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About the book " It is Time we Truly know why Jesus wept" by N.K.DAVID

Updated on February 10, 2018

When I wrote the book “It is Time we Truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus," which is a must-read for all humanity. I thought it was all, but now I know that the book is only an introduction because it is indeed time for a new beginning, a new beginning for the brotherhood of men despite our differences when justice, fairness, equity, love, peace, and unity shall be the watchword of men.

About the book,

In this time of seemingly global unrest, there are wars and the future seems to be getting more uncertain to many. People bring fears to others in the pretext of defending their religion or because it is their religious ways of life. Some people make hate speeches against the belief others hold dear. The developing nations, tend to be suffering, while in reality, there is a way out for them, which is in their grip if they can collectively will.

Humanity is asking many questions, about the whys of things. There are a lot of things that happen, which we find difficult to explain. If I am right, then this book may be the starting point. It is the beginning of a reason for all positive minded people to hang on. Especially, for those that have tried and those that are still trying to create a more peaceful world. For those that would be just and unbiased in their judgment and desire for real freedom and equity for all humanity.
The book is a quest to find out the answers to a lot of inexplicable things that happens to us, why Humanity seem to suffer and struggle. The answer given on the quest was more difficult than the pursuit itself.

Therefore, more explanation was requested. The book used a decidedly more significant part of an actual life struggle, as was told by an unseen being, to relate to the human suffering and some other things that can happen to us. Then it explained some of the possible causes and reasons why most humanity may suffer and fail in their desire, while others may only succeed to an extent. The book also points the possible ways to attain complete success in the midst of many failures. Finally, the text analysed the story of Lazarus and used it to relate to some of our situations and then it tried to explain the reasons why Jesus wept because of Lazarus and what was different and unique about Lazarus.

The book is Motivational, emotional and inspirational. Few can see it as mystical. And above all, the book made a call on why all should rethink themselves and establish a real religious tolerance.It is a reason for real spiritual understanding that may not have been made in all past generations.

And it may not be possible to find a more significant reason that was built in the book. No! Not even in all ages to come. It may only be the beginning because it is time.


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