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Your Body's Language

Updated on July 3, 2019

King David didn't know about DNA, but he knew we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

DNA is an amazing molecule. Comprised of the letters A,C, G, and T, the compound provides critical information that our bodies need to survive. Quite simply, the four letters found in DNA make up a language, twice as complex as the language used to program computers (Binary = 0,1). In addition, languages do not occur naturally, they are created by intelligence. No one questions a computer having a computer programmer, however, many question our bodies having an Intelligent Designer.

For people who do not ascribe life as we know it to an Almighty God, the existence of DNA is tough to fully explain. Void of a Designer, you find yourself facing an ages old argument, the proverbial “chicken and egg” dilemma. Science tells us that proteins used to read the DNA code are, in and of themselves, created by the DNA code. Therefore, the detailed information in DNA can't be read without the complex specialized proteins that are designed for the task of decoding the information. Okay then, the specialized proteins came first, this explains everything, right?

Not so fast, the complex specialized proteins can't be created without the detailed instructions found within the DNA code. So, this suggests the code came first, thus - the "chicken and the egg" argument takes root. So, how should we approach this argument? Which came first? The code? Or, the protein?

Well, a Creator God solves the puzzle, whereas a naturalistic solution can only state that life found an origin by blind luck and a billion years of time. This would be akin to taking a huge basket of tiny letters and repeatedly throwing them up in the air until finally one day they land in the form of a well written book. If JRR Tolkien had done this with the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, Frodo would have never made it out of the shire. To believe that the DNA code for life just kept being tossed about in the prebiotic soup until something came alive takes more faith than a believing God created life.

So many people invest millions of dollars and exhaust massive amounts of resources in order to attempt to create a mysterious “creation without God” story. After all this time, money, and resources have they discovered a plausible scenario in which information-carrying molecules can assemble themselves randomly and begin reproducing themselves without any outside assistance? The answer is - No. In spite of all the research, in spite of all the effort, they have failed to disprove an intelligent Designer created life.

Right now while you read this article, every cell within you is reading the programs encoded in your DNA, and like a gigantic factory using trillions of computerized translations, you body is functioning per those instructions. As science continues to discover and reveal more and more, I only find more evidence of a Designer, not less. My faith in God is enriched, not undermined. I can sing along with David without any hesitation...

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well. (See Psalm 139:14)

David knew. I know. Do you?


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