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You Do Know That Exorcisms Really Do Happen Don't You?

Updated on March 24, 2012

Saint Francis Borgia engaging in an exorcism

Saint Francis Borgia engaging in an exorcism in this photo.
Saint Francis Borgia engaging in an exorcism in this photo.
A boy possessed by a demon.
A boy possessed by a demon.
The Canaanite woman's daughter
The Canaanite woman's daughter

You Do Know That Exorcisms Really Do Happen Don't You?

As a researcher involved in research involving ghosts and other paranormal activity I find it amazing at how few people know that exorcisms are real. The Catholic Church currently has many priests who have been trained to carry out exorcisms and they carry out many exorcisms. .

In the Catholic faith exorcisms are carried out in the name of Jesus Christ. Catholic priests are cautioned by the Catholic Church to be sure that the person they are thinking of performing an exorcism on is indeed possessed and not suffering from a medical illness or a psychological reason before proceeding with an exorcism.

The possessed person is not considered evil in themselves nor totally responsible for their actions. The person performing the exorcism does so to cure the person that is possessed. It is believed that the person who needs an exorcism is possessed by a demon or demons.

The person performing the exorcism calls upon Jesus, A litany of saints and a multitude of angels and archangels to help to rid the possessed person of the demon or demons indwelling in them.

I find it hard to believe that not more people realize that demons do possess people and that real exorcisms are carried out on these people to remove the demon or demons.

This is not science fiction or made up stories. It happens right here in modern times though not very many people know it.

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The Gerasenes Demonic
The Gerasenes Demonic

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Exorcisms Are Real And Really Do Happen

Now I'm not beating any religious drum or trying to convert you I'm just telling you that exorcisms are a part of modern day life. They just are not public about what they are doing. They perform their exorcisms in private and behind closed doors.

We should note here that while demonic possession is not a recognized psychiatric or medical diagnosis that it is recognized by the largest religious organization on earth which is the Catholic Church and they are training new priests with the knowledge to perform exorcisms.

I find it interesting that you'll watch a movie and see the demon possessing a person give its name while the Catholic Church says this really only happens about 29 percent of the time. And some pretty famous people have had exorcisms performed on them including Mother Theressa and Salvador Dali. The Catholic Church will not admit or deny performing exorcisms on either one of them though knowledge that exorcisms were performed came from other sources and Salvador Dali admitted himself that an exorcism was performed on him. He made a beautiful statue of Jesus for the priest that performed the exorcism, to thank him for ridding him of his demon he said.

Anneliese Michel was a Catholic woman from Germany who was said to be possessed by six or seven demons. She underwent a secret voluntary exorcism that lasted for 10 months in 1975. The two priests and her parents were convicted of negligent manslaughter for failing to call in a medical doctor to deal with the woman's eating disorder. At her death she only weighed 68 pounds. Do you know that two major motion pictures were based on this woman's story and they are.

1. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

2. Requiem

There is a documentary movie made in Polish with English sub titles that is about the exorcism of Anneliese Michel and it has the actual tapes of the real exorcism that was performed on the woman. It was a real event that really happened. The Catholic Church again refuses to make any comment on this exorcism and will not give any information about it or even admit that it did or did not happen.

All of us have seen the movie, The Exorcist with the girl's head spinning around and the green pea soup. I think it is movies like the Exorcist that somehow planted the thought in the head of the average person that Exorcisms were not real and never happened. When in fact the Catholic Church is currently training more priests to perform exorcisms and some sources say that there are more exorcisms performed today than in any period in recent history.

I find it interesting that exorcisms are being performed in increasing numbers and the average person is totally unaware of this. I think that most people group exorcisms with vampires and other things that go bump in the night and fail to realize that not only are exorcisms real but that they are still performed on a regular basis.

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Did you know the movie, " The Exorcist " was based on real events.
Did you know the movie, " The Exorcist " was based on real events.

Please Vote In Our Poll.

Did you know that the movie, " The Exorcist " was based on real events.

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Did you know the movie , " The Exorcist " was based on real events.

Did you know that the movie, The Exorcist was based on the exorcism story of Robbie Mannheim and that for years the Catholic Church used the pseudonym of Roland Doe to hide the real persons name.

The real story was said to have happened in 1949. The boy who later had the exorcism performed on him was born into a Lutheran Church family and the family lived in Cottage City Maryland. His aunt was a spiritualist and she showed him how to work a Ouija Board. Roland was thirteen when his aunt died while in St Louis and he is said to have tried to use the Ouija Board to try to contact his aunt who he loved.

Soon after this strange and supernatural things started to happen. Furniture was said to move on its own and the parents and friends said they could constantly hear sounds of someone walking when no one was there. Soon after this a vase flew across the room and a bottle of Holy Water placed near the boy crashed to the floor.

The Lutheran Minister had the boy to spend the night in his house and he observed many strange things that night. Blankets moved around on their own and a big armchair the boy was setting in first levitated and then fell over on its side. He also heard some one walking inside the wall and over his head and something was scratching inside the wall. The Lutheran Church performed a rite of exorcism on the boy but it did no good. If anything it only made the situation worse. The case was then referred to the Reverend Edward Hughes who examined the boy and declared him possessed of demons. He performed an exorcism on the boy at Georgetown University Hospital which was a Jesuit Hospital.

During the exorcism the boy inflicted a wound on the priest that required stitches. The exorcism was stopped and the boy was sent home to be with his parents. Strange red welts soon appeared on the boy and the parents were frantic.

The parents took him to St Louis where a relative was able to get Rev. Raymond J. Bishop, SJ, a priest and a fellow priest to visit the boy in his home. They observed how the boy could not stand to be near anything sacred and the one priest Rev. William S. Bowdern was able to obtain permission from the Catholic Church to perform am exorcism. The two priest observed the boy speaking in an unknown language and saw the bed shake and jump up and down that the boy was laying on.

The Catholic Church gave Rev Bowdern permission to cast the demon out of the boy but required him to keep a diary of everything that went on. The exorcism was carried out in the psychiatric wing of the local hospital. Two other priests assisted Rev Bowdern and it was a wild and supernatural scene that the three priests observed. The boy screamed and ranted at them in Aramaic and at one point he broke Bowdern's nose. The family said there was no way that the boy could have known Aramaic yet he kept up a barrage of vulgarity in the language against the priests. The priests said that at times the words hell and evil would appear on the boy scratched into his skin and then go away and then reappear. The exorcism ritual was performed thirty times over several weeks and people throughout the hospital heard loud booms and noise when the final ritual was performed. All three priests later said that at one point during the final ritual that the marks of the stigmata appeared on the boy and a demonic laughter was heard. At one point they said the bed the boy was on would barely stay on the floor.

After the exorcism was over the family was able to move back in their home and the boy grew up, married, and later became a grandfather. It is said that neither he nor any of his family ever had any more problems.

The book and movie, The Exorcist were based on what happened in the boys case. In the movie a girl played the part of the possessed person. Did you know this actually happened? I wonder how many people ever knew that " The Exorcist " was based on real events.

A Few Words From The Author

I want to thank you for reading my Hub Page on Exorcism. I want to caution people here to be extremely careful and give it some long thought before playing around with a Ouija Board or similar things. I am contacted by someone at least once weekly from people getting themselves into trouble playing with Ouija Boards or Witchcraft. I've seen things that the average person would never believe. So use care and think long and hard about what you may be doing. There are dark forces in this world that no one really understands. If you believe in God you should also believe in the Devil and evil. Because it does exist. Again thanks for reading my Hub Page. I hope you have a nice day.

Thomas Byers is a paranormal researcher and ghost hunter. He has seen ghosts and paranormal activity all his life. He can be contacted by emailing thomasbyers @
Thomas Byers is a paranormal researcher and ghost hunter. He has seen ghosts and paranormal activity all his life. He can be contacted by emailing thomasbyers @ | Source

Please Post Your Comments On Exorsism Now. And Thanks For Reading.

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    • Tabithar profile image


      6 years ago from KY

      Love this!

    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 

      8 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      Very interesting hub. Thank you for sharing it. Voted up!

    • arksys profile image


      8 years ago from Adelaide, Australia

      great hub, didn't know the movies were based on real stories ... but do believe what they showed to be possible. voted up and interesting ... ;)

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks for the kind words and thanks for the comment. I appreciate it.

    • Zakmoonbeam profile image

      Michael Murchie 

      8 years ago from Parts Unknown

      Another great supernatural hub, I love reading your work, keep 'em coming !


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