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Agape Gifts for Emmaus and Chrysalis

Updated on May 9, 2011

How to make Agape, and where to get the materials

AGAPE Love is the kind of love that is given freely..."no strings attached". Within the Emmaus community, agape gifts are often given to people involved in an Emmaus weekend. Most of these items are made by members of the local community.

We're looking for people to submit their FAVORITE item of AGAPE, with instructions and maybe a picture? Then we'll post them here for everyone to appreciate. In the comments section, you can post either your own ideas or a link to a site with any ideas. Any questions? Post a question on my Facebook, "All Things Emmaus and Chrysalis".


Making Clothespin Agape

1. On one side of a clothespin, using a thin marker, write "John 3:16". On the other side, glue a square nail. MAKE SURE IT DRIES before you put it away!

2. Put a small pom pom on one end, write "Jesus Holds it Together"

3. On one side write "Jesus Always", on other side write "Hangs In There"

4. Write "Stick with Jesus".

Options for most clothespins: Glue a small piece of magnet strip on the back!

Items for Clothespin-style Agape

From SE Regional Emmaus



(Thanks to all who brought their ideas to present and share and those who made agape to share)

There are pictures of some of the items that have been scanned into the computer that can be sent to you, or if you are viewing this as a web page, follow (hopefully).

If have questions or need info sent to you, please contact me at

Pictures are available upon request, please email me with your email address and your snail mail address (in case there are problems). Or if you wish to send us a blank CD-R or CD-RW we could make you a CD with all the pictures. Most pictures are in groups. Discovered that some of the cards and sayings were on heavy 80 lb. Paper - is about thickness of poster paper - it will go through my computer printer.

1. Earrings - iron together perler beads and then put earring stuff on. Could do non-piereced this way as well as pierced, I believe.

2. Vest - pin agape on to it (not as agape item - but to display agape have received)

3. Braided bracelet - different colors satin cord braided together.

4. Frog eraser - "Leap for the Lord - Jesus has erased our sins."

5. Mirror - "May your life reflect God's love."

6. Salt packet like get at fast food place and Christmas light bulb small - "Salt and Light"

7. Balloon - "When you feel deflated - God will always fill you up."

8. Today you blossom with the Lord's love." With a small flower pot with flowers. WalMart has some tiny 1" or less flower pots in craft section - they are spring colors, 6 to a pack. Small width rainbow ribbon glued around top of pot.

9. Cocoon out of jute thread hanging down from a branch.

10. Jesus nut - 6 sided hex nut - 1/4" Howard's Lumber had best price; 100/box=$4.00 Not stop nuts - they cost more. Technically, one on helicopter has 8 sides, but I didn't find any little ones with eight sides.

Blue ink: "In the operator's manual the nut that

Blue ink: holds the rotor to the top of the

Blue ink: helicopter is described as the Jesus nut.

Green ink: Keep this nut on your key ring as a reminder

Red ink: that Jesus holds your life together and without Him

Orange ink: your life could fall apart.

Yellow ink: Col. 1:17

11. Put ribbon on 7 square wide plastic canvas cut long enough to fit in spine of Bible and add saying: "Slide this bookmark in the spine of your Bible."

12. Q-tip "God cleans the deep down dirty places we don't want to think about."

13. Small wooden spoon as butterfly body; poster paper wings.

14. Foamy cut into foot shape: "The mind of man plans; The Lord directs our feet."

15. Coffee filter angel

16. Feather glued to a card with this saying:

I am an angel feather

Sent from God above.

To serve as a reminder

Of His most gracious love.

17. Light switch plate - plain old beige rectangular one. Write DeColores and paint rainbow on with colored markers.

18. Rooster cup - make comb top out of chenille stick - shape and twist; Make beak out of bumpy chenille. Stick 2 separate together and then twist. Draw on eyes.

19. Plastic canvas rooster.

20. Clay pin -

"Abba Father

You are the potter

We are clay in Your hands

Mold us and fashion us

into the image of Jesus your son."

21. Short square nail painted black glued crossways to longer square nail painted black to make cross. Point of long one put in block of wood.

22. Apple cut out of index card (apple hole punch - med size) Somehow the peanut is attached and hangs down below that.

Nut Pop!

Peanut in shell, face drawn on; shellaced to preserve

Never Underestimate The Power Of Prayer

23. "I will follow Jesus - He knows the Way" Footprint cutouts on small card

24. Stick of gum: "Chews Jesus - Jesus is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow.

25. Lace angel

26. Peity stool - wood cut out with hold saw and sanded smooth on edges; dowels miter cut and glued to bottom.

27. Puzzle piece - "Jesus is the missing piece"

28. Guitar pick - "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord."

29 Spool - ?

30. Ear plugs: "For keeping out noise as you're reading God's Word

For still, quiet times with Jesus, our Lord

For helping you concentrate on God's guidance true -

For letting you know that we care for you.

Be still and know ...

31. Disposable razor:

"The Word of God is living and sharper than any two-edged sword."

32. Take ribbon and make an x. Glue on safety pin to make a butterfly pin.

33. Cross made from perler beads ironed together.

34. Angel made with perler beads ironed together. Wire wings.

Halo - ? Color

Head - beige

Body - blue

35. Make a barrette with curly ribbon (red ribbon, etc. - one of each color of rainbow), tie onto big bobby pin and then curl.

36. Put 6 small gold safety pins hanging from one small gold safety pin. On first hanging one put lavender seed beads (fill up safety pin); on second one the next color and so on til have as many colors of the rainbow as you can - all 6 if can get 6 safety pins hanging vertically from the horizontal safety pin.

37. Tiny twisted paper angel

38. A watch made like: (see below). "A watch to replace the one they took away."

Ribbon wrist band - striped?

Some kind of ring about the size of a watch face - like on key rings

That holds ribbon or cloth in it so you can see it

Hands are like the inside flower parts that come off some kind of silk flower. I.e., little oval things with a tiny, tiny bit of stem.

Please give comments on agape YOU like to make, and we'll add it to our list! Also tell us if YOU have a different (easier, cheaper?) way of making something and we'll check it out! Leave ideas here, or email to .


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Buy small plastic frogs, hot glue to pencil or pen - Label F.R.O.G. fully reliant on God.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Small bobbers put on a short ribbon attached to cardstock upon which is written "become fishers of men".

    • profile image

      Liz Williams 

      3 years ago

      Small compasses like the kind for party favors: God will lead you in the right direction.

      Conversation hearts (I buy after Valentine's Day to pick up on bargain price). Tape card to package that says: "May all the conversations of your heart be with God."

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Type scripture on card stock---"therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old is gone and the new has come"! 2 Corinthians 5:17. Decorate card with butterflies.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Purchase small plastic firemen, and tie to a card with this writing---STAY ON FIRE FOR GOD!!!!


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