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Your Assignment in Heaven

Updated on August 19, 2019
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Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.


A lot of people have wondered if they will have an assignment in heaven. There is a group of people who believe the myth that heaven is boring and they will float around on pink fluffy clouds.

So, let's set the record straight.

Heaven Will Not Be Boring

Heaven will not be boring. People will worship and have work to do, but no one will ever get tired. Our work will never be hard labor, We will not dread Monday mornings and look forward to Fridays because there will be no time in heaven. We will not have to ask the boss for time off to take a vacation. We will not have to call in sick because there will be no sickness in heaven.

Heaven will not be a place where inhabitants just sit around for all eternity doing nothing. Now, that would be boring. There will be work for us to do in heaven. The assignments will be meaning and enjoyment for every inhabitant.

God is a God of purpose. He did not make us to live on earth or to reside in heaven without that purpose being fulfilled. We will always have things to do.

Our anointed assignments on earth do not cease when we join God and Jesus in heaven. The problem with understanding what our assignments will be in heaven lies in the fact that some people have not identified their God-given assignment here on earth. God has ordained us to carry out our assignment on earth, and He will ordain us to carry out our assignment in heaven. However, our assignment in heaven will be intensified much more than our earthly assignment.


Heavenly Assignments

In heaven, we’ll never grow weary or tired, as we do here on earth. According to Genesis 2:15, after God created Adam He gave him a job to take care of the Garden of Eden where he lived. That was considered a joy and not work.

When Adam sinned against God, he was cursed to work for the rest of his life. Work became a burden for the whole human race because of Adam's sin (Genesis 3:17-19). Even the curse is still present in the earth today because of Adam's rebellion against God, it will not be in heaven. Therefore, work will no longer be a burden. Instead, it will be very enjoyable.

According to Revelation 22:3, heaven will not only be a place of eternal enjoyment, but it will also be a place of eternal employment.

Servants Serve

The Bible lets us know that the redeemed in heaven are called servants. Revelation 22:3 and Revelation 7:15 say, “His servants will serve him." Therefore, it might be helpful to know that the work done in heaven will be considered "service" rather than "work as it is done on earth. There will be plenty to do in heaven because there will always be a need for infinite service.

Our assignment in heaven will be connected to our service for God we have done here on earth. Our interests, skills, and gifts that have been developed in this life will continue but will be magnified a million times more for us to perform our heavenly assignment with perfection.

It will also be helpful to know that the kingdom assignments we engage in on earth are simply "on-the-job training" for our heavenly assignment. That's why we should not stray away from our God-given earthly assignment.

A Foretaste of Our Heavenly Assignment

Every occupation in heaven will be directly related to the assignment God has given us in this life. The beauty of it is that we will be able to complete our assignment with perfection without any limitations.

We should be thankful for our earthly assignment because it prepares us for our heavenly assignment. The more we perform our earthly duties now, the more we will experience a foretaste of our heavenly assignment.

Only Heavenly Assignments Performed on Earth Will Continue

We were made for eternity. We will never be able to fulfill all of our hopes, dreams, and aspiration in our short lifetime even if we live to be more than 100 years old. Therefore, we should look forward to continuing our work in heaven.

People should know that their work as an auto mechanic, plumber, actor, bus driver or any other worldly job will not continue in heaven because those types of jobs will not be needed. Only heavenly assignments performed on earth will continue in heaven to some degree.

Was this article helpful for you to understand that there will be assignments in heaven?

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    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 

      7 months ago from U.S.A.

      Excellent, Margaret. I truly liked this article. I look forward to my assignment in Heaven. respect and admiration


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