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You’ve got to work it out

Updated on August 9, 2016

National park - Holy mountains

National park  - Holy mountains Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine.
National park - Holy mountains Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. | Source

Adele - When we were young (Live at the church studios)


A wise builder applies the knowledge he has unlike the fool who ignores what he knows. Applying the knowledge you posses means you build a strong foundation so that in times of a storm you will still be steadfast. Neglect or ignorance leads to drifting away. You need to be anchored to something so as not to drift off like an un-anchored ship. This is the truth of God. The wise builder values what information he possesses, remembers it and applies it to his advantage while the fool doesn’t value this valuable information leading to his self destruction. We got salvation from the cross at Calvary. Do not neglect it because it is your escape route out of all afflictions as provided for by God.

Temple of friendship

Temple of friendship in Pavlovsk park.
Temple of friendship in Pavlovsk park. | Source

I surrender - Hillsong live (Cornerstone 2012 dvd album) lyrics/subtitles (Best worship song)

Apply what you know or possess

There are two types of builders; the foolish and the wise builder. The wise one applies what he knows unlike the foolish one. The foolish one is not referred to as foolish because he has no knowledge. He is called foolish because he does not apply what he knows so as to build a firm foundation. The word that Jesus shared with us is our possession. It is not void. It is not empty. They are words that you can build on. Remember that even as a born again Christian you will still experience storms but with a strong foundation, the storms will not affect you. We should not only be hearers of the word only but also doers of the same. Apply what you know (hear) . If you are not applying the word then you are misleading yourself. Don’t forget the word. This is the main reason for not applying it. The will of God is for us to have a good memory. You need a sharp memory for you to function properly in this world we live in.

Fountain and amphitheater at California Plaza

Fountain and amphitheater at California plaza — on Bunker hill in downtown Los Angeles, California.
Fountain and amphitheater at California plaza — on Bunker hill in downtown Los Angeles, California. | Source

Our father

You make time for your preferences

Neglect means to be careless, to show no concern, to ignore, to disrespect. It indicates you don’t value that particular thing. Whatever you value you will never forget. Do you value the word of God so much that you will make time for it? If you value the word, remember it. What you value you will make time for. If you don’t pay attention or focus you tend to drift away. Be attentive and you will also be focused. If you don’t pay attention to the truth of God you will surely drift away from it. If you are not careful you will give attention to the wrong things in life. You will not tell when you are drifting from the things of God. It is a gradual process. Before you know it you are no longer interested in church affairs. Anchor your life with the word of God. A ship not anchored gradually drifts away.

Church of All Saints

Church of All Saints, Odiham, Hampshire, England.
Church of All Saints, Odiham, Hampshire, England. | Source

God always provides a way of escape

If you neglect this salvation how are you going to escape from temptations? Salvation is a way of escape. Whatever we go through, there is a way of escape. God always provides a solution. All escape is found at the cross at Calvary. Don’t neglect it because you will not have an escape route then. They were told to look at the serpent on the cross to be healed from snake bites but today we have something greater. We have the cross at Calvary to act as our escape route , if we don’t ignore or neglect it. God is always at work even when you don’t notice it. You may not be able to smell or see his redemption but he is still at work on you. You will not tell when he is opening doors for you. There is something for you. Push your restoration out. He works in you to work it out. The door has already been open for you. Push it out.


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