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Houston church builds worldwide ministry online.

Updated on February 18, 2008

Ed Montgomery is swiftly commanding attention by breaking new ground in the field of religious and inspirational television. He can be viewed each week across America, The Caribbean and a host of independent stations throughout the United States and the world.

It is not uncommon to hear about one church having two or more locations. However, our vision is to build a church with the potential of having 7,000 –20,000 –100,000 – even 1 million members linked together. Not just in one city – but around the world! Imagine being able to share your faith, experience with believers in New York, LA, Canada, South America, Russia, China and parts of the world you’ve never heard of before.

What is e-Church ?

e-Church is an online church. Whether you have dial-up, satellite or DSL, your church is only a click away.

How can e-Church impact my spiritual Life?

e-Church is an internet church community deigned to provide you with spiritual support, innovative teaching, challenging discussion, and a sense of belonging to a church that has no walls – no boundaries.

Why build an e-Church?

e-Church is so new that e-Church members will have the opportunity and challenge to build a church from the ground up and then watch it grow into a powerful spiritual influence that will immediately impact planet earth for Jesus Christ.

Say for example you live in Atlanta, GA. You would have the opportunity to share your faith with a friend in Atlanta and encourage them to join e-Church with you. The two of you from Atlanta can then contact friends who live in other states. Before long, you will have built an internet congregation of friends just by sharing your faith through the internet. As you continue, the congregation you build just through friendship can ultimately extend throughout America and even to the world. You will soon have the satisfaction of literally seeing how many lives you can touch for Jesus Christ Isn’t that amazing.

You will be able to share your thoughts, insights, spiritual growth and scripture knowledge with potentially millions! What better way to personally do your part in changing the world.

Visit for more information.


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