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23 After - Death Theories; Is There Life After Death?

Updated on October 23, 2019

These are 23 of the best theories about life after death that will surely interest you a lot.

1. Multiple reincarnations

In the Brahmanic religion, there is the Samsara Wheel that is or represents an endless cycle of reincarnations, a kind of "wandering" for a life without purpose or meaning, birth, and rebirth marked by karma. Hinduism understands reincarnation as a learning process and lessons.

If your actions have been negative, you will reincarnate in lower bodies like animals or insects, even in an unfortunate life. No wonder then, a Hindu's respect for life ... Nobody kills an animal, that is why most Hindus are vegetarians.

2. The hell

According to the Bible, this is a place where, if you performed evil acts or were a sinner during your life, you will spend an eternity being tortured. The Christian hell is considered the worst of all religions because, according to the Italian poet Dante Alighieri in his work The Divine Comedy, hell has 9 circles each worse than the previous one and specialized in a type of sinner.

3. Resonance

According to this theory, the way you died, and the last thing you felt resonates in the cosmos as you become this feeling for eternity. We will be nothing more than an entity condemned to the same forever.

4. Repeat

According to this theory, after death, life will begin again immediately as a cassette that rewinds; without any memory of what happened, we will experience the same events again, including the same thoughts, experiences, and decisions.

This theory would explain the feelings of déjà-vu that we experience throughout life.

5. Simulation

All your life is part of a simulation that you yourself create with your thoughts. There is no real world, no more beings in the Universe; there is only you.

6. The sky

It is the opposite of hell, if you were a good person and you regretted your sins, you will spend eternity near God living with eternal joy, and if your soul acquires much spiritual value, you can evolve into an angel.

7. They are all you

Everyone in the world is the same conscience. When you die, you get reincarnated millions of times until you have lived every human life through the ages. This universe is created by an all-powerful god who is both yourself and in which you reincarnate to return to start all over again.

According to this theory, you are nothing but a powerful and lonely being.

8. Oblivion

For this theory, there is no life after death because consciousness is only neuronal impulses in the brain. The light at the end of the tunnel is nothing more than the bursting of neurochemical impulses that end in nothingness. They are just fireworks from a life that you just finished ... Nothing beyond death, this theory is the most accepted by the scientific community.

9. Reincarnation

For this theory, no person dies at all. They just get reincarnated in another body or physical form. It can be another human being or an animal or plant. You will live forever, but with a different appearance.

10. Six destinations

According to Buddhist religion adherents, when you die, you will face six possible destinations. If you were a good person, you could reincarnate in gods, semi-gods, or humans, but if you were otherwise a bad person, you will reincarnate in animals or in famished creatures of hell.

11. Biocentrism

The concept of death, Universe, time, and space are the product of our conscience. When we die, immediately we are reborn in the multiverse, perhaps believing that everything was a dream, then, under this premise, death would not exist.

12. Multiverse

According to this theory, consciousness is what determines the life to which we are conditioned. For this, death is only a space-time, that is, construction of the brain, giving credit to the existence of multiverses. In conclusion, death is just an illusion.

13. The final judgment

For Plato, the great Greek philosopher, when you die, you would be judged by some beings or higher beings. Good souls would be directed to the islands of the blessed, and bad ones would be punished.

14. Self-immolation

Some Islamic terrorists are guided by the belief that 72 virgins are waiting in paradise for those who have served Allah on fire.

15. Aztec death

According to the Aztecs, drowned people would go to paradise, soldiers killed during combat would be reincarnated in a butterfly or hummingbird four years after their death.

The others would not escape death after a four-year stay in hell.

16. We are not alive

There is a belief or theory that says we are already dead. We still cannot determine if this is good or bad news.

17. The nothing

According to Albert Camus, suicide was the only truly serious philosophical problem, because according to nihilism, there is no life after death. Despite this, Camus rejected the idea that suicide was the only solution to the folly of life.

18. Life is a dream

According to this theory, all existing life is a product of the dream of very superior beings, but with our very appearance. The beginning of the dream began with bing bang and would end at any time.

19. The consciousness of the Universe

Consciousness comes from quantum activities from within the brain cells. That is, they allow us to capture reality through our brain and shape what is called Cosmic Consciousness, which connects all forms of life.

Upon death, the consciousness of human beings would return to that Cosmic Consciousness with the possibility of returning to the world or remaining indefinitely in that great Universe.

20. Nirvana

Nirvana is a state of be-ing, in which a person escapes the suffering of the world and realizes his unity with the Universe.

The person whose consciousness enters nirvana may eventually leave behind the cycle of reincarnation to exist spiritually, albeit impersonally.

21. Yin and Yang

A person who achieves the perfect balance between these two forces and has a peaceful life manages to achieve eternal rest in Buddhist paradises after death; Otherwise, reincarnate again.

22. Energy conservation

In this theory, energy is not created or destroyed, it is only transformed, that is why death is not the end, but the transition to another cycle or another stage of life itself.

23 .13 physical lives

This theory of life after death says that each soul has 13 physical lives and once they finish, your soul disappears from this world, whether it goes to heaven, you become a God or descend into hell.

13 opportunities that life gives you to fulfill a simple objective to transcend! Here more than to learn to live and develop great wisdom, everyone can transcend. That is why there are 13 opportunities.

The process to see this is:

Your birth date - add all the numbers of your birth date, omitting the zeros. If the result is greater than 13, add each digit. If it returns to give greater than 13, it is added again.

For example, if I was born on March 16, 2003, it would be:

16 + 3 + 23 = 42

4 + 2 = 6

I would go in my sixth life.

Another example, if I was born on February 15, 1992, would be:

15 + 2 + 1992 = 2009

2 + 9 = 11

What life are you going in?

And tell me your opinion. Which of these life theories after death are you a believer, or which of these theories call your attention the most?


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