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Zodiac Signs Special Abilities

Updated on May 21, 2017
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Abigail is loved by dogs, cats and children. She writes about topics that can help people become better, greater, happier individuals



They say luck favors the brave and the bold, which is the case with people born under this sign. Aries is always in the right place at the right time. Sometimes they are completely unaware of that, and they go through their lives not realizing that every situation they’re in will unfold to their advantage later on.


Taurus people may not be in touch with their emotions, but they can feel tension, limits and boundaries without people having to show them. They are nothing if not tactful and strategic, so you can expect your Taurus mate to always respect your boundaries and personal space.


We can safely say that Gemini people always think with their twin heads. You will never see them in lack of words, facts and arguments. They are strong debaters and will always find the right words to get you on their side.


If Taurus people have a hard time connecting with their emotions, Cancer people can’t shut their emotions down, even if it hurts them. They are the emphats in the zodiac, and can always sense a storm before it happens. They should work on advancing their intuition, because their gut always tells them what’s going on in advance.


As the kings of the jungle, Leos will naturally be the life of the party. They unsuspectingly share their charm with the crowds and people are drawn to them for their magnetic charisma and strong personalities.


Virgos are productive dreamers with a hint of a genius. They see opportunities before they even arise and can sense other people’s potential even when it’s hidden. They see things as what they’re about to become, not at their plain, basic prospective.


If you’re ever having trouble putting together a Pros and Cons list, ask a Libra to help out. They may not always be capable of judging a situation properly and timely, but they can analyze it senselessly.


Don’t ever lie, fake or try to manipulate a connection with a Scorpio. They are capable of reading the meaning behind the said words and will play your game until you lose on your own terms. They are powerful psychics and can strategically get what they want without you ever finding out you were just a means to an end.


A Sagittarius will always win, even if they lose. They are the undying optimists in the zodiac and will find a silver lining in the darkest clouds. If the power of attraction always works for you, you must have a strong Sagittarius influence in your birth chart.


If someone ever boldly went where no man has gone before, they must be a Capricorn. A Capricorn will wisely weight their risks, make a killer plan to their goals and follow through regardless of obstacles and enemies.


Aquarians may not be natural leaders like Leos, but they are the right hand capable of making the decisions for the whole group. They can quickly sum up the dilemma and find a way out without anyone missing anything.


If there’s one thing a fiery Sagittarius and a watery Pisces have in common, it’s their vivid imagination. A Pisces can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together, even when you believe you can’t find any that match. They are deeply spiritual or religious, and can comprehend the karmic consequences of every situation or event.


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