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Zodiac Signs

Updated on July 29, 2011

The 12 Zodiac Signs

12 Zodiac Signs
12 Zodiac Signs

How Sharp is Your Tongue?

Zodiac signs can reveal a lot about your personality. You know you are better off with your mouth shut if every time you say something, it is icy glares and cold shoulders all around. Verbal blunders arent just bad for your relationships; they can greatly hurt your chances in climbing the corporate ladder too. Find out whether your tongue is an asset or a liability based on the analysis below.

Sagittarius is undoubtedly, the most maladroit species among the 12 zodiac signs. Genial and affable by nature, they usually don’t realize the severity of their comments until the damage is done. Far from malicious, their only fault lies in their inability to express themselves with care. Thick-skinned people who are not easily offended would make ideal colleagues.

Aquarius is reputed to have the sharpest tongue around. This zodiac sign isn’t just candid but insensitive too! You can count on them to give an impartial assessment of any situation without any regard for the outcry their opinion may entail. Though honesty is a virtue, Aquarians need to learn to mellow down.

Scorpio has an acidic tongue and can be blunt to the point of rudeness. Prepare for stinging remarks especially in a verbal comeback. Those born under this zodiac sign always retaliate even when they are well aware that it is not to their advantage. However, they are good at keeping confidences and will not betray others even in their anger.

Virgo is known to be critical and self-opinionated, an attitude which is exacerbated by Scorpio’s influence over their communications in the workplace. Though they often turn out to be right, they need to realize that being self-righteous actually hurts their reputation. Fortunately, the sensitivity of this zodiac sign helps to counter this problem.

Taurus is a peace-loving zodiac sign. They always try to avoid conflict and will therefore; choose to bite their tongue rather than start a quarrel. However, when severely provoked, they have no qualms about being hurtful – something they often regret afterwards.

Aries and Gemini aren’t very discrete when it comes to their choice of words but they are such gracious people that others often let them off the hook. This zodiac sign needs to be more tactful around sensitive people though.

Libra is bent on maintaining harmony in all aspects of life. So they are by far, the most diplomatic and tactful zodiac sign around – the men being surprisingly more delicate than the women. Though the womenfolk may slip up occasionally, they make it a point to mind their words for the sake of their career ambitions.

Capricorn is able to keep cool under all circumstances when relating to someone in a higher position. This shrewd zodiac sign can sweet-talk the boss even when annoyed. However, a subordinate definitely won’t enjoy such consideration.

Pisces is truly a non-confrontational zodiac sign. The greatest evil that will ever come out of their mouths when offended would probably be a couple of mean remarks to whoever is willing to listen. Eventually, they will just quiet down.

Cancer may speak harshly when upset but more often than not, they choose to withdraw and nurse the grudge instead. They usually hold on to past hurts until a breaking point where they will burst forth in a torrent of anger.

Leo can be really spiteful when crossed. However, this Fire zodiac sign prefers snubbing the offensive party instead of getting involved in crossfire. They usually deal with nuisances by turning their backs on them.

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