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Living in my dash

Updated on March 13, 2017
  • How I'm living in my dash. I was born on March 2nd 1949. This dash currently has no end date, thus I'm living in my dash. I'm 816 months on March 2017.

Doesn't seem like much right now, but many lives have been touched. During these very interesting 816 months I've:

  • Been an infant
  • Been a child
  • Been a teenager
  • Been a wife
  • Been a mother of two
  • Been a home owner
  • Been divorced
  • Learned to do physicians billing and collection
  • Bought and sold two home
  • Moved out of New Jersey
  • Moved into Florida
  • Built a home
  • Found a job that lasted 13.5 years
  • Retired

Now a list of some of the things that happened in the ever so important dash. .

My philosophy on life isn't complicated. I believe in fate. It can be called many things, karma, destiny, divine planning.

I've heard that when you make a plan G-d laughs. When that plan is easy and the time is perfect, you’re on the predestined road.

I'm spiritual by nature, I have many beliefs that will come to light as I blog. That first thing I believe is that certain individuals are necessary in the grand scheme of life.

Let me explain. As unique people there could only be very specific DNA for them. This is why, I believe, two specific individuals, come together, feel an instant connection and their story begins. Two sets of DNA mingle to create one specific person meant to touch many lives. The fastest swimmer for one ovum, created me. The odds for the timing must be astronomical.

This falls into my second belief that things happen for a reason. Meeting specific individuals is not coincidence. It's a plan. Maybe in my DNA, maybe it’s in my spiritual being predetermined before I was me. I do know that when I've met certain individuals there was a very strong connection. It just felt right. That's how I've heard it said so many times. Having that feeling that its right is so strong, like a cord that is now plugged into you and giving you energy to go into the next phase of your life.

I've had two great loves in my life that lasted for short periods of time. First a 14 year marriage that helped me create two amazing males.

Next an 8 year relationship that helped me learn so much about being me.


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