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Your relationship with God : How it should really be.

Updated on June 30, 2015

Think about His love

If you are a dog lover, you would get what I mean. But even if you're not, it is so easy to imagine how a dog, having been spanked and beaten frequently, would automatically retrieve itself or hide in one corner for safety, every time you call him or every time a person approaches him; its eyes reflective of fear and trembling, maybe.
This is triggered by its anticipation of another beating or spanking ( like always) sans any mistake or misbehavior it has done.
That is pretty much how this dog would react to anybody it encounters. Even when this dog gets adopted by another master, a loving and kind and gentle one, it will never change how it will behave towards his new master.
This dog's (new) master on the other hand, gets frustrated every time, because despite the love and affection it shows to his dog, the dog always responds in a fearful, trembling, undeserving-of-his-masters-love kind of manner. It becomes a vicious cycle. His master offering him love and affection; his dog, instead of being jumpy and giddy and excited to see his master, always falls on the ground, unhappy, steady, fearful and shaking.

What a sad picture of a relationship that should be thriving with love, honesty, compassion, joy and excitement.

I am sure a lot of us can relate to that story. You feel for the dog. If only you can get to his head and tell him how much his master loves him and that the master means no harm, then you'd do so. He just wants to enjoy his dog and take care of him and play with him and feed him and see him jumping and running around.

Do you even realize how much that story shows, how we are towards God? It may sound funny, but its true.
When we approach God, it is always in an "undeserving-of-His-love-and-His-blessings" manner. You think you are never good enough to receive from Him. You think God is always out there to get you and punish you and spank you til you are beaten and all worn-out. Instead of approaching the Father with such confidence and joy and without pretense ( like a child), we often come to Him with fear thinking He would punish us for our sins.

On the contrary my friend. God's plan is always good. His thoughts about you and I are always good. He wants to embrace us despite of what we have done, because whatevert we have done, whatever we are doing and whatever we will do in the days to come that is not pleasing to Him, those have already been covered by His ‪#‎grace‬. If you are truly a Son (and daughter) of God, you don't have to earn your blessings. You don't have to earn His approval. He already loves you and Hislove for you and I -- its unconditional; its unchanging; its unlimited; it's stubborn; its for real; its for keeps.

Run to the Father with excitement and boldness in your heart. He will never reject His son (and daughter). He will never judge you because He has been judged in your behalf. God is good and He is good ALL THE TIME. Amen.

(Note: by the way, this is not our dog. We don't beat our dog. We love 'em. Photo taken from Google images)


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