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You won't find Peace in the external world!

Updated on October 18, 2015

Quotes of Wisdom!

Where is Peace?

I am searching for Peace everywhere but I don’t find it anywhere! Why there is paucity of the most valued thing in the world? Evidently, the world is in ‘pieces’. When some devotee approached Sathya Saibaba and requested him, “I want peace”, Saibaba told him, “Remove the “I” and “want”, automatically peace will be yours! This may look like a mathematical equation, 3-2=1. But, what Saibaba meant by this statement is very simple. Remove “I” means remove the Ego! Remove ‘want’ means remove your desires. Yes, you will remain in peace. The greatest hurdle for peace is the ‘ego’ and desire. Ego stems from body attachment and as a corollary desires sprout in the mind since the mind is always attached to a body that it considers as its own!

Now, let us go a little deep. All the bodies which have life in it assert “I”. Though the bodies are inert and cannot assert anything, it is the mind which enables the mouth and tongue to assert as “I”. If you deeply contemplate, the sounds emanate from the naval region where the primal sound “OM” emanates. Each breath asserts a holy sanctifying chant “Soham”, “So”, represents the inhaling breath and ‘ham’, the exhaling breath. The breath indicates “I am He”. This “He” represents none but God. In fact, there is none other than God. This is the basis of entire Vedanta literature. Hence in some of the Hindu temples like “Sabarimala” in Kerala, there is an inscription, ‘TAT TWAM ASI’ which means “I am that”. The same statement can be found in the Bible which asserts “I am that I am.

Though we perceive the creation and cosmos through our sensory organs with the input through the senses, the non-dual followers assert that the senses, mind and everything is a great illusion and not tenable. If you rely upon your vision, there are several illusions created by various circumstances. A straight stick inserted in water looks as though it is bent. It is the illusion created by light refraction. Likewise, our idea that the surface of the earth is plain is again negated by ships receding from our vision as they move further. Since the surface of the earth is curved, it is not seen when it moves farther. We can give several scientific examples for the faulty sensory inputs. Also one sense can give input pertaining to that sense only. Hence we cannot see through the ear nor hear through the eyes. Also during twilight hours we mistake a rope as a snake. These examples assert the imperfections of our senses!

We might have read a funny story of seven blind man touching different parts of an elephant conclude that the elephant is like a pillar, a wall, a pipe etc and start fighting among themselves. Only a man who is not blind can explain that all their perception is wrong. The elephant is really a big animal with strong legs, big stomach and fan like ears. Thus every one of us perceive Almighty God in different manners and assert God is like this, God is only like this and others are wrong etc. The fact is God is formless, nameless and attribute less but he can assume a form and name according to the exigencies of time and place.

Thus we have many such incarnations narrated in the epics and scriptures. Each one might differ in physical form, behavior and other attributes but the purpose of all Avatars is to guide the erring human race towards its Divine origin. Hence every one is a heir to spiritual kingdom and he can share all the Divine Wealth like Wisdom, Immortality and Bliss with God once he realize his being as a part of the Almighty God! This is the message of all the scriptures of the world. Hence Jesus taught the ordinary people in parables and has not revealed them in direct teachings. His Ten Commandments contain all truth and righteousness for humanity to follow. The same truth is contained in Bagawat Gita songs sung by Lord Krishna to the warrior Arjuna around five thousand years ago. Hence believe in the ancient texts and follow them in life. Everyone can reach God in due course.

Creation as per Genesis.


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