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You Never, Ever, Every Time

Updated on January 1, 2013
Brick Wall from jessie is skoopy Source:
Brick Wall from jessie is skoopy Source:

‘You Never, Ever, Every Time’

By Tony DeLorger © 2010

Oxymorons seem bound to define our times. What we do and say these days, is juxtaposed, ill-fated and annoyingly commonplace. Why are we so out of tune with us, unable to follow through on a single action, endeavour or ideal? Our paths of so-called ‘good intentions’ are no longer a source of justification. One would think that our evolution would eventually translate into an enlightened mental state, but it is the opposite. As technology increases, our capacity to handle it and our complex lives, decreases. Today we are no more in control of our earthly passage than we were when we were chasing Woolly Mammoths for a winter snack.

We are spoilt, weak and unengaged with life, recessed into our chosen boxes with a plethora of techno-accumulations to pacify our inability to just be. We are unable to smell the roses because we don’t see or acknowledge their existence. Humans must be amused, distracted and stimulated. Our hides are so thick from the protected walls we’ve erected around us; we can feel little emotionally, of what lies beyond our skin. Sensory overload has become a precondition of modern life, and thus the norm, anything less sending us fast asleep from boredom. We have become like remote vessels floating on a sea of static, the humming of our lives drowned out by the incessant crackle of what we’ve created- meaningless noise.

Most technology affirms our inability to be engaged with ourselves and one another, rather, it creates a passage to contend, compete, to judge, defame and emasculate our fellow beings without even having to face them. Again, remote is where we are, self-isolation if you will. We have made choices, but the choices have been so limited for so long in a cultural sense, we have become lost. But because we have all suffered the same fate, collectively we can no longer see possibility for change, and have forgotten what is important in life. We’ve lost connection.

So what is life and to what purpose is it given? Is it for the pursuit of financial accumulation, material gain, power, influence or do we have to get esoteric? What we feel, how we respond and how we connect to and treat those around us, are the defining aspects of a rich, fulfilling life, aren’t they? The physical life is purely circumstantial and therefore less of importance than our thoughts, emotions and ability to be happy, from just being alive. So how can we become so complacent, so detached from the importance and the gift of our being. Why do we ignore the beauty, the miracle and focus on the evil, the greed and selfish betrayal? It simply doesn’t make sense.

It’s not that we don’t see clearly our predicament; it’s that we’ve not yet opened our eyes. The answer does not reside with God, our leaders, politicians or any religions belief, principle or dogma; it resides within every one of us. Life exists in its own simplicity, its endless cycle of birth, growth, death and rebirth. We carry that eternal spark, the opportunity to realise the gift of life. It’s about time we prioritised and decided what is important, what is worth living for.


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