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Zachary King: Out of the Darkness, Into the Light Part 1

Updated on November 8, 2015

Disillusioned Downfall

Darkness exists. Zachary King is living proof of this. Although he was raised in a Baptist home, Zachary King’s life was drowning in sin underneath the stronghold of satanic occults. He started dabbling in magic when he was ten. When he was only twelve, he was involved in a satanic group that lured in curious wanderers looking to fill a void, find some answers, and have disillusioned fun. From pin ball machines, dungeons & dragons, to an in-ground pool, this association used these devices to blind and deceive the interested participants, especially the influential children. King had broken all Ten Commandments by the age of 15, and he was willingly, yet obliviously trapped in that occult until he was 18.

Dishonest Deception

Throughout his misleading time within this group, after he turned fourteen, he was forced to help with abortions. The satanic occults use babies as a sacrificial representation of a sacrament to satan. He was unaware of what an abortion actually was, but the answers to his acquitted questions again left him betrayed. “What is an abortion and what am I supposed to do? “ The response was: “There’s a baby in the womb, and you are going to kill it.” Even the satanic covens acknowledge the existence of a baby in the womb, otherwise they wouldn’t consider the baby a useful entity. King asked if it was legal, and was reimbursed with the reply, “As long as the baby is still in the womb, it’s legal; as long as the baby is inside the woman, you can kill it.

Audio Recording of Zachary King at San Felipe Chapel in Los Angeles, CA

Malicious Methods

The twelve to fifteen –year-old males were ordered to get an over eighteen-year-old female pregnant, then that conceived baby was to be satanically sacrificed to the devil. King vividly accounts the abortion procedures. There was an abortion doctor and abortion nurse present inside of the encircling high priests and priestesses, and King he had to get blood from the mother or baby on his hands. Additionally, he recalls the swaying, chanting females, and the praying males that were in attendance. These prayers and chants are not Holy, but evilly addressed, stamped, and delivered to satan, along with the packaged baby surrendered in return for whatever they desired. They actively wished for malevolence to befall the righteous pro-lifers, and anyone who is against abortion.

Heinous Rituals Under Horrifying Conditions

At 11:45 P.M., the ritual initiated, by the witching hour of midnight, the spell was cast, and the baby officially died at 3:00 A.M., the devil’s hour. These satanic rituals were operated from old farm houses to actual abortion clinics such as Planned Parenthood. King observed the abortion clinics as horrifically dirty and disgusting, a suitable place to perform such a similar deed.


Pernicious Procedures

Afterward, King joined the world church of satan when he was eighteen, which had 1.1 million members worldwide in 1987. When he turned twenty-one, he maintained the position of a high wizard for about twelve years. Before this position, he assisted with five abortions, afterwards, he abetted with an additional one hundred forty-one. With others from the coven, he traveled the world performing magic, and casting spells for politicians and celebrities, anyone willing to pay for it. He attended two black masses. Throughout first one, he didn’t understand the mockery of Catholicism because, at that time, he had never gone to a Catholic mass. Also, he broke up 120 Baptist churches through gossip and deception of the top members down the line to the parishioners.

Part 2: Continuation of Zachary King's Conversion & Life

I encourage readers to read my successive article about Zachary King. It is the continuation of his amazing conversion from the darkness into the Light, from satanic occults to the Catholic Church.


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