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Some Mysterious African Science Modern Science can Never Unlock!

Updated on December 15, 2011

Let’s face it. Modern science has done a lot for this world. Imagine what the world could have been like, how we could have been living, what we could be have doing if not for the ever-changing and fast paced innovative modern scientific discoveries in our time. Where would we have been without electricity and mobile phones? Without our computers, our airplanes, our televisions and most importantly, the internet? I shudder at such thoughts.

It is now as if the complexity in everything from microbiology to genetics and bio-engineering to electronics and computers to human physiology to planetary studies has a got a straightaway scientific explanation to back it up.

And so coming to Africa, many Africans tend to see this modern science as nothing but pure white man’s magick making them to have come to understand and believe that there is nothing on earth that cannot be explained by the white man’s magick…Oh yes!

But wait a minute!

There are certainly some things that can NEVER be explained away by Modern Science just like that and many of those things are abound in Africa specifically in Nigeria where I live. You will most likely hear us referring to these things as African Science or most popularly we call it jazz in our local parlance! Do you really want to get a glimpse of what African jazz is really like? Do you care to follow me as I point out to you these things that will always baffle modern science as well as you?

I bet! So here we go. Come with me…

ODESHI: The African Bullet proof Magick

First on display is this thing known as the African bullet proof system. In our local Igbo parlance we call it Odeshi. Have you ever heard of Odeshi? Do you know what it means? Well Odeshi is simply a type of African science or jazz whereby somebody who has the Odeshi charms CANNOT be wounded or killed by a bullet fired from a gun or even be cut by a machete. It sounds strange but it is true.

The Odeshi jazz is most popular in the Eastern part of Nigeria mostly because of the exploits of a local vigilante group that was then known as the Bakassi Boys. Those Bakassi Boys were believed to be laced with some charms made from leaves which make it possible for them to have instant (bullet proof) protection against gun bullets and/or machete cuts.

At one time in the history of Aba in Abia in Abia State and Onitsha in Anambra State of Nigeria, criminals literally ran these two big commercial towns. Things were getting out of hands and the government continued to lose its grip on power and control to these daredevil gangsters as the government failed woefully to provide adequate security of lives and property in the state as the days went by.

As the story had it, that was when a group of shoemakers in Aba decided to form a local vigilante group so as to protect their trade …and themselves too. This action was what gave birth to what was later known as the Bakassi Boys.

Because these Bakassi boys had a ‘natural’ protection in the form of their charms (that is to say, bullet proof) against bullets and knife cuts all thanks to their Odeshi, they became fearless in combating these daredevil criminals face to face! They were able to fight the crime wave in Aba to the best of their abilities and everybody recognized and praised their success to their extent that when the activities of criminals also got out of hand in the big commercial town of Onitsha, the then Governor Mbadinuju of Anambra State quickly invited these Bakassi Boys to help protect Anambra State as his last and only desperate measure!

The name Odeshi was tagged to this charm due to unconfirmed reports that whenever these vigilante members came in contact with criminals in fierce gun battles, if they happen to be shot by the criminals, they will normally chant in defiance ‘‘Ọ de shi’’ which literally translates to “No fear; no shaking because nothing is happening” in Igbo language and after which they will spit out the bullets from their mouths!

Can you believe that?!

Today the name has somehow stuck to this wonderful jazz. We keep on hearing stories of criminals, cultists, individuals and most especially politicians who are believed to possess the Odeshi charm which means that they are fortified from gun shots and/or machete cuts no matter what happens.

And just like any other science, the Odeshi magick has its own complete sets of do’s and don’ts but one thing that is very certain for now is that modern science can NEVER unlock the internal workings of Odeshi!


Yes there are people who have the ability to make the rain fall anytime they wish. They are known as the rainmakers!

The belief in rainmaking in this part of our world is so strong that the help of rainmakers are sought after in every major occasion. Are you about to have a wedding ceremony? Are you planning for a big burial ceremony or any other big occasion for that matter? The question most people may suggestively though covertly ask you is: Have you ‘seen’ the rainmakers?!

They have their reasons for doing that because nobody likes to taste the dark side of these rainmakers. Many occasions have been ruined by these rainmakers simply because the organizers of those ceremonies simply failed to ‘settle’ the rainmakers.

But then how do these rainmakers perform their science/magick, you may ask?

We have heard tales that some of these rainmakers can make rain to fall uncontrollably simply by shedding tears…please don’t ask me if it crocodile tears! We’ve also heard that some of them will never come in contact with water as they will simply be drinking only spirits and alcohol during the period they want to hold out on the rain.

Again these days, many people have come to believe that they have many unseen enemies and evil-wishers who would stop at nothing to ruin their special events so to be on the safest side, they will not hesitate to ‘pay their debts’ to these rainmakers and the good news is that the fees charged by the rainmakers is so minimal…almost insignificant especially when compared to the likely ugly occurrence that may happen if these rainmakers are not paid…in time!

Now to the confusing part, what happens if you pay the rainmaker(s) to prevent the rain from falling and sadly enough, your evil-wishers also paid some other rainmaker(s) to cause uncontrollable rain on the day of your event?

Well, don’t ask me. Ask modern science!

MAGUN: The Anti-adultery charm

No doubts about it, adultery has scattered and is still scattering families all over the world. So what did some of our ‘wise’ people do to curtail this ugly happenstance? Of course, they devised this wonderful jazz which the Yorubas call Magun!

The magun charm is most popular in the South-West of Nigeria.

How does the magun work? Well, let’s say you have been suspecting your wife…No, let’s say that your (wicked) neighbor has been suspecting his wife of having adulterous tendencies and he is somehow helpless on what to do to put a final stop to this problem. What will he do now?

Of course, he is going to lace the unsuspecting woman with magun most times by placing the magun jazz on the floor where the woman will definitely walk pass. Any other time any other randy man will have sexual intercourse with your neighbor’s wife, the randy man will become so thirsty after the evil act and before you can say “Casanova”, they man is dead and gone! And the woman will also be caught red-handed!

Wow! The powers of magun!

But before you go out there and start praising the magun jazz, listen. The magun jazz is like a double-edged sword. It can also harm the man who laced his wife with it if certain conditions are not met or is broken!

Why this is so, I cannot tell but who knows, maybe the next Nobel Prize winner for any of the Sciences may be that person(s) who can successfully explain the magun puzzle!

But please don’t mind me, I like fooling around… (though in the positive sense)! Hahaha!

‘TOUCH AND FOLLOW’: The instant Hypnotic Magick

This African Science works exactly as the name suggests: touch and follow!

‘Touch and follow’ is the instant hypnotic jazz which enables someone to instantly hypnotize another person to force him/her into doing your will which is most times evil intended!

How? Let me explain.

The issue of ‘touch and follow’ is usually connected with relationships whereby one man badly wants to have sex with one girl but has been unsuccessful times without number. What will he do? He will simply meet one Mallam who will sell the ‘touch and follow’ jazz to him. By now his ‘problem’ is half-solved.

Next, he goes out there and simply touches the girl. Next thing you know, the girl falls into a hypnotic trance and follows the man to wherever the man wishes to go…which in this case is nowhere else but the evil man’s bedroom!

Just like that!

Another version of the ‘touch and follow’ jazz is the one purported to be used by 419ners and scammers and even kidnappers! The scammer sees a target on the street, he approaches him/her, he speaks to him/her by sometimes asking for some inexistence residential address or something like that. Once the unfortunate fellow responses, the ‘touch and follow’ jazz comes out to play!

The target falls into deep hypnosis under the control of the evil scammer/criminal who will then ask the poor fellow to go and get some valuables (most times, a huge sum of money) for him or he may even kidnap the poor fellow there and then! People who have had such experience normally proclaim that the persons under this hypnosis will do exactly as the scammer wishes unless…he receives a timely help from above!

It is really strange but it is true!

But that’s not all…

There is even the strangest angle to this ‘touch and follow’ African Science whereby people (usually men) admit that they suddenly discover that their private parts are ‘missing’ after being touched by some unknown persons believed to be ritualists who will use their private privates in making money or something like that.

I know this is not a funny matter but whenever I consider how ridiculous this might sound, I can’t help myself laughing…hahaha!

Sometimes the poor fellow is lucky enough if courageous people around rally round immediately to find the evil ritualist before he disappears from the scene and mercilessly beats him into surrendering and restoring the missing private part before they either take him to the Police or most times give him the jungle justice treatment (i.e. lynching) right there on the spot!

Touch and follow? Hhm!

The connection between these strange happenstances/anomalies and the ‘touch’ will always baffle modern science. I am so sure of that!

Magic broom

This magick broom is used to hypnotize a criminal into losing his/her awareness and senses and thus make him [forgive me for using the masculine gender but I’m still old fashioned so I believe women don’t rob, or do they?] forget his initial mission which is to rob someone off his very important possession most especially in his/her absence.

Some people will normally hang this magic broom in one corner of the house in a manner that suggests that it is more or less of no important use.

But when the robber enters, once the charm takes effect on him, he will instantly lose his senses. He will head for the magick broom, grab it and start the unassigned heavy task of sweeping the whole house!

He will continue to do this untiringly until the owner of the house he wants to rob or the owner of the property he wants to steal comes around and “frees” him from that spell.

This spell is not only cast with a broom. Some other objects which I am not even aware of can also be used to effect it but the magic still works in the same way because the thief will surely loose his senses momentarily when he wants to rob from someone who has this type of protection from this African science.

There is this story about one thief who wanted to steal a car. God knows how he got the car keys but when he finally succeeded in entering the car, he charm took effect. He was no longer interested in driving the car away. He just started playing music and dancing to it until the police came and took him. Even when he was being handcuffed and led away by the police, he was not even aware of what was going on around him!

That will show you the potency of this very powerful but mysterious African science that modern science can never unlock!


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    • Anjili profile image


      2 months ago from planet earth, a humanoid

      I like your article because it gives evidence on the existence of witchcraft and magic.

      Both counter works of God and hence those who practice work an abomination

    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 months ago from Nigeria

      Hi there, Youp...

      What demonstration are you talking about?

    • profile image


      9 months ago

      Do you've a demonstration of this in video?

    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Nigeria

      I believe you Princeton. Foreign religion like Christianity has succeeded in making the African see such magick as evil!

    • profile image

      Princeton hays 

      6 years ago

      There is no white or black magic, its just Magic. But you can decide to use it for eigther good or evil. Cellphone, Magun, bullet repeller, Radio are all varities of magic. A white scientist was once introduced to me, he wanted to pay thousands of dollars for a bullet repeller charm, I didn't sell it because I could tell that he wanted to sell it to some mafians - *that's pure evil*

      The problem is that young African scientist have been taught that magic is evil through religion, however, you cannot invent anything scientifical if you dont understand magic. Read Arthur Clarkez's 3 law.

    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Nigeria

      Mintinfo, I think I believe what you said about the left and right brain.

      Congratulations for trying to regain the power of the left brain.

      I, myself, I am already in the process of regaining the powers of my left brain by practicing dexterity!

    • mintinfo profile image


      6 years ago

      There are many things that modern science cannot explain, the most blatant of which is the construction of the pyramids. It is our fault however because through neglect we have allowed our Right Brain to take over our Left Brain. With that we have become more materialistic instead of spiritual. We the Dohgon are using Numbers to strengthen our Corpus Callosum so that our Left Brain can retake control of our minds. With improved focus and concentration we will control the physical with our minds like the great Imhotep.

    • rbe0 profile image


      6 years ago from the history channel

      Most interesting thing I have read in a long time. Africa is by far the most interesting place in the world to me. I'd love to hear more.. do u know anything about the demons there? Takoshie is one i think its called, I'm not really sure, but I think that the african demons could be a reallly insteresting thing to read or write about.

    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Nigeria

      Michaleus, you can say that again!

    • Michaleus profile image


      7 years ago from Port Harcourt

      funny !

    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Nigeria

      you are welcome.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      These are Crimes against Humanity.


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