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The Yugas

Updated on November 25, 2010

Is It Possible For the History To Repeat Itself?

Is it possible for history to repeat itself in cycles? Is it possible that the cave man wasn't really primitive, but on the contrary, that the cave man was highly developed human and that we have devolved from that great form? Is it possible that we're evolving further to reach the peak of evolution, only to devolve again and complete another cycle? 

The Yugas - a Hindu concept discuss such possibility, and this Hub is meant to explain the basic concept behind the Yugas to those, who are interested by alternative history of the mankind.

The Concept of the Yugas

The basic concept is simple - the evolution of mankind is a subject to forces from the outside of our solar system, perhaps from our Galaxy core. This evolution is cyclical, as subject to the celestial movement.

During each cycle, there are four periods:

  • The Kali Yuga
  • The Dwapara Yuga
  • The Treta Yuga
  • The Satha Yuga

These periods can be ascending or descending, which gives us total of 8 periods of each cycle. Each ascending period takes 12 thousand years, and each descending period takes another 12 thousand years. In total, each cycle takes 24 thousand years.

The concept of Dharma

Dharma is the level of evolution of the human mind, our potential. The greater the Dharma is, the greater our potential is. It is said, that during Kali Yuga the Dharma is the lowest, therefore our mind potential is the lowest. And when the Dharma is at it's peak, our mind capabilities are the greatest, and we can reach the peak of our evolution.

Because of the Dharma, we are able to think in specific way, and understand specific things. For example, when the Dharma is low, the man of Kali Yuga might have problems understanding many concepts, from human rights to the way Internet works. But for the man of the Satha Yuga, such concepts are very simple to understand.

The History Behind

In XIX century, a Hindu mystic Sri Yukteswar wrote a whole book about the concept of the Yugas, but it was not until XXI century for the knowledge to become widely spread thanks to The Yugas by Joseph Selbie and David Stenmetz. Because of the work of all these people, we have gained the theoretical understanding of the Yugas.

The Prehistory

Over 12 thousand years ago, the mankind was at the peak of its evolution - so highly evolved, that they were nearly pure psychical beings, even with physical body, they lives were simple, they used simple tools, and their contact with the Mother Earth was strongest. But with the time passing by, and with the Satha Yuga descending, and with the celestial movement, the de-evolution has begun.

As it appears according to the Yugas, the cave man was in reality highly developed being, using powerful psychic powers, who lived in peace with the world around him, so he wasn't using brutal tools like we're using today. People lived without stress, illness, in ultimate happiness. This was the time of the Garden of Eden.

But it's possible for the man to live in advanced cities such as Atlantis, or to build the Great Pyramids. Yet the time is without mercy, none of the things that were created 12 thousand years ago would survive to our times - therefore, there are no proofs to prove that theory.

The Ancient Times and further

As the de-evolution progressed and the Earth was moving further and further from the source forcing our evolution, the Ancient Times came. People begun to build simpler cities, but some things remained - the art, the science, the medicine. But the progression of the de-evolution finally caused the Dark ages.

When the man was thinking about materialistic purposes, when there was brutality and aggression, and almost none higher values. That was the time of Kali Yuga, and the evolution of man was lowest.

And then, the Dwapara Yuga has begun, and our evolution cycle has started anew. Today, we live in the beginning of the Dwapara Yuga, and our consciousness and mind is evolving further and further. We understand more, we create more, we consider more, but there are still many thousands of years of our evolution during which we will evolve both physically and spiritually.

About the Book

The whole concept of the Yugas has been nicely described in "The Yugas" by Joseph Selbie and David Stenmetz. The book is to be released in January 2011, and I had the pleasure to read the advanced reader copy.

It's definitely a book worth reading, so add it to your wishlist on Amazon and purchase it as soon as it will become available.

Can This Be Truth?

It's hard to say if the concept of Yugas is true, as there are no real proofs for the high development of mankind 12 thousand years ago. All we have is the Great Pyramid, the mysterious language of Sanscrit, and the legend of Atlantis, as well as few other mysterious places and artifacts from the ancient times, not to mention the mysterious Hindu Vedic heritage.

Perhaps we will never really know if the Yugas are real, or why they happen. But it's always worth of questioning the science today, because questioning the reality is the way of understanding it better and pushing our development further and further.

What are your thoughts about the Yugas?


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    • profile image

      Jordan 6 years ago

      I would like a more scientific explanation of the radiation and exactly where it comes from and how it effects the human psyche.

      Sri Yukteswar seemingly wrongly identified the cause of the Yugas as our rotation around a dual sun or dark body, which brings us closer to the galactic core (at the tip of the arrow of Sagittarius, in the dark rift). However, this is not likely. First, precesion is the cause and is exactly as predicted due to the gravitational effect of the Sun.

      Even if there was a small sun out there, a body rotating with a period of 24,000 years, would be well within a fraction of a light year from us, and should be visible, unless it were a brown dwarf, which in that case, the rotation would be still within a tiny fraction of a light-year. Most scientists say there is no such large bodies near us, or we would have noticed it. I concur.

      The Earth therefore has only three motions: (1) rotational 24 hours, (2) around the sun, once per year and (3) around the galactic center, 225 million years.

      Having said that, nearby suns and the center of mass of the galactic ring we are in, have an effect and therefore, since every star is moving relative to every other star, we are oscillating around a center of mass. But this period is well into the millions of years. This could be a 4th motion.

      There is no motion, except precession to match anything close to the 24,25 or 26 thousand year cycle.

      So if precession is the motion, then what is unique about it? What is unique about where in space the axis of the planet is pointing? Irregardless of its direction, we still receive the same amount of radiation from the galactic core.

      Someone needs to explain this better than Sri Yukteswar did.