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Empowering Amulets and Talismans

Updated on June 21, 2017

Talisman - an object (wood, crystal, metal, whatever wont degrade too quickly) that is charged with protective energy. If usually used to protect a place - like buried around your property or placed at windows or doors.

Amulet - an object that you can cary on a person as jewlery or in a pocket. - a small piece of wood, metal, crystal, or a small pouch of herbs sewn closed and kepts close - Native American Medicine ment used to make apouch with the herbs and add one or more of the above: metal, crystal, etc

Ward - a combination of talismans or signs (see below) lining an area to repell evil (you can actually make people want to turn away from a area with it, many use them at open rituals outdoors)

Visible Wards (not buried but displayed openly, like hung from trees, on the door, in windows, etc): *Crossed Sticks *Stone cairns *hanging amulets *mirrors *Dream-catcher like webs *Guardians up trees *Painted sheilds

HERBAL AMULETS & TALISMANS (**NOT TO BE EATEN) LOVE Apricot Pit; Brazil Nut; Chestnut; Cinnamon Stick; Cloves; Ginseng; Ginger Root; Figs; Peach Pit; Vanilla Beans MONEY Acorn; Almond; Cashew; Cedar; Chestnut; Cloves; Mint Sprig; Horse Chestnut; Ginger Root; MOss; Pine Cone HEALTH Acorn; Sunflower Seeds; Walnut HEALING Acorn; Cedar; Cinnamon stick; Cotton; Ginseng; Horse Chestnut; Mint Sprig; Pine Cone LUCK

Acorn; Bamboo; Cotton; Moss PROTECTION Acorn; Bamboo; Cotton; Cloves; Cedar; Ginseng; Mint Sprig; Mustard Seed; Pine Cone; PROSPERITY Almond; BANISHMENT

Mint Sprig; (exorcism) Cloves; Peach Pit; Pine Cone




Avocado Pit; Ginseng




Bamboo; Ginseng; Peach Pit; Sunflower Seeds; Walnut




Mint Sprig;


High John teh Conquer Root; WISDOM Almond; Mustard Seed; Sunflower Seeds MENTAL POWERS Mustard Seed; Sunflower Seeds; Vanilla Beans; Walnut DIVINATION Figs SUCCESS Cinnamon Stick; High John the Conquer Root; Ginger Root; LONGEVITY Peach Pit; Break a love spell : Pistachio nut As an AMULET you would sew a pouch and fill the pouch with the herbs you desired then keep the pouch attached (usually to your waist). As a TALISMAN or WARD you could put it in a witches jar or scatter them in bowls around the property or room, etc.

Woods good for protection: Ash, bamboo, bay, banana, elder, nuts, carob, cedar, coconut, cypress, dogwood, ebony, eucalyptus, hawthorn, hazel, holly, juniper, lime, linden, mimosa, mulberry, Norfolk island pine, oak, olive, pepper tree, pine, reed, roots, rowan, tamarisk, ti, willow

Stones good for protection: Agate, malichite, moonstone, serpentine, tiger's-eye, black onyx, rose quartz, boji stones, lodestone, obsidian, sapphier, turquise, amber, apache tear, calcite, carnelian, cat's-eye, chalcedony, chrysoprase, sitrine, coral, quartz crystal, diamond, emerald, flint, fossils, garnet, holey stones, jade, jasper, jet, lapis lazuli, lava, lepidolite, marble, mother-of-pearl, olivine, pearl, petrified wood, ruby, salt sard, sardonyx, staurolite, sulfer, sunstone, topaz, black or red tourmaline, clear or red zircon

Metal good for protection: gold, silver ,brass, lead, copper, iron

EMPOWERING the above for any purpose (healing, protection, pease, happiness, energy, whatever). I suggest all Empowerments be done within the circle as this produces the strongest and purest magicks. After Casting the circle, calling quarters and invoking deity, kneel or sit on the ground and ground and center. I'll hold the crystal in my hand and I visualize my intent.....if I'm going to a job interview = I visualize myself filled with confidence, concentration and charisma. If I need protection for myself = I visualize myself surrounded by a shield, pulsig with the strength of the gods. If I tend to get depressed = I visualize myself with uplifting energies; etc. Procedure: Holding the stone, sachet, talisman, poppet, whatever (although I usually vary my incantation based on what type I am empowering you can use this for all of the above) in both hands, sit comfortably. Ground and center. Envision the stone, sachet, talisman, whatever- glowing with the power of your purpose. Feel the energy coming from nature, the Gods and yourself - coming out of your hands and soaking into the stone. Say: "I empower you, (what you are empowering: type of stone, sachet, ward, whatever), in the name of Lord & Lady (or God/dess or Spirit) with (name purpose. ie-confidence, or healing or protection, whatever) with mine energy, and natures energy and the Lord & Ladies energy (or God/dess or Spirit), as long as you are in contact with my skin (in my pocket/purse, under my pillow, whatever) You will resonate with (purpose). As We will, so mote it be." - sprinkle with holy water - seal empowerment with an equal armed cross (visualize the glow soaking into the item and sealing as if the surface of the item became a type of skin to hold the energy.) - It is now ready for use. If using a stone for healing or to receive a boot of energy or what not I suggest re-charging by re-doing the above empowerment with regularity (think of it like a battery that starts to drain the moment it is made). If it is a Poppet or Sachet or Dream Pillow I suggest tearing it open then burning or burying all the contents, once you believe the goal has been reached or you don't want it working in the same manner as before.


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