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You Never Know What A Day Will Bring

Updated on September 5, 2011

By: Toni Tucker

When you walk out the door in the morning, you never know what the day is going to bring.

You make it safely to work...

With all the near misses, cars that cut you off that come from no where. The blaring lights and loud sirens of the fire truck, that forced you to pull off to the side of the road. The speeding police car that almost runs you over while in pursuit of someone else. And the Sealy mattress that fell off the Ford pick-up a few cars in front of you that made you swerve wildly barely missing it!

So you sigh with relief, shrug it all off, and continue to drive on to work...

To sum up the day...

I walked out the house, got to work, and got fired. Not because of anything that I did wrong, just because it's a numbers game and in sales, the numbers on a day rule. It doesn't matter that I had 20 sales on last Friday. What does matter is that I only had 8 sales on Tuesday. And, when you are new and the company hires 40 people every other week, the boss just sees the bottom line, if you didn't earn your seat, you're out! No, one, two or three strikes, you're just, out!

So, no more, "Hi John, this is Toni, you recently made a payment with your Visa card with a marketing associate, and now you're a "Preferred Customer." John, "What?" "How'd you get my credit card information, how'd you get my number, what purchase did I make, and who the hick are you?!" Then, "Click." And, start all over again, over and over for six hours and forty-five minutes.

So, I internalize, "this is why I graduated from college, and started off with so much promise, working in television and radio. This is why I garnered a long awaited Chicago Emmy, this is why I worked so hard to sharpen my God given interviewing skills. This is why I know so many people in my field from producers to talent...

For whatever reasons years later...

To find myself a victim of the Florida Telemarketing cycle. These are the only jobs that will hire you fast when you need the cash to pay your bills and survive. In my case, at least until, the doors of opportunity swing wide open, and destiny smiles at me once again.

I could cry, I could get upset, I could have gone home and drowned in my sorrows with a bottle of Smirnoff Green Apple, but, nooo, I was determined in my spirit to immediately get hired on the same day, some where, some how, some way!

And it happened like this...

After my one hour of perfunctory pitching to countless people on my computer generated phone calls across the country at work, my immediate supervisor walks up to me and nicely, but, firmly informs me, "Toni, I have to cut you." I thought she had a knife, or a razor hidden under her sleeve, so I was prepared to run! You know, there are crazies who supervise.

In all truthfulness, I had and inkling that I was going to be "let go." The Lord never lets things sneak up on us, he warns us, if we listen.

About 15 of us were told we were being cut, and in the same breath, as if this is was any consolation for us, were told, "you can reapply in 30 days." I asked, was it anything I did wrong? The sup said, "no, you just didn't meet the quota for the week so far, and because you are new, we have to let you go."

I rationalize, "for goodness sake, it's telemarketing at it's best." I'd only been there for three weeks and 3 days. And it pays the rent. But, I hate telemarketing.

Time to move on...

So, out in the parking lot with my black back posture cushion, folder, food bag, and big purse, I find myself talking with a another woman who went through training with me, with her black back posture cushion, folder, food bag and big purse. Not, quite as big as mine though. She told me that she admired me being a Christian, although she let me know up front that she was Jewish.

Well as the story goes, she asked me to pray for her as tears swelled up in her eyes, and I heard the voice of the Lord tell me to take my time, breathe, and look this broken woman, directly in her eyes and witness the true Gospel of Jesus! And I did, and she listened, and the seed was planted in her heart! Despite my frustration, my lack of being able to process what had just happened, I was obedient to the beckon of a fired and sad soul, and the Lord was pleased. And maybe one day, I'll see this woman in heaven!

This has been the costliest year in history for America...
Devastating tornadoes in the southeast and Midwest, blizzards in Chicago and other major cities. The catastrophic BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, raging wildfires from California to Texas, Earthquakes in Washington D.C., and now the after affects of Hurricane Irene from up- state New York and New Hampshire to the Carolina's. I mentioned this to sound Journalistic.

The evidence is that times are hard for almost every normal person in America, from the economy to the environment, and most importantly, that Jesus is soon to capture believers from this earth. So, despite your situation, be vigilant and a witness!!!

I got fired at 10:00am and hired by 12 o'clock noon. I went to a place called "career central" in Florida, and a manager there who happens to be a member at my cousin's church who is a Pastor, told me where to go and I went and got hired! And was scheduled to start the next day, not skipping a beat.

Yes, another quick telemarketing joint, it's not a TV Host or Radio Host, or writing gig, but, it's a JOB and it will pay the BILLS.

However, the most important event of the day is drawn from a song I learned as a child called, "Only What You Do for Christ Will Last!" The peace of Jesus Christ I was able to speak over my distraught former co-worker! I believe she will soon give her life to Christ and receive him as her personal Lord and Savior!

You never know what a day will bring.


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    • Heavensgates profile image

      Heavensgates 6 years ago

      Since this hub, the place that let me go, closed.

      And, I have been to two other places for work. It's a roller-coaster ride, but, I can take the highs and lows, until my stability comes in the work-place!

      Keep me in your prayers!

    • RevLady profile image

      RevLady 6 years ago from Lantana, Florida

      Heavensgate, It seems you and I have walked a similar path and experienced similar telemarketing drama and trauma. No loss, only gain in Christ Jesus. AMEN!

      Love, peace and joy in Him,

      Forever His

    • Precious Pearl profile image

      Precious Pearl 6 years ago

      Absolutely love this hub! Thank you for sharing ... it was truely a testimony of our God having a plan and how it works for our good and not our harm. Praise Him in the Suddenlies of our lives!!

    • lovelypaper profile image

      Renee S 6 years ago from Virginia

      That's great you got hired so quickly. Things sure can turn around quickly. I like to think of that as God closing one door and opening another.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Since we can only live in the moment we are currently in, only that moment matters. you could take your last breath before finishing reading this, or you could get offered a new job for more money. Learn to live in and for the moment and neither the past nor the future will ever matter to you again.

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 6 years ago from America

      You are so right you never know what a day will bring. So sorry you got fired so glad you found another job. You are also right about "The Lord never lets things sneak up on us, he warns us, if we listen".

      Good hub vote up.