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All Is One

Updated on May 10, 2014

All Is One

All the information follows is my personal views, inspired during my Zen meditation (zazen). I have created them here to inspire deeper thinking. In a typical Zen-Way all that follows should not be taken as absolute truth, because what is that? Do not blindly believe, just contemplate and look within and discover your truth.

Is it not written that God is All? Is God omnipresent and omniscient? Did God say, "I am that I am"? So what can this mean? What is the I-am-ness? I see it this way...

I am is "Being-ness" Also not forgetting that I am also refers to Me. Or does it?

I am = Being = All Present.

So... the I am of a situation is that I am All things. If God is Everything, God is me, God is you, God is houses, God is cars, God is fields. In fact God is literally all there is. The All. The above statement is absolute otherwise it would not be omnipresent. (all present). It is also omnipotent (all powerful) and omniscient (all knowing). All this adds up to mean Everything - God is Everything. So when I look at me, who is I am, I cannot exclude myself from the All; I cannot exclude myself from God. Can I? Therefore I am part of the All? Or am I all of the All? Seeing that I can only experience what I experience, this experience is my All. You (another person) are part of my experience so you are I. So here manifests the Zen truth called at-one-ment. Therefore...

I am = Being = All Present, which has to mean also All Powerful. All powerful is without limitation. Is this not God?

Many of us have doubts. Lack confidence and disbelieve and mistrust what the great teachers have said throughout time. We were urged to trust and believe the words of these enlightened beings. But in a way, that is all right. If we cast our minds back to the word omnipresent, when we doubt and disbelieve, that very doubt and disbelief is present as part of the All Present and is all powerful at that moment of existence... How can total belief exist if disbelief (its opposite) did not exist? How can we know certainty, if we had never known uncertainty? Confidence without lack of confidence? So it all comes back again to omnipresence which it the same as omniscient and omnipotent. Really, these three words have the same meaning. Only semantics? But the meaning is only experiential if we are aware of this great contradiction. Or rather I should say, this great paradox.

Can I be aware of my omnipresence? Can I be aware of God? Can I be aware that I am you, the trees, the houses, the cars, the fields, the planet, the universe? I may get a glimpse of this awareness if I was to contemplate the following.

If I am omnipresent. I am all. I am you. You are I. But, if I am you and I injure you in some way, I am really injuring myself? But why? How? I don't feel anything! The most I would feel would be guilt... But that would be with my finite mind. It must go much deeper than that!

At this is a point where the whole 'I-am-All' premise seems to fall flat on its face. But wait a minute. Because of the very fact that I am omnipresent, the non-feeling of the pain I inflict on someone else is part of all there is! What a cosmic joke! In order to feel, and know that we feel, there must be the 'space' of non-feeling in which feeling can exist! This also means that if we don't believe we hurt ourselves by hurting others, it is an illusion. We cannot really win from beating them. We cannot gain strength from weakening them.

If we want to expand our spiritual consciousness to have a higher state of spiritual awareness, this will entail encountering our karma. We will need to encounter all the pain we may have inflicted on others, and because of the nature of our quest to experience All-one-ness, we are going to experience the effects of our "attacks", probably not in the same form as we inflicted these attacks, but probably worse as we struggle to find forgiveness. And what can make things even worse, is that we may still feel (self-justified) anger towards the person we attacked and have that anger burn away inside our mind and body, destroying our peace. This is how we attack ourselves when we attack others. This is karma at work. The antidote to all this of course is forgiveness, but that is a subject for another essay.

There is no escaping the omnipresent because it includes all there is. Feeling what we inflict on others can only be there to the degree that we do not feel what we inflict on others. The truth can only be the truth to the degree that lies exist - and that's the truth. Such is the way it is in this relative, yin-yang world we have created.

This whole subject is an unreasonable paradox and merely reading it may create confusion for some. That is the way I see it but don't believe a word you are reading. See your truth for yourself. Your interpretation of these words are just that. It is quite possibly different to mine. But difference is part of the omnipresent too!

Thanks for reading.

© Derek Ayre. All rights reserved


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