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Adam and Eve - The Real Story

Updated on February 9, 2018

Creation of Life in the Garden of Eden

The idea that Eve was a woman and that she tempted Adam and led him astray is an excuse for the reason why humans suffer. It persists because it has appeal in most minds, It is, however, totally false. The entire book of Genesis is polluted and corrupted by those who served other agendas and who reported onnly on things they thought rather than the facts.

Religions started with Islam and that was Ishmal of Genesis 17:20 of whom God created a great nation. He grew in statue and dwelt in the wilderness as an archer, that is a hunter of men (Genesis 21:20).

The home of the Islamic religion was Babylon and the people of that city were the Amors.

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Who Was Eve?

Did she really come from Adam's Rib

Before we can answer that question we need to establish who was Adam? Just about everyone who reads the bible thinks he was the first man and she was his mate who tempted him but that is in contrast to what Genesis really says before it was altered. In Chapter 1:27 it states that God created men and women on the sixth day, Verse 31. Then we are told God rested (Chapter 2:2)

Then, on the 8th day God did something extraordinary. He breathed life into the man he created from the dust of the ground and placed him in the garden of Eden. To this day people are still looking for that garden because they do not understand what it means.

Understanding was given to me through the Spirit and visions that followed my commissions to bring back the spiritual people who have been led astray by religions. Along with the visions the Spirit showed me the meaning of sounds and how to break up words into components with insight into what they meant. 'E-d-en' is as 'i-d-on' and it means 'eye feeding strength'. It infers the 'eye of light' and I saw that in a vision.

A line stretched out in front of me and reached way into the distance. Along it were people and suddenly from where I stood an extremely bright light rose up and arched over the line to the far end of it. There in large capital letters was EVE, in the middle was NOON, and where I stood was EVENING. At noon a large number of people were standing reaching up to a man on a cross. Here it was almost dark.

The bible opened and I read Isaiah 59:10 where it states that at noon people were stumbling as in the night. They were groping around as if blind and were in desolate places as dead men. That was the time of Jesus Christ approx 2,000 years ago. As this was a vision of the day of the lord it is some 4,000 years long and we are at the end of it.

Right now around the world people are receiving spiritual power because the Spirit is pouring it out over its people. They are the ones of my commission. I have been ordered to tear down the wall that hides the truth from them. Another order given to me is to take God off the cross.

Putting it together Eve is not a woman but the Spirit of the Universe. At the time of the beginning of the day of the Lord a group of people were seeded with the power and were given instructions on how to live in the Spirit throughout the course of the day, which is one of a huge trial. Genesis 5:2 states that male and female were created by God and THEIR NAME was ADAM. Genesis 3:2 states that Eve is the mother, the start of all living.

Who were Adam and Eve?

Do you think they were the first man and woman?

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The Garden of God

The Vineyard that has grown Spiritual power

The number of searches that have been conducted to find the garden of Eden are in the thousands. No one has even come close to either finding it or understanding what it means. It is not a physical garden but one that involves people and those seeded with spirit from the beginning of the day.

To understand it one has to be a student of the Old Testament and the prophecies that concern the House of Israel. They are the spiritual referred to therein.

God calls humanity the soil or earth because it is within this space that the spiritual garden was created. Just a percentage of the people were so endowed. They are called the 'children of Israel'. By tracing language signs and symbols back to their origin such titles can be broken into their parts and read as meaningful sentence. 'I-s-ra-el' means 'eye of light-powerful god'. The ones so called knew the Spirit and received the gift of eternal life at that point in time.

They were given instructions on how to keep it and that includes not listening to the noise of the world or going after false gods, idols, etc., or attacking the things of creation, such as the environment, animals and other stuff.

They stand aside from the rest because they have grown in the soil of humanity and became strong in power. Throughout the course of the day of the lord, which began soon after Adam and Eve, everyone has reincarnated over and again and they are all now back in their bodies and being judged.

The Book of Life

The Real People of God

Prophecy states that all of humanity will stand in their bodies at the end of days (Daniel 12:13). That time has arrived. The spiritual, however, are those who have god-like power because they are written in the book of life from the beginning of the day (refer to Revelation 20:12-15).

Reincarnation has brought everyone back according to God's word to be judged at the end of the day to be judged. Those who went after false gods, who grew wealthy and who put the Spirit of Truth away are the dead in spirit and they will now be removed, for they are not of God's children. They are not found in the book of life and they will be cast into the lake of fire that is about to hit the earth.

That lake of fire is something that atomic weapons will produce and the effects will strike everyone who is not in the book of life. Everyone is back in their bodies for judgment and they who have opposed the truth and have committed acts of horror against others will be punished according to their deeds. That is the second death for there is no more reincarnation after this time.

The Spirit of God will descend over us and a new earth will appear (Revelation 21). After that there will be no more death or sorrow because all of the "former things are passed away (Rev. 21:4). In verse 7 it states that whosoever has overcome the corruption and remained true to their spirituality will inherit all things. In verse 8 it states that those who feared hell and stopped believing in God along with the abominable acts of those who were murderers, warmongers, sorcerers and idolaters, as well as the liars shall be annihilated in the fire that follows. They will be gone forever.

Religions have changed these words by declaring that all belong to God and can be saved. That is the deception they engage in to get everyone into their organisations,

Reincarnation Memories

There are thousands of cases of people coming forward who have memory of reincarnation, myself included. The religions deny it and say it is from the devil because they cannot survive if people take it seriously. The following are only a small selection of videos that deal with actual cases and they are well worth studying.

The Flaming Sword

Power and Mass destruction

The things that most believe about the after-life have been greatly distorted and mostly dreamed up by men who wanted power and control over all things. Heaven and hell are myths based on power and control. The former get people in while the latter is the lock on the door. The idea promoted by the fire of hell is the flaming sword a the east of Eden. Those who believe in it have no spiritual knowledge or control.

'Eden' is a distortion of 'i-d-on' which means 'eye feeding strength' and it is a reference to the great Spirit which entered the people of God at the beginning of the day of the lord. That time was almost 4,000 years ago and it brought about the summer of the morning when the first fruits of God's vineyard were harvested.They are the people feeling the outpouring of the Spirit at this time.

Many times during the course of the day they have been tortured, terrorized, murdered and suffered extreme loss as religious officials tried to get them to worship the false gods and to swear obedience to the churches. Six times that has happened and each time they have been reborn into new bodies to be tried again (Job 5:19). It is often reported how the condemned died with smiles on their lips as the Spirit protected them.

The non-spiritual and those who tortured them are destroyed from morning until evening of the day and perish forever according to Job 5:20. These words have been grossly misunderstood by religious teachers who have interpreted them as something else.

Religions were born of the sun-star that forms when the light strikes an object, such as in the image where a rock in the shape of a penis gave it the name 'men-her' for the male component and her fertility. Such images are in sacred sites globally and this flaming sword protected the spiritual from contamination for those who can see and are led by the Spirit will have little or no part in their worship.

The Vision Described the Day

From morning til evening

In a vision a line stretched out in front and went far into the distance. Suddenly where I stood a bright light appeared and shot upwards arching over the line to the end of it. There in large capital letters was EVE. In the middle was NOON and where I stood was EVENING.

Where it said noon there was a mass of people and they were in almost darkness as they reached upwards towards a figure on a cross. The two ends of the line were bathed in light and the Spirit showed me that this is when the spiritual outpouring occurred. The bible opened and words leapt out from the pages as I read that at noon they stumble as in the night for they are in desolate places as dead men (Isaiah 59:10). Elsewhere it states that the day shall not be clear not dark but it is one day known only to the lord. At evening time, according to Zephaniah 14:6-9, it shall be light.

At this time the spiritual children are coming away from the lies of religion and are receiving the Spirit with great power and miracles. The sick are healed, the lame walking and they are speaking in tongues, as promised in Isaiah 28:14.

The man on the cross was almost 2,000 years ago and that means we are now at the end of it. It brought the darkness that has seen many groping around looking for the light only to find that they are no better off. They die without ever finding the truth or being connected to the Spirit. the so-called Saviour God is a continuation of Dagon, the Fish God of Babylon, You can see the cross on his head.

The Spirit left these words also for those who cannot understand. Because, it states, you have a covenant with death and are in agreement with hell you have made lies your refuge and under falsehood you have hidden yourself, Isaiah 28:15

They cannot pass the flaming sword to discover the truth because now it is too late. Judgement has occurred.

Have you pondered to know the truth about the Spirit and what life is about?

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Reincarnation Proves that Heaven and Hell are Myths

If they exist then where are they?

My reincarnation story is a free download from the site at the start of this lens. It explains my role in the things that are coming true and in the arrival of the Mountain of God. It is called Mount Zion. Before anyone can see or understand it they have to cast out all previous concepts of saviour gods, idols, angels, devils and saints because none of them exist.

There are many lenses dedicated to explaining the end of the day and why we are here in the first place. The mysteries of God are now finished as the facts speak for themselves.

The claim that religious bodies hold the keys to heaven is false and hell is nothing more than a threat to keep people within the power of the establishment.

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© 2014 norma-holt

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