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Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility: Aquarius

Updated on October 10, 2010


All those born between 21 January and 19 February are known as Aquarian. Aquarians are honest and friendly and have a large friend circle. However, their attractive nature is not enough for a successful marriage life. If you are in love with an Aquarian, check whether your zodiac sign is love compatible with him/her.

Aquarius most compatible with: Gemini, Aries.

Aquarian most incompatible with: Scorpio, Leo.

Aquarius and Aries: When these two zodiac signs unite, love compatibility measure can be 6 out of 10. However, these signs share a relation full of thrill, adventure, and excitement. The dominating nature of an Arian might irritate an Aquarian.

Aquarius and Taurus: Aquarius-Taurus love compatibility is based on some basic compromise. If both are ready to give up some of their habits and change their nature, they can make a good pair.

Aquarius and Gemini: Aquarian- Gemini love compatibility is the best when it comes to bedroom. Gemini is always full of praise for Aquarian. A couple with these zodiac signs shares a strong bond of friendship and love.

Aquarius and Cancer:  Aquarius and Cancer are like two different poles, with opposite tastes and preferences. A Cancerian always believes in steady life, whereas an Aquarian is a fan of uncertainty.

Aquarius and Leo: Aquarius-Leo love compatibility is not the best under any circumstances. Both have different views of freedom. Even in bed, both will remain unsatisfied. So it’s better to ‘hate’ a Leo person if you are an Aquarian.

Aquarius and Virgo: The relationship will only sustain if one of them is ready to give everything for the other. However, these are two sides of the same coin. One is introvert while another is extrovert Both have different ambitions and views toward life.

Aquarius and Libra: It is a couple of type ‘made for each other’ and shows very good compatibility of love. Relation is basically based on sensations rather than physical attractions.

Aquarius and Scorpio: It is the worst relationship one could ever have. Even bedroom plays cannot strengthen their relationship. Aquarian’s unpredictable nature irritates a Scorpion. Aquarius and Sagittarius: This pair shares great love compatibility, with common likes and dislikes. Both are extrovert, social, and fond of lovemaking.

Aquarius and Capricorn: Dominance of Capricorn might be issue for Aquarian who loves his/her freedom the most. Relation can sustain on adjustments.

Aquarius and Aquarius: Though they are identical, there is a lack of deep feelings in this relation. Their social nature prevents them from enjoying sex with each other. Aquarius and Pisces: Sensitive nature of Pisces restricts social life of Aquarius. People with these signs can be very good friends, not life partners.


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