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You are the center of the Universe!

Updated on March 29, 2013

Jesus was aware of his identity with the father in heaven!

When God alone exist......

You are the center of the Universe. Yes, each one of us is really the centers while the circumference is nowhere! This is what Swami Vivekananda expressed in the Conference of Religions at Chicago long ago. Again, it is God who sees through our eyes, listen through our ears, taste through our tongue and feel through our skins. In a way, we can say that we are all really forms of God or expressions of God. Since he was the only entity before creation and there was nothing else, all we see in the outer world is nothing but his manifestations. The inert as well as the intelligent are his manifestation. Thus he lies in the rocks with the conscious dormant whereas in human beings, his conscious is full and evolved. Hence in the parlor of God, sinner and sage are one only. Hence Jesus has proclaimed that he and Father in Heaven are one. In the scriptures, it is clearly proclaimed that “All are One, Be alike to every one!

All confusions arise due to the feeling of separation from God. We perceive many around us only due to diversity. Hence, we need the eyes of wisdom to perceive the Unity behind the apparent diversity. In the Advaita philosophy advocated by Adi Sankara, a great saint of South India, the concept of One alone is taught. There is no second! There is only One! Though God is formless, it is not possible for ordinary human beings to worship a formless God.

Human beings have five sense organs to perceive the world around. Let us consider one example. We say that there is ‘matter’ around us. How we came to the conclusion? Our eyes discern the forms around us. Without the power of vision, the forms themselves have no meaning. Without the forms, the vision has no meaning. Even the great Scientist Einstein has postulated a theory of witness or observer while explaining the theory of velocity. We say that there is creation and cosmos around us. Unless we perceive the creation through our senses, how can we come to the conclusion that there is creation or cosmos? Hence, the creation is not valid without an observer. Hence the observer gives credence to the act of perceiving. Without the observer, the idea of a creation itself is not valid. We say that the world exists. It cannot independently exist without somebody witnessing the world. In the non-dual philosophy, the observer is equated to the creator since no creation can emanate without a creator. Hence in one of his discourses, Saibaba has said, “You are the creator of the Universe”. This is not blasphemy since every one of us lend credence to the world outside and without us, there cannot exist a separate creation. Hence the scene is within the seer. We say that we hear sounds. Sky is taken to be the medium of passage of sound waves. But unless we hear it, the sound itself has no meaning.

Hence, the creation is within the creator and we are all none but creators! But it is difficult to digest this Truth. Only a keen intelligence can intuitively understand the above Truth. Hence Saibaba has said once “I am God, You are God, I know that I am God but you do not know that you are God! We can analyze these statements and come to conclusion ourselves regarding the validity of the above Truths!


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