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Youth Group Games and Activities

Updated on May 26, 2010

Bringing Children to Christ

That's our goal, leading children into a relationship with God through fun and creative teaching.

Churches commonly organize their youth body through using youth group programs. These programs are usually led by a youth pastor who specializes with children.

Youth groups are based on the child age and their position in grade school, from elementary, middle, to high school. Each age group requires different lessons, activities, and games based on their different interests and learning levels.

What activities does your youth group like to do? Are you looking for new and refreshing ideas for the Christian teens in your group? From games to Bible studies, check out all the ways a youth group can reach out to students to help them grow in their faith.

Now let's talk about the various activities you can plan for your youth group and some particular study areas to focus on.

Fun Bible Games

Games in Youth Groups

Games are a great way to break the ice and bring a youth group together! These games will have your kids talking, laughing, getting to know each other better, as well as getting to know Jesus better!

There are tons of great Bible Edition games out on the market now that are fun for everyone! Check out these articles for more information and reviews on popular Christian faith-based games!

You can also plan activities for your youth group based around creating their own Bible games, with questions, answers, and game board. Provide craft paper and coloring supplies.

Youth Unite In Prayer

Ideal for older youth groups, providing time for prayer is a great way for children and teens to strengthen their bond with Jesus.

Prayer Requests

Allow each member of the group to offer up their prayer request for prayer and give them the chance to prayer for each other out loud. Although it may require some coaxing for some, it'll get even the shyest students to speak up in the group.

Praise Reports

At the next meeting, ask your youth group members to give the group an update about their prayer request. Let them discuss how they were blessed them that week, and give thanks to the Lord for all He's done.

Missions Trips and Community Outreach

Missions Trips

Some Christians may feel a call to missions, and it is a call that leaders should encourage their students to follow. If you do not know how to plan a mission trip, then you can go through an organization, such as Youthworks, who specialize in mission trips for children and teens, to assist in the planning process.

They offer plenty of trips throughout the year, including Spring, Summer, and Winter breaks. These trips allow students to travel all over the world and help to spread the gospel, build communities, provide food, and more to people who are in need.

Community Outreach

While mission trips may not be available for some youth group programs or appealing to others, outreach events are. Outreach is a chance for Christian teens to reach out to their own communities to be an example of Christ.

Outreach events involve witnessing to people who may not know Christ, while others are forms of service that have very little preaching involved. Every youth group should have some sort of regular outreach to teach teens how to give back to the world around them.

  • Isaiah 49:6 -"I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring my salvation to the ends of the earth." (NIV)


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    • profile image

      youth group activities 6 years ago

      Great hub. I really like your ideas. Will use some of them on our next meeting.

    • pharmacist profile image

      Jason Poquette 7 years ago from Whitinsville, MA


      What a wonderful Hub!!! Great ideas. I'm going to look into Youthworks, as I had never heard of them before. We have 4 children and would love to connect them with some solid mission trips. I would like to go too! Blessings!

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Benefits. If you can reach them thru the idea and notion life is about benefits. Here and now and the possibility of after...