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Your Church May Be Nonessential To His Kingdom

Updated on May 14, 2020

Where is the focus

In the book of Acts the focus was always on Christ. Men and women were led to salvation, baptized, and filled with the Holy Spirit in His Name. Miracles were performed, blind eyes opened, the dead raised and sickness healed in His Name. Today much of what is done is about promoting man made kingdoms and not the Kingdom of God. Rabbi Kurt Landry said two things that are profound in an article that was published in Charisma. He said that God is asking Christians to consider our ways and that the church needs to reset. Rabbi Landry came from an angle of people spending money on everything else except the necessities of the church building but many people I have spoken with are saying that the problem is the emphasis on the houses of worship.

The focus should always be souls, but many times churches are too busy raising money to pay the bills. Concerts and afternoon programs bring in money for new choir robes, the pastors anniversary or a church van. Jesus said to look out for the least of these but that can't be done if money is needed for new carpet, the first lady's birthday, a new robe or new vehicle for the pastor. The priorities of the church have been shifting for many years and now the way things are done is seen as normal when it is far from the model in the book of Acts.

True Kingdom business

Kingdom business is not making the pastor a millionaire or purchasing him a private jet. It's not about adding numbers to your records. Kingdom business is always about bringing unsaved souls to the knowledge that Jesus saves, The first Apostles did not operate from buildings and when they tried to preach Christ in the temple they were ran away. They each went to the areas of the world where He sent them to tell everyone about the empty tomb. If you are telling everyone about your ministry and your your spiritual leader that is not Kingdom business.

The modern day church has become a business but in the secular sense with 5013C accounts and focus on making the ministry a brand. Jesus the Christ is the brand but we don't sell and market Him. We share the gospel truth so people will not go to hell.If your main focus is the pastor and the building allow the coronavirus to update you. Pastors can no longer operate from the buildings and congregants cannot gather.Everything that was being done in His Name that was not of Him has been put on lock down. It is unfortunate that ministries that were truly doing His work have been affected as well. This is a case of the rain falling on the just and the unjust. We build His kingdom by adding Names to the Lambs book of life and not our church roster. We build His kingdom by growing His household of faith and not our personal ministries. Determine to wash your hands of the past and move forward ias an essential worker in His kingdom.

Make sure you are essential to Christ

Whatever your role in the body of Christ, make sure that it lines up with His word. Pastors are to shepherd, lead guide and direct the people to Jesus. Spiritual leaders are not supposed to get in the way of the Holy Ghost by trying to control the people. Apostles build ministries with the focus on Christ and set order. Prophets forewarn and prophesy His wrath when things are out of order. Teachers minister the word and educate based on the Bible. Evangelists share the gospel and bring new converts into His kingdom. To put this in perspective, the evangelist leads an individual to salvation, the teachers assists them in getting to know about Christ through His word. The pastor preaches the word. The prophet offers prophetic vision and the Apostle sets things in order so that more teachers, prophets, pastors, and evangelists can do their work. Every joint supplies but things have gotten out of order. In some ministries pastors claim to wear all of these hats and don't allow others in their church to the use their God given gifts.

Some Christians believe that many church doors will close for good for various reasons because of COVID-19. Others say there will be large numbers running through the doors of the church. There is already a revival on the Internet of increasing numbers researching scriptures and watching preachers give messages. Even if your ministry survives this pandemic, there is no going back to normal. We must each move forward and be sure we are essential in His kingdom. If we are not "hot" and full of zeal for Him, then we will be spit right out of His mouth.(Revelation 3:16) Telling people you love your pastor and first lady is not zeal for the Lord, and neither is bragging on your church, or denomination. You could be essential for your church to run, and essential by helping your pastor but the bottom line is being essential to His kingdom business. A preacher might be essential to his bishop, overseer, or fellowship but not to Christ. This pandemic is an occasion to examine ourselves and find our where we as lay people, or ministers really are in regard to what He desires.

A lesson from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is emphasizing "essential" and "non essential" workers. Those who are deemed essential are as my grandma would say the ones who are doing the grunt work. They have the most difficult jobs but make the lowest pay. Keep this in mind going forward in your walk with Christ. Don't look for fame and fortune or to make a name for yourself. Don't worry about your name being called and pleasing man, Do all things as unto Christ. Live your life so that others will want Jesus because they see Him in you. Let your goal be furthering His kingdom and not your own or someone elses.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Carrie Lee Night 

      11 months ago from Northeast United States

      This hub was wonderful :) I think when a ministry starts small the focus is there but once the congregtion (sorry misspelled) grows, everything grows thus finances become an issue or unconciously a priority. It is pleasing to the Lord to grow your ministry and lead others into being saved, however I can see how easily it can grow into a Kingdom of business.

    • Cheryl E Preston profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheryl E Preston 

      11 months ago from Roanoke

      Me too Margaret Minnicks.

    • revmjm profile image

      Margaret Minnicks 

      11 months ago from Richmond, VA

      I loved how you explained "non-essential" and "essential." I want to live my life and work in the Kingdom of God to be "essential" to the body of Christ.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      11 months ago from The Caribbean

      "This pandemic is an occasion to examine ourselves and find our where we as lay people." I totally agree. Much food for thought here. Thank you.


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