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Adopted: Family by Choice

Updated on November 12, 2016

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What is family really? Is it shared kindred, heritage or maybe it is something different to you? What if I told you that my family is a group of people who love me unconditionally. Nothing more, nothing less, after all to love someone you do not need the same blood running through your veins. If you do have the same ancestry it should help you to bond on some level but that is not always true, and ancestry can not make you love someone or make someone love you. That is because love is a choice, we either choose to love someone or choose not to. When we choose to love we reflect the nature of God. All who have accepted the gracious gift of the Father in the form of his Son have experienced this. When we choose not to Love we side with the adversary or Satan. The antithesis of love, is not hate but the absence of Love. If we choose to love someone and make a concerted effort to love them and care for them we are going to care more for them than if we just naturally "loved" them.

My Children and I

Benefits and Burdons of Son-ship

In biblical times as well as in the modern era there are certain benefits of being next of kin, or a son or daughter. Some of these benefits include inheritance rights, as well as the right to carry the family name. Think about the rights that are involved in being the child of your parents. While you grow and develop you are cared for by them, you are welcomed into their home with open arms. When you grow up and marry yourself your children as well and in most cases your spouse are all welcomed as children. All have the right to come under the protection of the father's roof.

In biblical times it carried aditional weight, even more than the weight it does now. Think of some of the parables told in the bible. The father would send out his son to collect from tenants, and the renters were supposed to honor the word of the son because of the authority of the father. Why were they supposed to honor the word of the son's as the father's. Because authority had placed in the son by the father, the evidence of this would be the name. Think about it not only was this a benefit, and a huge one, it would also be a burdon.

The burdon would be on the child to always be on the best behavior and not do things that would disgrace the father. Any time the son left the house they were seen as a representative of the father. The same holds true today if you think about it, it is just not said in the way that it would have been then. When we see children of someone we know behaving in a poor mannor we see it as a reflection on the parent. While many realize that it is not a reflection of the way the child has been taught there are still a few that judge the parent based upon the behavior of the child.

As Christians we are called by his name (Christ-ians or Christ ones, ones belonging to Christ) as such what we do and say as Christians reflect on our savior. If we speak in such a way or use such language that is unbecoming of our status as Christians we reflect those feelings and remarks that are generated by our behavior onto the one who gives us life, breath, sustains us, and saved us. That being said we should strive to act as what we are, Children of the King, The King of Kings!

Child of the King

Princes, and Princesses that is what we become when we place our faith in Christ, the author and redeemer of our faith. We are then granted son-ship, that carries with it lots of weight. Some of the weight it carries is the burdon spoken of earlier, and the remainder of the weight is placed in the good that should flow from us as a result of the conversion. Consider how the Royal Family are watched in the UK, they are scrutinized for every action, both good and bad. Now consider that the people who know that you are a Christian are watching your every action and scrutinizing your every word. Does your behavior and your speech reflect whose you are and what you are?

I am not saying that everyone is out to judge you the minute that you become a Christian, and do not beleive that to be so, but people do take mental note of how you act and what you say. So be sure to reflect the love of Christ in what you say and do it not from a position of fear of judgement but from a position of love toward the Savior.

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In my experience over the years the thing that keeps more people from the church and from Christ is the feeling that Christians that they know are hippocrites. This comes from talking with numerous people who visit church and people who I meet throughout my day as I am in my routine. I think that the simple conclusion to this article is that if we expect to win more people to the family of Christ that we need for lack of better terms to practice what we preach, and remember we are in the family of God. Being in the family of God means several things to me, first that we must behave, speak, and act in a way that is worthy of a prince or princess whichever the case may be for you. That means that We are Children of the King, and that the King is judged based on the actions of His children. We have been adopted into the family of God and by our choice, and his Grace. Shouldn't we as an act of gratitude at least reflect his love on the world. This also means that just skating by will not do, it means that you need to actively try to as a son or daughter of the King, to expand the kingdom in any way that the King gave you authority to do. We each have our individual God Given talents and we each have different gifts. Some of us may have the gift of talking to people, others public speaking, while still others may have the gift of writing. There are a few that seem to have all those gifts plus some. To be sure to whom much is given much will be required and by us being adopted into the family of God we have all been given much by the standards of anyone on the earth. Go forth and use it wisely.

© 2016 William Lee


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