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Your Life Has Been Turned Upside Down, Now What?

Updated on December 19, 2011

Don't Give Up!

Your Life Has Been Turned Upside Down, Now What?

So have you thought about what positive things have happened since your whole world turned upside down? Have you sat back and thought about what you have accomplished during the most stressful time in your life? Accomplishments, seriously? You have to be crazy how can you accomplish anything whenever your life is turned upside down? Well whether you realize it or not you have survived thru it long enough to read this. Have you ever bothered to realize how important it is that you are still breathing, still walking after everything that has happened? Think what the alternative is to breathing, now aren’t you glad you’ve at least stuck around to see how things turned out? I can’t tell you how many times I have felt hurt so bad in life that I didn’t want to be alive anymore. I even thought about how I could make it happen and even wrote letters to my family explaining how much I loved them but couldn’t live in the pain anymore. Looking back I’d have to say maybe I was in ways being selfish. I think it’s not my job to play God and decide when it’s my time to go. Why also should I put people thru pain just because I didn’t feel like being around anymore? Who am I to think it is right or fair that I would cause others the pain of losing me. Does me losing someone or something give me the right to make a ton of other people upset just because I didn’t want to live anymore? How on earth would that be fair and wouldn’t that bring me down to the same level as the person who hurt me? Yes. Nobody ever said life was going to be easy, fair or just but we were promised that God would always be there for us to give us strength, mercy, grace and compassion and trust. That is more than enough and to that effect our God is more than capable of supplying all of our needs, all we need to do is put Him first and put our trust and faith into Him. I’d say if He was able to create the earth and all who are in it then most certainly He is capable of taking care of all that are still on the earth. Besides giving up means I’ve allowed someone or something other than God to control my life. If you give up isn’t that telling God that you don’t trust in Him to supply what you need? Why give up over a situation that is just temporary whenever God is eternal? Weren’t we told to seek first his kingdom and then the rest would all be added? Indeed if we trust in God don’t we already have everything that we need? Seeking Him first means we put ourselves aside and let Him take control and being He is already walked before us doesn’t this allow for the best possible outcome by just following Him? I think about the scripture in Matthew 6:25-34 where it is telling us not to worry. It reminds us that we are important to God. It says don’t worry about tomorrow for today has enough worries of its own. Isn’t worry sin anyway? It reminds us that if we seek God first that these things will be given to us. It’s like running a race you have to keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t think about just now, don’t get caught up thinking of the, I should have done this or that think only of what you can do today. Even if it is 11:59 pm you still have more time in this day to make the best of it. Your day and your life are not over until you choose for it to be. You are truly the only person that can fully give upon yourself. It’s up to you and you alone to make your life what you picture it to be. Have you ever sat back and pictured what it would take to make your life almost perfect? I say almost here because in life we can honestly, truly and sincerely give it our all but not a single one of us will ever make it to 100% perfection. There is only one man that was ever 100% perfect and that was Christ Jesus. This is why we need Him. We need to live by His example and by His written word. You know it’s funny as I sit here and write this I realize the words I am using are coming from God. He only asks that I be a messenger and write them down. This story that He has laid on my heart to write is for a divine purpose. Just as God used Moses, Jonah and all the other to do His work He is using me. You know even as I sit here and get writer’s cramp I am thankful. Thankful that God is using me. Thankful that I had the heart to listen to God and be used by Him to do His work. Thankful that I am once again blessed to be used by God. You know I am thinking right now God has a plan for me and you and we’re in this all together. God is using me to deliver His message to you. I can only pray that you will accept it. So what positive things have happened in your life? Only you can answer!


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    • profile image

      Beverly 5 years ago

      Gives us all something to think about!