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Updated on July 24, 2013


All ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS (Mayas, Aztecs, Incas, Greeks, etc.) left their WISDOM written in MYTHS, paints, sculptures and art. The study of the myths of the great ancient civilizations can help us to understand our modern civilization.

Many people do not wonder what the meaning of THE MYTH, SYMBOLS are. The ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS had a wonderful WISDOM; but usually people admire their paintings and sculptures or their architecture. They enjoy traveling and they take pictures with the pyramids or by a temple and they run to tell their friends about their travel and how much fun they had; but that is all.

All great civilization had wisdom for small elite. Not every one was able to understand those teachings that belong to the kings, priests and the people with a great status.

The Aztecs, for example, had a special school for those who wanted to be priest. Not everyone was able to finish those studies; but whoever did was called QUETZALCOATL (Feather Serpent) in honor to their main god. So Quetzalcoatl was a title (AS Buddha Is) of the highest level of wisdom and spirituality to get.

That symbol (The plumed Serpent) can be found in Greek, Egypt, India, and Asia and so on.

If that symbol was so important for the ancient civilizations then we have to understand the meaning as well as other symbols and meanings of the great cultures that once were giving light to the our beautiful planet.

It is the porpoise of this lens to explain and clarify some symbols and meanings of ancient civilizations. We could not explain all symbols and meanings in one single article, but we will get other lenses to explain more of the ancient wisdom.

We can explain, for example, the meaning of Horus' Eye. It represents awareness and the capacity to see what is beyond of human reasoning.

The serpent has a double meaning: One positive and the other negative. It depends on the way it is used. Please read my lens: THE SYMBOL OR MEANING OF THE SERPENT.

The end of the Mayan Calendar has a meaning too, please go to my lens: THA MAYAN CALENDAR AND THE END OF THE WORLD IN 2012. Please check (FEATURE LENSES) below..



The cross of the Egyptians (The Ank) is a symbol of fertility, but a symbol of love too. Some Christians see in the cross a symbol of death, but it is a symbol of resurrection. Osiris was the God of resurrection and he is depicted with the "X" cross and the Ank.

Isis represents Mother Nature and the mysteries which not a regular person can see.

Thor, the God of the thunder, has a magic and powerful hammer. This hammer is the symbol of action and therefore of will. The one who has the hammer of Thor is unstoppable! Can anyone stop the one who does not stop in front of the problems and as a hero or warrior defeats every obstacle?

Greek mythology always telling us the need of real heroes and brave warriors to confront real life problems. Those mythical sons of Zeus represent the real heroes who have the blessing from above.

Krishna and his flute make me remember the MAGIC FLUTE by Mozart. That flute is the power of sound, the power of vibration. Words can build or destroy a life. WE must learn to play the perfect harmony of the universe as Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Vivaldi and others.

MORE? ...Yes! Below.


Mayan's myths are not easy to understand; but Greek, Nordic and Egyptian myths are easier to explain.

Mayas' language is more complex and so are their myths. Mayas were able to depict abstract ideas in a very complex way. The Mayan and Aztec codex have many abstract ideas depicted in paintings and are not to be understood with a classical method.

The Popol Vuh from Guatemala (Maya-Quiche) depicts the creation of the planet in a similar way to many different cultures. It is amazing to find the same symbols around the planet in different cultures and in different times. By the way, Popol Vuh means: The book of the congregation. A congregation is a group of people. So, we can translate Popol Vuh as: The people's book. This book relates the creation of the world and its beginning.


Ometecuhtli (Lord Two or Two God) and Omecihuatl (Lord Two's wife) crated the first man TLAKE NAHUAKE, which means "Close and together" because he was close and together with Ometecuhtli. But no other person was there (Just like the Biblical Adan). Tlake Nahuake was living alone on the planet. One day he saw a field of beautiful flowers. They were amazingly beautiful. He got five of them; the most beautiful he saw! He felt love for the pretty flowers and he went to sleep putting them on his chest.

OMETEOTL (Ometecuhtli and Omesihuatl) saw how much love Tlake Nahuake had for those flowers. So, they took those five flowers and, from them, they made a woman called MAKUIL XOCHITL (Five flowers). Obvioulsy this woman was the same Biblical Eve made by god when Adam was sleeping. . When the first man, came back from the world of dreams, saw the first woman they loved each other. As you think, eventually they were eject from the Garden.

MAKUIL XOCHITL, Five flowers, represents the five virtues (According to the Aztecs) that all women are supposed to have: GRACE, TENDERNESS, MOTHERHOOD, ABNEGATION AND MODESTY.


The Earth was empty and a big ocean was on it. It was THE LAKE TITICACA. The Sun came out from it and he made the stars and the moon. He took the moon as his wife and made people from rocks. The question is: Why from rocks? Here is where understanding the ancient wisdom helps to understand the reason. The rock was an ancient symbol of hard work (Rocks are not easy to sculpt) and it reminds us the PHILOSOPHER STONE, from the Alchemists.

In other words, the meaning of those people made of rock represents how hard it is to create real human beings. Remember: According to the Mayas the gods had to make several creations until they got the real men.

Then humans forgot to help each other and to be thankful for what they had (This look very similar to modern days, no?). So the Sun God punished them, so they could reflect and change. People did not change, so he changed them into monkeys!

This is a very interesting point because the Mayas said something really similar. In THE POPOL BOOK, Chapter three, written is that after the great flood some people became monkeys and that is the reason why they are so similar to humans.


By the way, the tales of A GREAT FLOOD is all over the planet. Every single culture speaks about it. Coincidence?



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    • culwisdom profile image

      culwisdom 4 years ago

      @Cynthia Haltom: YOU ARE VERY WELCOME :)


    • Cynthia Haltom profile image

      Cynthia Haltom 4 years ago from Diamondhead

      I never knew this information about the Mayan and Aztec cultures thank you for the info.

    • culwisdom profile image

      culwisdom 4 years ago

      @takkhisa: I AM GLAD TO KNOW THAT :)

      THANK YOU.

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      Enjoyed reading this lens! :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Very interesting lens! I'm fascinated by Mayan and Aztec culture, as well as the Inca civilization and ancient Egypt and Rome. I'll be checking out many more of your lenses as I'm able!

    • culwisdom profile image

      culwisdom 6 years ago

      @JohanVanGeyt: Thanks JohaVanGeyt.

      I just fixed the spelling. Thanks for that too! :)

    • JohanVanGeyt profile image

      Johan 6 years ago from Belgium

      Very nice lens culwisom. (by the way, there is a little typing error in your title "MSYHTS ")