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Your Spiritual Blueprint & Soul Mission

Updated on July 21, 2014

What Is a Spiritual Blueprint?

Our being and our existence is one that returns to spirit and then comes to the body. It is a continuous process of returning to spirit and coming to learn lessons in the form of a body.

A spiritual blueprint is the design that we are made from with Source. We each hold a designation and set of ideologies of what it means to be in spirit. We carry this as a blueprint, or spiritual DNA, that is activated throughout our lives. The spiritual blueprint carries things we want to experience, karma, relationship fulfillment, things we want to do in human form and lessons that we are here to learn.

Soul Mission / Spiritual Blueprint

Your Soul Mission

The overall spiritual blueprint holds dimensions of meaning that we carry throughout our lives. One of the specific pieces of information that it holds is related to our make - up in relation to Divinity. We all carry pieces of information about how we represent and work with the Divine, also known as our goddess / god form. In this, we not only carry a way of being. We also carry a soul mission, which translates the Divine (being) into the soul (doing). This creates a soul mission. Our soul mission is a representation of one reflecting and showing their Divinity throughout their lifetime. It is a way of serving the Divine with everything that we do.

Ways to Find Your Soul Mission

There are endless ways that you can find your soul mission. This is a matter of moving inward and working on your own wisdom and power. Something as simple as meditating can help you to recognize what you are called to do. Visualization, working with art (collages, painting, etc) can guide you and even asking for assistance or readings can help you to find what your true, heart's desire is.

Your Spiritual Blueprint

Do you Know What Your Soul Mission Is?

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    • healerhub profile image

      Brooke Hart 3 years ago from Maui, Hawaii

      Hi Lexaby,

      Thank you for your response. Yes, I have seen many soul missions delivered in this way. I have written you a response, but also will state something here.

      Your soul / spiritual DNA activated in a very fast and expansive way during your dream state. What you saw with geometric patterns, etc, where links to this awakening. The beings that came to you are also associated with your soul / spirit state outside of the Earth realm. There are many that receive messages this way, especially if their consciousness when they are awake is at a different vibration.

      There won't be a consequence if you write it off as a dream, and this is actually a very common thing to do. The messages we receive from divinity or from other beings are guidelines that either can manifest in our destiny during this lifetime, or not. It is our choice. Sometimes, it is a trigger to other things that come up in our energy field, which is just as important. :)

    • profile image

      Lexaby 3 years ago

      Thank you Brooke for offering this piece of your own inner wisdom so that others may come to better understand their soul's purpose here on Earth. I am interested in any personal input or interpretation you may have about an experience that has been nudging yet intimidating me since it occurred. Sorry I will try to sum this up as much as possible, but it's kind of long.

      While experiencing a strikingly realistic dream, I was brought out of my physical body and on board a huge space station-looking craft. An unseen being informed me that the numerous other spirit beings aboard this ship came from all dimensions and areas of the universe, and instructed me to observe an image which was all at once highly spiritual, scientific and all encompassing - like an energetic blueprint or "key" to the helical spiritual pattern of all that is - in our dimension at least (beyond this I'm unsure). While beautifully simple and elegant, this image would allow the viewer to understand all structures, organisms, sciences, even future discoveries and inventions - once deciphered. While it was presented as some type of hologram into my consciousness and spun around from various angles, the entity "told" me (telepathically I guess) to memorize the image to the last detail in a voice that "sounded" like all beings in existence speaking in unison. Then I was instructed to wake up, sketch it, paint it and find a way for as many human beings to see it as possible before this lifetime is over. The being also stated it was my soul's purpose to complete this mission and was the reason I was given artistic ability. I woke up immediately after those final instructions, and still remember every detail of this image after working on the sketches for over a year. However this "mission" scares me because of the bold, controversial, scientific, spiritual and metaphysical statements this image or diagram rather would be making should I succeed at doing what was asked.

      Here is my question(s):

      Are soul missions actually delivered this way in some cases to your knowledge, or would you be inclined to believe this was just a detailed dream?

      If this was a real experience of instruction from a divine source, but I wrote it off as just a dream, do you believe there would be some form of consequence for failure to carry out or loss for anyone who possibly should have seen the image?

    • profile image

      DrDanLeighly 4 years ago

      You are on the same path that I have followed.