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Your Belief Has the Power to Change the Universe

Updated on September 29, 2012

Start with your own universe to see how the power of your belief changes your life.

Believe that you are unconditionally loved by an Almighty God and you will see Divine Providence manifest itself in your daily life.  What bus you took, how easy it was to get a ride, what food you ate, how quick your wounds heal---these are all manifestations of Divine Providence making itself felt in your life.  Some of the good things in your past may have gone unnoticed by you, leaving much room for you to doubt that God really loves you.


One way that you may be able to get in touch with that Divine Providence, or the generosity of the universe for caring for your needs, is by recalling all your past blessings and calling up a well of gratitude from the bottom of your heart.  Do this every day and this by itself will be your shield from negativities called twists of fate.


Some of us may find it difficult to imagine feeling love for an Almighty Father, constrained by our negative experiences with our earthly fathers.  Then we should know, God is not bound by the human ego or selfishness that caused for our fathers to have mistreated us in the past.  (In an unrelated train of thinking, we should feel compassion for our earthly fathers because they were only doing the best they could, constrained by the beliefs they had, e.g. proving their worth through material possessions).


All of these thoughts have been said before and are worth saying again because of the importance they play in how we can shape the world into the way we want it to become: a world of love, peace, joy and abundance.


Believe that God unconditionally loves you.  Visualize your world according to how a loving Father would like for you to have it.  Feel loved and grateful.  Do this every day and you will see dramatic changes in how you feel towards the world.,.


If everyone on the planet would make this their daily responsibility, the chances for a shift in the collective consciousness becomes higher. 


The closer we become to fulfilling a world of love, peace, joy and abundance.


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