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Your Horoscope for the Week of April 14th to April 20th!

Updated on April 14, 2019
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Welcome to Spirit's blog. The place where we find the beauty in the hidden, occult, mythologies of our world. Blessed be.


The lunar placement for this week is an excellent one for fixing, redoing, adjusting and refining any are of life that needs it. It is a good time to edit projects or anything that could use improvement. This is best to be done this week before next week's emotion filled moon. Be sure to look at your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant sign. The combination of the three gives a better understanding of the week's planetary energies.


This week there may be a draw to your subconscious, you may find yourself thinking more than usual. There may also be significant meaning in your dreams, so be sure to pay attention to them.

Your public image sector may be changing for the better. This could be due to a new sense of responsibility associated with it.

You may find yourself willing to travel, or go on journeys. You may feel a need to expand your mind.

You may find a need to adjust your creativity, maybe due to a block or just to try something new.

There may be an essence of rebellion this week, or you may want to tell others exactly how it is.


This is a week that you may want to spend with your friends. There may be an increase in bonding or understanding between you. There may even be a change of how you view your acquaintances.

There may be a restriction of your learning, or connecting with your higher self. Some calming or zen activities are recommended to remove the block.

Your foundation or home life may need some adjustment, it may be time for a new routine. Just be sure to plan before you take action, rash decisions are not beneficial at this time.


Your public image should be enhanced this week, people may communicate how pleasant or creative you are. You may receive recognition of hard work or contributions this week.

Your friends may be extra supportive as well. You may find acceptance with a new group of like minded individuals.

This week due to all the social energy, you may find a need to restructure how you communicate with others.


This is a week to expand your horizons, explore and appreciate the natural beauty of the world. Take some time to spend in nature.T

here may be a restriction of how you normally would engage with those closest to you. This restriction can be overcome with a bit of creative energy on your part.

You may find that your finances need some tweaking, you may be over spending or just continuing to pay for things you no longer need. It is a good time to make those changes.


You may feel a draw to things that cannot be explained this week. There may be a deep feeling to understand what life is truly about, and what your place is in it.There may be some hiccups in your daily routine, causing you to question if things are going as planned.

There may be issues that arise at work that make you wonder if that is your calling or not.

With all this introspection feel free to make adjustments to yourself, as you see fit. This is a good time to regroup, analyze and change things up.


This week may bring you an increase in your relationships. You may just want to be with your other half, or if single then you may feel like it is time to search for love.

There may be a restriction of your creativity, you may not be able to think outside the box. Keep trying, it is temporary and can be worked with in a trans formative way.

This is a good time to introspect and consider if your inner self needs any fixing. If you find that you do, be sure to take things slowly. Rome wasn't built in a day.


This week should see you feeling great, physically or in the workplace. This will cause you to relax and take things easy, feel free you deserve it.

There may be a restriction at home, this restriction can be dealt with. Spring cleaning maybe, or just getting rid of things that are not needed. This is the time to be out with the old and in with the new.

Your social circle may need some adjustment, this week. Do you talk to people who you no longer relate to? Do you spend your time with those who are not like minded? If so, this is a good week to put yourself out there and meet some new like minded people.


The theme for this week is create. Whatever you do for leisure or relaxation may be enhanced. You may find creative ways to solve problems as well.

You may not feel like being around others this week, or communicating with them. Not to say it is good to live in isolation but you may find a pull to your own endeavors instead of your usual helpful self.

Check to be sure that people are seeing you for the person you want to be. If not this is a good time to place yourself in a better light.


You may find a desire to be home more than often than usual. This is a good time to relax, and recoup from the stresses of life.

There may be a loss in finances, or in how you have been dealing with them. No fear, there is also a strong energy of transformation this week.

There may be a spark in your creativity, an urge to use it as a shield from daily life. You may try a new hobby or fun activity.

This week may have you wondering about your purpose or life path. It is a good time to change things that do not align with your spiritual goals.


You may feel a bit more talkative this week. You may enjoy talking with friends, family and even strangers.

This may be an a shifting from who you are to who you want to be. This may be a good time to see how you view your deepest bonds. If you think that your mindset needs adjustment, then it is a good week to do so.


This may be a lucky week for you. You may see an increase in finances or how you deal with them. You may feel happy the majority of the time. You may even find yourself stopping to enjoy the beauty in the world.

Due to the uplifting planetary alignment of this week, you may see a decrease in your negative energy. This is a great time to change whatever hang ups you may think you have. Raise your energetic vibration.

As you are seeing the beauty in yourself and life around you, don't forget to see the beauty in your relationships. If you see something in any area of life that you see needs improvement, now is a good time to make those adjustments.


You may notice that you have more self pride this week. You may stand a bit taller, be a bit more confident. You may see your own potential.

There may be an original idea in your financial sector. You may come up with a different way of making money. You also may find that your ideas of money change a bit, for the better.

Between the confidence and the financial changes or soon to be changes, there may be an influence on your daily life or work. You may find a way to make work more enjoyable. You may rearrange your routine to incorporate new or better elements. You may find a better balance between work and home.

© 2019 Occult Spirits


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