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Alliance Defense Fund - Fighting for your freedom

Updated on February 15, 2015

Defending the Right to Speak the Truth-Alliance Defense Fund

Lensmaster note: My lens is to inform folks about an organization defending American freedoms.

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is a legal alliance defending the right to hear and speak the Truth through strategy, training, funding, and litigation.

When I first heard about ADF, I was listening to Focus on the Family program in the early 1990s. Alan Sears (to your left) was interviewed on "Focus" and was trying to gain recognition and support for his new program. At the time it seem hopeless that the organization would take flight. But with the help of Focus on the Family, countless Christian leadership support, independent donations and countless hours from attorney's volunteering their time, ADF became a reality. Launched in 1994 by Bill Bright (founder, Campus Crusade for Christ), the organization has gone on to defend thousands of individuals in the areas of religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and marriage and the family.

If you need help or have any questions regarding the defending of your religious freedoms, ADF is here for you.

Defending Attacks on Religious Freedom

The Alliance Defense Fund is committed to keeping the door open for the spread of the Gospel by protecting your constitutional right to hear and speak the Truth. Together with its growing army of nearly 1,900 allied attorneys, ADF has defended attacks on religious freedom.

October 18, 2012

Alan Sears Present



Thank you Reverend Deacon Tom Davis and Elizabeth Rex for this wonderful opportunity and

privilege to speak with the students and guests at beautiful Holy Apostles.

I'll keep my remarks brief, at least less than the average class.

While it is said that, "Many speakers need no introduction - what they all need is a conclusion."

So each of us has a job to do tonight; mine is to talk and yours is to listen.

The challenge for me is to finish my job before you finish yours.

Seriously, I am truly honored to be here tonight, honored to address in the name of the Blessed

John Paul the II - you, my fellow followers of Christ in this age of much uncertainty, about some

of the defining issues of our time: the sanctity of life, bioethical issues, marriage, and the

struggle to preserve freedom of conscience and religious liberty.

The 19th century Russian writer, Fyoder Dostoevsky once wisely said: "If God is dead all

things are permitted."

My friends, we live in age -- particularly right now in history during a crucial election year -

where a political and legal battle wages about the law and the meaning of life: what it is,

when it begins, and what our responsibilities are to nurture and protect it -- or to extinguish

or prevent it.

Continue Defending Your Freedoms

Wakeup America

FEBRUARY 22, 2012

Six Lawsuits Now Filed Against Obama's HHS Mandate Share

By Susan Duclos

Heritage reports that two more lawsuits have been filed against the Obama administration over Obamacare's HHS mandate, by religiously affiliated organizations, added to the previous filed brings the total up to six.

That is not counting the dozen plus attorney generals for a variety of states that have already indicated they too will be filing court challenges against the so-called Contraception mandate that also includes forcing religious groups to offer insurance that covers sterilization and abortion induing drugs to their members.

Today, Geneva College, a private institution in Pennsylvania associated with the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, held a press conference announcing it has filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration over the mandate’s infringement on religious liberty.

READ MORE Alliance Defense Fund protecting your freedom


Edwin Meese Speak Out for The Alliance Defense Fund

Some of the Issues the ADF is involved with

* A young Christian photographer was reported to the New Mexico Civil Rights Commission, tried, found guilty, and ordered to pay nearly $7,000 in attorneys’ fees after she respectfully declined to photograph the "commitment ceremony" of a same-sex couple – despite the fact that neither same-sex "marriage" nor "civil unions" are legal in New Mexico.

* A licensed counselor in Georgia was fired after following her professional ethics and referring to a colleague a person seeking counsel for a same-sex relationship.

* A Methodist camp meeting association in New Jersey, which politely refused a request to host a same-sex couple’s “civil union ceremony” in its worship pavilion, now faces charges before the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights – charges that could force this religious organization to host these ceremonies, even though they directly conflict with its religious faith.

Blackstone Fellowship - helping the Alliance Defense Fund

"Freedom is first of all a responsibility before the God from whom we come". - Alan Keyes.

Protecting All American's Freedoms

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