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Young Nick speaks with the Angels.

Updated on February 12, 2013

From these woods Angels come

Young Nick speaks with the Angels

As they watched the young man walking up a cold December street, from a distance he appeared to be stumbling a bit. He then fell into a road side drainage ditch.

And then as if he had caught a second wind, he would bounce back up to the street and resume his conversation with someone only visible to him. At other times they would observe him staring off into the woods, or conversing with a tree.

Dressed in short pants and a “T” shirt, no hat; no gloves; and at times barefoot, the one they called "Nick the runner," seemed warm enough. Perhaps a bit overheated as he shed his clothing and trucked up the street in the nude.

His neighbors found this less than amusing and informed the local sheriff of Nick’s romps in the buff.

He expressed little concern for the falling snow, or the pending downpour of a late December Oregon afternoon. Those a bit more than curious as to the strange behavior of this outwardly apparently normal young man, searched for careful words; as they asked him of his malady. The “what the hell!” came expounding out of a collective voice as the neighbors wondered as to the strange behavior of young Nick?

One afternoon while walking up the road with “good dog” Otis, Mac had passed the home of the strange young man and his timid parents. “Hadn’t seen them much since moving in a few months ago,” said Mac as he spoke with David about the strange goings on of late. “Japanese I think!” A bit crusty and a little hard of hearing David headed back into his shop as Nick hid behind a nearby Fir tree.

Rumor had it that Nick had introduced himself to David by announcing that he had shit on his lawn. Dave didn’t seem gravely concerned, but his young daughter found the boy a bit disturbed, if not disturbing.

When speaking with Nick, he appeared to drift in and out of reality as the conversation eluded him. Or perhaps he simply wasn’t interested. Nick had other things on his mind. He had shared with Mac that he often spoke with Angels, and waited for a reaction from the old Orb Hunter. Mac simply asked if he had actually ever seen one; or if one had ever talked back? “I’ve never actually seen one, but I figure if I wait long enough, and ask for it, it will happen.” Drifting off into his disconnected gaze, Nick continued his endless run. His apparent schizophrenia had taken him to places Mac and Dave would never travel; as a light snow fell on his cap less head.

Yuki shared the story of a young son that had frozen the top of his brain on an Alaskan winter night. Speaking on in her soft broken English, she explained that the demons had entered her son on that night; as he lay in the snow; passed out from a teenaged drunken stupor.

Mac placed his hand slowly on the young man’s shoulder as he stood naked in the falling snow. “What are you doing Nick?” “Speaking to the Angels Mac, just speaking to the Angels.”


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    • Parks McCants profile image

      Parks McCants 4 years ago from Eugene Oregon U.S.A.

      Those seemingly disconected from reality, may in-fact be trapped between dimensions. Who am I to question young Nick. Voices in the woods? Sure, I've heard a few.(: