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Your Sun Signs Basic Individuality. There are Two Descriptors for You!

Updated on July 12, 2013
Made from Above
Made from Above

The Quadruplicities

Seeking Action and Change
Desiring Stability and Little Change
Able to Change and Adapt
The Triplicities
Initiatory Action and Energy
Stability and a Desire to Build
Energy through Thought and Senses
Understanding through Emotion and Feelings

Feel Your Identity with Your Two Descriptors!

Your Sun Sign’s Basic Individuality! There are Two Descriptors for You!

Without paying attention to all of those other elements that you hear about and read about in Astrology, there are TWO Descriptors that give Each Sign its basic individuality. When you think about astrology, talk about different signs and how they are different from other signs, people often say. Leos are like this, Scorpios are like that and Cancers are so…and man, Capricorns are like….

People often have their own way of understanding each sign, but seldom do people know that there is an actual combination of elements that go to make up their individuality.

There are Four Elements of: Fire, Earth, Air and Water are called the Triplicities

The three ways of understanding position are: Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable. These are called the Quadruplicities.

You can obtain other readings for discerning the origins of these elements and why they create the issues that they do. For the purposes of this article, I would say that these two breakdowns of FOUR and THREE, like a code in a computer program come together in our software and give us our special qualities. Of course, there are many others, but these two areas tend to get overlooked by regular consumers of astrology. And yet, they lie at the very basic way of understanding each sun sign.

These “Seven” Qualities are spread out over the 12 signs. And so, creation divides the Quadruplicates with the Triplicities getting a specialized and unique pair that no other sign has:

Here are the Twelve Signs with their Unique Paired Descriptors:

  1. Cancer is Water and Fixed.
  2. Aries is Fire and Cardinal.
  3. Virgo is Earth and Mutable.
  4. Libra is Air and Cardinal.
  5. Sagittarius is Fire and Mutable.
  6. Taurus is Earth and Fixed.
  7. Pisces is Water and Mutable.
  8. Scorpio is Water and Fixed.
  9. Aquarius is Air and Fixed.
  10. Leo is Fire and Fixed.
  11. Capricorn is Earth and Cardinal.
  12. Gemini is Air and Mutable.

This creates special uniqueness for each sign. A shorthand description of self understanding will match the Triplicities with the Quadruplicates. Each sign ends up with its special “Two Facet Description”.

  • Aries is Fire and Cardinal. Aries is Raw Energy and Initiatory. Cardinal means “enterprise” or starting things. The reason they are famous for “starting things”, but have a hard time finishing things is because their descriptors both have to do with getting things going. They have boundless energy for this same reason.
  • Taurus is Earth and Fixed. The earth is “attainable” and practical. Fixed is “maintaining” and seeking stability. Taurus loves food and pleasure because both have to do with getting a hold of things that are physical. Work is basic. They are hard workers. Taureans know that working hard makes a solid career attainable. They care about fixed earthy possessions.
  • Gemini is Air and Mutable. Air is Free and associated with Language. Mutable is Adapting and Accepting of Change. Like a machine that runs on air and thought, Gemini’s seem to have boundless ways of seeing things and understanding diverse elements. They exhaust themselves and yet restore themselves easily.
  • Cancer is Water and Cardinal. Water is emotional and concerned with feelings. Cardinal means “enterprise” or starting things. The reason the “home” and the “family” mean something to a Crab is because the home is an enterprise that they feel very strongly about. Because of water and cardinal, they have feelings about what they start.
  • Leo is Fire and Fixed. With the Leo, creation blends a person with raw energy and initiative with a desire for maintaining and seeking stability. Do you see the image of the King? Do you see the image of the Lion? The Leo loves the pride and is willing to go to great lengths to accomplish this stability. Fire and Fixed go together this way.
  • Virgo is Earth and Mutable. With the Virgo, they are extremely practical and work with the attainable, but they are adapting and accepting of change. This makes them, by virtue of this combination more willing to deal with the possibility of others changing, which gives them a more critical nature than let’s say, a Taurus, another earth sign.
  • Libra is Air and Cardinal. This makes the Libra free and language oriented, but also desiring of creating plans of action. The Libra desire for organization is easy to understand, and also their frustration when the conceived does not end up jiving with the manifestation. Libra loves art and justice because they are fixed but come from the “air”.
  • Scorpio is Water and Fixed. The water in Scorpio is deeply emotional and feeling, but their desire for stability and insistence on their own plans makes them deal with constant contradiction, because they understand the underlying psychic forces and appreciate the physical creation. The turbulence of water often splashes against their desire for fixity.
  • Sagittarius is Fire and Mutable. The Fire of Sagittarius makes them filled with raw energy and are very initiatory, but their mutability makes them willing to generate new ideas and revolutionary points of view. They will seek out justice because of the energy their fire gives them. It allows them to pursue ever changing factors.
  • Capricorn is Earth and Cardinal. The earth is the stable place that can be built upon. The Capricorn is concerned with building because they see the earth and the enterprise and starting things as being something that can go on top of the earth. People are in awe of the Capricorn because they see their single mindedness. They are the zodiac’s successful achievers. That is what is always on their minds.
  • Aquarius is Air and Fixed. Aquarians understand themselves because they see no inherent contradiction in knowing something absolutely and dealing with language and spirit. They are confusing to others because the Fixity is seen as stubbornness and they often don’t understand the language they are using.
  • Pisces is Water and Mutable. Pisces is “all over the place” because their emotions and feelings can be in motion and subject to adaptability. Pisces know they are not as difficult to understand as others might think, because they know they can change to another state of mind quickly. They understand everyone else because the mutability allows them to course through the emotional elements of others.

A true mental exercise is to elaborate on the two descriptors and begin to see how they impact and effect decision making, choices of activity, love of certain settings, aspects of psychological reality and so many other things. I say a “mental exercise” for you, because if it is true to you, and it seems to make sense, then a line of thought might lead to greater self understanding and help you see why certain things, people and events have had a specific impact on you.

A Bigger Idea Behind Each Sun Sign!

When I began to read these texts in the 70's and digest Linda Goodman's Sun Signs, a fabulous writer and work which made this topic so accessible, I realized that just like in REAL LIFE, you can't assume people are an easy read.

Life is complicated because individuals are complex. You are multi-faceted and so are your friends and enemies, loved ones and acquaintances. It is my opinion that relationships break down when people think they understand others completely. The older I get, the more I see that people truly are like onions. There are layers and layers.

The study of this topic helped me see that people are INHERENTLY APPARENTLY CONTRADICTORY. And then when you go deeper into that puzzle, you see that maybe we just don't understand these things deeply enough. Maybe things make real sense down deep and are not contradictory at all. When I started having these thoughts I started giving both friends AND enemies more credit. This eased my burdens, lightened my loads and helped me be less Judgmental.

Dealing With These Descriptors

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