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Holy Swamy's Ashram - Swamy says he is Impotent .Sex is Mandatory in this Ashram.

Updated on April 30, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

My Body yours just ask.

Swami Nityananda & a women
Swami Nityananda & a women

Oil good for Swamy's Body only girls massage

Oil massage.
Oil massage.

Take Care - Swami's are Countless in India & World

14th March,TOI News - Church head Gherardo over alleged affair.According to John Kannedy,president of karnatak Tamil Catholic People's Voice,Arokya Das the church head was involved in an illegal relationship with a cook.Vicar General Fr.S.Jayanathan has said to the crowed at a meeting in the evening that he would look in to the matter.

There is already so much that I had said on Swami's and their activities.I did not expect a Sex scandle though.Volunteers have to sign an agreement that says Sex is mandatory for the stay and training in the Ashram.The latest being Swamy Nityananda in some way most disturbing is shown with a woman on his bed.See Video.

The recent media activities on Swami Nityananda a good looking young sawami having sex is no big deal.There was such a s candles even on a older swami,not so good looking.Even there was a murder charge on a swami of high repute.Not to belittle a swami who was in Jail.

A recent publication by a News Paper on Swamy Nityananda as under:-

  • Discourse by day/ Intercourse by night
  • Healing the masses by day/ Feeling the masses by night
  • Sandal wood (chandan) by day/ Tiger Woods by night
  • Missionary by day/ Missionary (ahem!) by night
  • Spiritual by day/ Spirited by night
  • Pujari by day/ Tiwari (ND) by night
  • Baba by day/ Black sheep by night
  • Bead-ing by day/ Bedding by night
  • Swamy by day/ Slimy by night
  • Renounce by day/ Pounce by night
  • Lecture by day/ Lecher by night
  • Din mei jogi/ Raat mei bhogi
  • Nityananda by day/ Nitya nanga by night

Politicians and many other rich people want swamyji's as there friends.It is a rumor that these people deposi their unaccounted money with in the walls of these swamiji's ashrams where police or income tax slueths can not venture to go in.Thousands of crores of money in any currency can be taken out from these ashrams not to even think of Swiss Bank mony in billions of crores.Mr.Lal Krishna Advani when he was standing for elections,he publicly announced that if he becomes the Prime Minister of India he would take out all the money in Swiss Banks.He did not tell about the money with these swamiji's as he himself would have kept the money in some swamiji's ashram.Look at his face when he is on TV. He say's nothing about Swiss Bank Accounts now.Why.?

Swami,s Ashram set on Fire.

In Tamil - A Swamy's Comedy.






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    • skgrao profile imageAUTHOR

      S K G Rao. 

      8 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Thanks heroinesonly,Should I call you Mr.Mrs,Miss or Sryts.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      great blog....


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