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Zachary King: Out of the Darkness, Into the Light Part 2

Updated on November 8, 2015

Oblivious to Abortion

King hadn’t known what an abortion was because no one, including his parents and his church, had ever informed him about it. It is parents’, churches’, and everyone’s responsibility to be an exemplary example by teaching children about the sanctity of life, and telling them the horrific truth about abortion. They need to know that abortion kills innocent babies and robs them of their potential lives. Many children are probably against it when they actually know what it truly entails. Too many people seem to be oblivious to the abhorrence and reality of abortion. Some are disillusioned and only believe what they choose. They want to pretend that it is harmless, but they’re wrong. If people were more informed, perhaps they would get off the abortion-bandwagon. Also, unfortunately, the Baptist church King attended before he became involved in the satanic occults, barely mentioned about satan. Consequently, he didn’t think it was a threat and found out the truth the hard way.

Jesus Christ


Blessed Mother Mary


Miraculous Conversion

After King left the satanic occults, he worked at a jewelry store in a mall. Mary Anna Wickman, a faithful Catholic, bought some jewelry from him, and gave him a pendant featuring the Blessed Mother. She told him of the immoral crimes he had been committing, and that he needed to repent and ask God for forgiveness. Suddenly, when King held the pendant, he saw only the Blessed Mother Who told him to come into Her Heart. King then saw the Ultimate King Jesus Christ. In that beautiful moment, he felt an overwhelmingly sweet sense of peace. Immediately afterward, the priest from Mary Anna’s church called and said to King, “Welcome to the faith”. These people hadn’t known him, but God included them in King’s conversion to Catholicism.


King's Advice & Recommendations

Be in a state of grace especially if you are going to pray for those who practice evil actions

Pray the Lord’s Prayer & use Holy Water to be protected against their evil spells

Going to adoration, St. Benedict medals & Miraculous Medals are all very powerful

Yoga positions hold up a the position of an evil Hindu god

Stay Away From lewjiboards, tarot cards

Stay Away From Videogames such as Dungeons & Dragons:

In the 70’s, two people who made the original Dungeons & Dragons went to satanists and witches and requested their knowledge of real spells. They subsequently integrated those evil spells into the game.

Stay Away From Books Such As Harry Potter:

33% of Rowland’s research for the Harry Potter series was derived from occult literature

Clandestine Child Abuse

When he was eleven-years-old, he was molested by his teacher. Perhaps he considered satanic occults as an escape from this tragedy, only to discover these evil organizations hide child abuse. The members encouraged him to hurt others. They even used that particular ploy against him.

Christian Face of Love

When King was eight years old, he passed a Catholic church and asked his father what it was. His father told him, and also added that the Catholics are all going to hell. Once, King walked past there on his own while parishioners were outside. He recalled one woman as having the face of love. He hugged her for a long time and felt an amazing amount of peace. If only his family encouraged him to explore Catholicism and the Christian faith, his temporary loss and misguided walk could have been avoided, for he would have been accepted in a loving environment. He always had a longing that the satanic occults could never fulfill. After his conversion to Catholicism, he realized that life-long longing was for God.


He Once Was Lost, but Now He’s Found

Curiosity hadn’t killed this cat, but it temporarily paralyzed and imprisoned him. Until, however, after about twenty-six years, King finally "left the building" of satanic occults permanently. He once was lost, but now he’s found in Jesus. He didn't think he could be saved because he sold his soul to the devil, but his soul truly has always belonged to God Who created him. God saved him so that now he can help save so many precious babies’ lives by exposing the underlying truth behind the bloodstained curtains of abortion clinics such as Planned Parenthood.. Thank God Zachary King met the King of all kings, Jesus Christ!

Was Blind, but Now He Sees!

As his spiritual vision was gained in Jesus, his sight was lost to the rest of the world. Now blind from diabetes, he considers it a blessing. He wanted to be humble, and currently has fewer distractions, is more focused, dedicated, and devoted to God.

Catholicism Chose King

He said he didn’t choose Catholicism, it chose him. He couldn’t help it that the Blessed Mother is Catholic. Satan both hates and fears our God and our Blessed Mother Mary. God is stronger and always wins against evil!


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