can be increased by meditation and stretching exercises, creating a relaxing atmosphere, for example with music or candles. Eat fresh foods such as salads and fruit and spending time outdoors will also increase a persons yin energies.

Taking enough rest when you need to and having creative outlets in life aid keeping yin and yang energies in balance. It is important to take care of your own needs and not make everyone else a priority in order to keep a stable balance.

Salad can be used to increase a persons yin energies.
Salad can be used to increase a persons yin energies. | Source
Fresh vegtables
Fresh vegtables | Source

Balancing Chi with Foods

To keep our own chi in balance it is important to eat a varied and balanced diet of yin and yang foods. Many consider the best rule of thumb to be that any meal should be three parts yang to two parts yin.
All food falls into one of three categories, yin, yang and netural. Some examples are as follows:

Yin - apple, asparagus, banana, cabbage, crab, duck, fish, grapes, honey, mushrooms, oranges, oysters, pineapples, shrimps, strawberries, soya beans, white sugar and tomatoes.

Yang - Beef, black pepper. butter, cheese, chicken, chocolate, coffee, eggs, garlic, ham, kidney beans, lamb, leeks, onions, potato, rabbit, turkey, whisky and wine.

Neutral foods - Bread, carrots, cherries, milk, peaches, peas, plums and brown rice.

When an imbalance of chi is present food can also be used to help correct this but eating the foods considered to have the energy needed by the person to bring them back into balance.

Beef is Considered to Be a Yang Food.
Beef is Considered to Be a Yang Food. | Source

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