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Getting into the Vortex - an Abraham-Hicks Meditation Diary

Updated on July 26, 2017
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Melissa lives in Downtown Albuquerque. She loves sharing her local discoveries with fellow travelers and explorers.

Creating the World You Desire


The Power of Connecting to Source Through Meditation

This is an online diary of my first year using the Abraham-Hicks meditation and the beginning of my understanding about resistance.

We have all felt the power of the universe.

You know, those inexplicable moments where everything lines up and what you have been thinking about lands in your lap?

Here Is One Experience I Had Recently

I took the bus to a friend's house. The plan was to spend the night and then do some grocery shopping the next morning and catch the bus back home. After I got on the bus and sat down, I checked my wallet and realized I needed .25 cents more to make fare the next day to get home. My very thought was, "Oh well, someone will give it to me." I closed my purse and turned my attention to the bus ride and passing scenery. I didn't dwell on it, after all 25 cents is easy to find.

I got off the bus and headed downhill the three blocks to my friend's house. The sidewalk is cracked and uneven so I was paying close attention to where I was walking. In the middle of the second block my eye caught the familiar shape of a quarter. Yup, there it was on the sidewalk in front of me, exactly what I needed. I laughed out loud.

Yes, of course I picked it up and tucked it into my pocket. And I congratulated myself on my success.

Manifesting Money

Manifesting money is just the beginning when you learn to release resistance.
Manifesting money is just the beginning when you learn to release resistance. | Source

How Does It All Work?

Can you repeat a single success?

I realized that the reason I got what I needed was because I did not dwell on it. I just identified it and then let it go.

It was easy to do with 25 cents but could I do it with bigger things?

I had been listening to Esther and Jerry Hicks for about a year at that point. I was learning all kinds of things from them and Abraham that were making my life and skin easier to live in.

I have no clue how this all works and, frankly, I don't care how it happens. It works and that's all I need.

However, Abraham-Hicks presents it this way: what you focus on or think about is what you manifest. If I had worried about the money or tried to figure out who was going to give it to me or how I was going to ask for it, it would not have shown up the way it did and it would have been more difficult to find. I probably would have stepped on the coin and passed it by.

Learning a New Way to Think

When I start to experiment with techniques meant to enlighten me, to retrain me in some way or to shift the energy in my home or life, I always find a few hiccups in the process.

I guess that's because we are all different, have different backgrounds and information imprinted in our minds and bodies due to our personal experiences. I see that as a good thing really, the more diverse the better I say!

When I use the word hiccup, I am referring to the necessity to adapt a process so that it fits my quirks and needs. I start out using the process given and adapt it after I learn it. I feel my way through the process and adjust as needed.

An Example

For instance, I might end up using a technique at a different time of day than what is suggested or adapt a physical movement or exercise because of physical issues.

In working with the Law of Attraction and manifesting the things I think I want, keeping myself from dwelling on the very thing I need and worrying about it was a hiccup. I couldn't seem to remove, ignore or pass by the unwanted thoughts in my mind without focusing on them over an over.

I might be able to accomplish that momentarily but it always came rushing back in. I was manifesting but in a jerky kinda way, sorta like learning to ride a bicycle.

Here's How I Use the Abraham-Hicks Vortex Meditation CD

Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide
Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide

15 minutes a day is all you need for this. There are four different 15 minute meditations to choose from so you don't get bored or get stuck listening to something you aren't motivated by.

Follow the directions and read the first meditation's chapter in the hardback book that comes along with the CD. Then listen only to the first meditation. I did this with each meditation--read the chapter then listened to the meditation until I had heard each meditation. You do one a day (important to do this every day! Don't skip a day, but if you miss one just pick up where you left off and get back on the horse.)

Then I listen to the one I think I need at the moment without reading the text.

Some people complain about the breathing aspect. I have meditated for years and been taught all kinds of breathing techniques. I have one in particular that I use all the time and I had no problem adapting to Abraham's technique. In fact, I use several breathing techniques during the course of the day and am not irritated at all shifting between the two--I guess it's all in whether you want to do this or not.

Since using this meditation tape, I get very clear understanding about how I respond to life and how I can change that response and it all makes my life much more fun and I am happy.

When you know you can choose your response, why would you want to be upset?


Teachers Show Me the Basics

I begin to learn how to allow.

I had some very good teachers during the time I was first learning Abraham's techniques. In fact, I had both these teachers at the same time.

Teacher #1

I had a next door neighbor who was bipolar, except his family and friends didn't seem to want to recognize that. They were perfectly happy labeling him a petty criminal and letting the police deal with him. The problem was he wasn't on any medication and he loved loud music when he was manic and would stay awake for days; plus a myriad of other bizarre behaviors that could fill a book. He was a good person but wasn't being helped properly and I had to learn to let it all flow through me and not get angry until the landlord could figure out a way to deal with him. It took a full year before he moved on.

Teacher #2

I make part of my living writing web content, and I work at home but in an online environment--a way of working that is different for most of us. I have no visual or verbal contact with my editors nor do I know their names, although they know who I am (kinda spooky, actually). I have the opportunity to edit an article once, if the editor requests it, otherwise I never see the work again. Communicating in a very restrictive environment is unnerving. You must learn to let everything flow through you and not attach to the requests that are made. That means turning off your monkey brain that likes to chatter away about who is right and who is wrong.

Breaking through the wall of wrongs

We create walls of protection that actually prevent us from achieving our dreams.
We create walls of protection that actually prevent us from achieving our dreams. | Source

Removing the Last Brick

My wall must have been pretty thick.

I say that because I still write with invisible editors and I still catch myself occasionally starting to get angry about a request.

But that too is beginning to change.

Abraham's meditation CD is turning the tide for me and I am sure many others. It is so simple to use, there is nothing you need to do except listen and breathe. However, it might help to watch a few Abraham tapes, read a book or two and learn more about what they teach just so the language and symbol references are familiar.

But really, if you understand that you create your own reality and you are cool with the idea that what you create waits for you to align with it then you will be just fine with the meditation. Abraham uses the idea of a swirling vortex to describe that holding place. You simply align by allowing it to be and removing resistance to it.

I started manifesting money the week before I began listening to it and I listen everyday. I guess choosing to listen was stepping closer to the things I wanted and away from resistance and I ended up with something I needed at that point, cash to pay rent. (a far cry from the 25 cents I manifested a few months ago)

Attend an Abraham-Hicks Workshop For a Fraction of the Fee

Abraham-Hicks offers online viewing in real time of many live Abraham events.

You can find out more about attending an online event by visiting the Abraham-Hicks website.

Abraham Talks About the Vortex Meditation

Entry #1 - Manifesting - Month #1

I started using the Vortex meditation CD on January 3. Today is January 31st, a month has gone by and I have used the meditation every evening since I began.

I have had remarkable things happen, dreams that tell me I am on the brink of something really big and all I can tell you is I am happy. Happy to get up in the morning even when the old chatter starts filtering into my head! Happy when I have nothing in particular to keep my mind busy, happy to say hello to anyone that approaches. That's not something I have ever been comfortable with by the way. Here's the funny thing about that, I also notice the ones who back away because there is nothing there for them to connect to. In other words, if they have ill intent or just want to zap my energy they just flat out cannot--an amazing experience I must say.

So, you probably want to know about the financial aspect of the meditation. Yes, I have manifested a few hundred extra bucks this month but I really am not thinking along those lines. In fact, the book that accompanies the meditation CD talks about not trying to account for financial improvement but instead being content with the happiness that initiates the manifestations. The happiness is a sign of things to come.

So that is what I am doing. Being happy and enjoying the day as it unfolds.

Today it is snowing. I have lots of hot chocolate, plenty of food, heat and a roof over my head. What more could I want?

Entry - Daily Meditation - Month 2

I continue to use this meditation daily and I continue to be surprised by its power. Very subtle but very direct.

I have learned that once you move through the first few weeks of listening to the various meditations, you should begin paring them down and listen only to the ones that are appealing to you. I continued listening to three of them, (a different one each day) through the month of January and into February, until one day I pared it down to just two of them. I alternated them for a week or so until I guess I just started to really pay attention to how I was feeling. One of them seemed to disrupt my day so I dropped that one.

Now I listen to one, the same one, once a day, every day. It is pushing me forward quickly into a new level of understanding.


My advise is to choose one of the meditations, just one, and stick with it.

I have discovered that it doesn't matter which one it is because they will all release resistance and put you into your creative space. The space that Abraham calls the Vortex.

With one meditation you are using one way or path in and you are using it over and over and over. It becomes like any belief--ingrained in your memory--and in fact seems to replace old beliefs.

About the Money

Yes, I did manifest more money this month. Two hundred and thirty dollars to be exact. Amazing.

Did I ask for that specific amount of money? No. I just asked for something that cost that much and the funds showed up.

Manifesting Stuff

There are days that I manifest so quickly that it makes my head spin. Do I always follow through and take what is given? Well, no. But that has more to do with matching up what I have asked for with my personal circumstances.

For instance, I was visiting my chiropractor and mentioned that I needed a traction device for home. I have problems with my lower back and my neck and each require a different type of device. The doctor smiled and said he had a patient that couldn't use the brand new traction bed she had just bought and he would give me her phone number so I could arrange to see it. But before he could do that we walked up to the front desk together only to discover that the woman had brought the darn thing to the office the evening before and it was in the next room. Talk about service!

I got what I asked for quickly. Problem is I don't have a place to put it much less stretch the thing out and use it. My apartment is so small that I couldn't use what I manifested.

Which begs the question. Did I really know what I wanted? Maybe I should ask for a larger apartment first? LOL

Month 3 - Understanding More

I'll start by stating what my friends and family know but you might not. I am extremely stubborn on occasion, not about everything but when I believe I understand something and the way it needs to unfold that's when the stubborn side of me kicks in.

However, that does not mean I am right and that's where part of my issues are hiding. Thinking you are right or even thinking that being right is important can put a lifetime of wants and desires in the hold bucket for decades.

This meditation is breaking that down for me. Is it painful? Sometimes but only because I let it be.

What is amazing is the clarity and joy that surfaces from the repetition of this meditation.

I am learning the right use of the logical mind. That means I am learning to allow everything to unfold as it needs to, and I completely ignore societal requirements.

Logical mind is that little voice in your head that talks to you all the time. It's the voice that breaks down each event and gives you a play-by-play of what you should and shouldn't do. It is an important part of living because it allows us to conduct ourselves easily during repetitive movements and tasks. It reminds us of things we need to do but it does not have to dictate our feelings, although most of us let it do that.

I am also learning not to respond but to listen and allow silence to enter my experience.

And I continue to be able to pay bills easily. No large sums, just small steady amounts that keep me stable.

Month 6 - Acceptance

This meditation is proving to be a deep life changing experience.

I have now discovered the ability to catch glimmers of just how BIG life is. I can feel the larger picture of each of our true selves, an amazing privilege and let me just emphasize to you that each of us has a larger consciousness that operates beyond anything we could imagine. Our earthly personalities are an important part of that larger mechanism. We always have the larger part of ourselves available to us for assistance when we need it. Just ask and it will be given to you.

It is becoming easier to turn off the incessant talking we experience in our daily mental assessment. It's amazing how I can accept what is in front of me without judging it. When you begin to realize you are manifesting EVERYTHING in your life and that each experience is filled with symbols of a larger mechanism, you have a way of categorizing and dealing with what appears on the surface to be something adverse and unwanted. You can then make a choice about what you want to do with what you are experiencing.

Acceptance has nothing to do with approval or desire.

Acceptance is simply an acknowledgement that the experience is indeed happening. Attachment is something you do not want to dwell on.

Yes, the extra cash keeps rolling in steadily. I am just amazed at where it comes from. A new client here, a sale there all adds up. I just smile and say thank you and don't dwell on it which appears to make it grow a bit more each time.

Month 9 - UPDATE

Yes, all is well and moving along smoothly. Thanks for asking.

The path is still unfolding in front of me and the revelations come almost daily.

That does not mean there are not moments of confusion when my ego takes over. In fact, I am dealing with him (my ego) right now. Yes, I am convinced my ego is male because of its need to protect me from every possible scenario it can invent and provide to me. All that "stuff"--the worry, anxiety and anger--that bursts into your head during the course of the day is your ego, btw. Even the screaming and profanity you are spewing at the bozo who just cut you off in traffic is your ego.

Yes, I know. He or she did you wrong and needs to be punished. But guess what? None of that matters. Really, it has no bearing on anything whatsoever. All it does is keep you distracted and separate from source.

Can you recognize when you are not aligned with your true Self? That's what I am working on daily and it was moving along swimmingly until recently. Seems I unearthed some long held beliefs that I wasn't aware of. I am spending the last days of summer making sure I shift beyond those deeply hidden ideas so I can leave them behind.

So how do you recognize when you've slipped out of alignment? Every time you feel out of sorts such as panic, fear, anxiety, anger or a knotted stomach you are out of alignment. Physical ailments are also a sign of being out of alignment. Easy, huh?

How do you realign? Breathe. Follow your breath--in and out. When you follow the breath the mind follows too.

You can get a head start on realigning by meditating for about 15 minutes a day. It is also helpful not to get in a shouting match with other people or try to correct what they are doing or saying. Can you do that?

Month 10 - UPDATE

I am continuing this quest, and I listen to one meditation from the guided meditations CD every single day. It's still working!

This past month I manifested a brand new stove and refrigerator, for FREE, courtesy of my landlord. Yay! Brand new. I've never had a brand new stove or refrigerator. LOL I use the Vortex meditation tapes to remove mental resistance. It helps me live a more joyful, happy life. Concerns just seem to resolve easily when I listen to the CD.

Further Developments

This is such an easy way to remove the mental clutter from your life. You do have to participate in the process but it is so simple to accomplish. You just decide what you want your life to be like and see and feel it in your mind and heart. That's all you need to do.

It could take a few weeks before you see some results and months before a new stove will drop into your experience. Actually, it all depends upon how much resistance you've got and the negative thought patterns you have accumulated.

Think about that for a moment. How many negative thought patterns do you have stuffed into your brain? Of course they didn't all get there overnight and many of them probably piggyback on other negative thoughts creating strings of the nasty stuff floating around in your head all day. It makes sense that it would take at least a few months or more for all of it to clear out. Right?

I am very pleased with the results I am getting and all for less than $15. I would say I have more than got my money's worth from this product.

Month 14 - The Last Entry

The journey I am experiencing appears to be unfolding in new ways and since I have learned to embrace that unfolding, speaking about the process in the same way doesn't seem to fit any more.

I continue to listen to the Vortex meditation CD daily. I manifested a seat at an Esther Hicks event - someone offered me the ticket without requesting payment which was an amazing and startling experience.

It was a lot of fun to see and hear Abraham and Esther speak in person--I highly recommend it to anyone interested in manifesting a more joy-filled life experience.

The information that unfolded at the event regarding the Vortex began focusing upon and describing our thoughts as a grid. Each thought creates a grid that will fill in of its own accord if we will allow it. We do not have to figure out how to make the thought behave in a certain manner, nor do we decide how it will unfold. If we force the thought by creating our own thoughts about how it should unfold then we create effort which in turn can block us or keep us from receiving the best of the best, dumping us outside the Vortex and back into the belief of separateness from Source.

Law of Attraction - Part 5

Do You Live with Intention?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      WOW ! I love everything that Ester, Jerry(Rest his sole) and Abraham have created! These books, and audios have literally transformed my life. I am so grateful for their teachings!

    • awakeningwellness profile image


      6 years ago

      I used that meditation a year or so ago and also found it to be helpful...I love all their stuff!

    • SiochainGraSonas profile image


      7 years ago

      Wonderful lens! Thank you for sharing with us!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is proving to be a very interesting review of the Abraham Hicks meditation thanks to your updates. It helps to be able to follow along so that others can see you allowing the Universe to help you in "real time."

      Lens rolled to my Law of Attraction lens so others can follow your success.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      yes for sure...

    • MyCrazyAdventures profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Albuquerque, NM

      @anonymous: The mind is a fascinating tool and meditation can better aid a person to explore it...such a personal experience for each person it is difficult to describe some times.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I know how to use muscle/body control and for the past year or so, I have been learning about the Mind and its further science! I have been meditating from time to time and seeing some interesting results, it's a learning experience for everyone!

      Nice Work!!


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