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Real Angels Caught on Tape - Supernatural Encounters and Sightings

Updated on August 1, 2014

Real Angel Sightings Caught on Tape

Have you had an encounter with angels? There are thousands of people who have! A handful have even caught them on tape with inspiring stories to tell. Angel sightings must truly be special and it's so reassuring to know they're around! Did you know that the Bible mentions them over 300 times? Three of them are mentioned by name - the archangels Michael and Gabriel, and Lucifer who fell from Grace during his bold rebellion. The existence of angels is rooted in Scripture and that's all the proof that I need.

Here are my favorite videos on YouTube - angelic encounters at their best! While I do not vouch for their authenticity, they are still such a thrill to watch. In fact, I never downplay a supernatural experience no matter how far-fetched it seems. Who knows, I could be next, no wait, it could be you!

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Our Celestial Chaperones

Angels Accompany Our Souls to Heaven

The Lord does not desert us in the afterlife. It is widely believed that when we die, angels accompany our souls to heaven. Isn't that a privilege? It reminds me of a royal visit where the king dispatches his hand-picked officials to greet us at the airport. Luke 16:22 confirms this. I've read numerous accounts of people dying who have seen their heavenly escorts.

Angels Caught on Tape Escorting Soul

This amazing video reaffirms my belief in the afterlife. The home-going will be majestic!

Angel Sighting in Israel

The fiery angel caught on camera appears to be escorting tourists through Israel.

God's Ministering Spirits

Our Guardians and Our Protectors

We all have guardian angels and though they may not show-up on tape, the Bible confirms they're there. There is this beautiful video that I'm about to share with you. It's about a young girl dying of pneumonia who was visited by an angel. Miraculously, she began to recover. What an awesome turn of events! Jesus himself had meetings with angels. Remember the Agony in the Garden? An angel arrived to be with Christ to give Him peace and strength.

A Life-Saving Encounter With an Angel

Angel Saves a Man

I don't care if this is real or not. The tape gives me a good sense of angelic intervention. Have you been in a situation on the road where you nearly got hit by a bus or a truck? I have, and have often wondered how I escaped!!

True Stories About Angels

Angels Are for Real: Inspiring, True Stories and Biblical Answers
Angels Are for Real: Inspiring, True Stories and Biblical Answers

I could sit for hours and hours, reading about the spiritual realm and the supernatural. That's why I love this book about angels.

True to the Bible and beautifully written it has everything you'd want in a book about real-life angelic encounters.

It would make a great gift too - particularly for someone who could use some inspiration.


Have You Heard the Angels Sing?

The Bible tells us that the angelic host are always worshipping God. Can you imagine what it must be like in Heaven where there is non-stop worship? If you're a worship leader and you think your team is good, you'll have to agree that nothing can compare to the worship team up there. The next video from Youtube claims to capture angels singing. I've heard it several times and I have to admit I'm convinced.

Angels Singing Caught on Tape

This is one of my favorites. Seven members of a choir get together for practice only to discover that they're joined by thousands of angels. The song is "Hallelujah" and it is fascinating to listen to.

My Dad's Supernatural Encounter

My dad once told me a story about an experience he had many years ago in the prayer room of the church. Two of his friends and the head-pastor were praying when one of them saw something strange. He noticed three tall figures dressed in white exiting the prayer room and when he chased after them to see who they were, no one was in sight. The head-pastor said it was a manifestation of the Trinity. Or could they have been angels? They arrived when the group was struggling to pray. I love to hear these stories because they're born out of real-life experiences.

Messengers From Above

Perhaps the most important and well-known message from God was when Gabriel broke the good news to Mary - that a Savior would be born and that He would be called Emmanuel! Throughout the Scriptures, angelic messengers have carried God's message far and wide. But apart from Gabriel and the angelic host, we are special messengers too! We have a duty to spread God's love and win-over souls for Christ.


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Cloud formations fascinate me, quite like this one. Do you spot something curious in it? In the meantime, here's a question to think about. Are all formations coincidental or are some of them signals from God?

Angelic Cloud Formations - ~ The Archangel Michael or Gabriel? ~

Have you thought about all the messages that these magnificent cloud formations could be conveying? Perhaps, they're there to reassure us or to warn us of something to come.

Angel Sightings Around the World

No place on the face of this Earth is out of the reach of angels. In the next tape, you'll see sightings from places like Korea, Russia and the United States. They've been spotted in places like Indonesia too. Whether they're angels or UFOs, one cannot confirm, but it all depends on what you believe in. Spiritual warfare is raging in the heavens and these angels on tape could be raring for battle.

Armies of Angels Caught on Tape?

Angel sightings don't get bigger, unless you're in Heaven living among them.

What Do You Think?

What Were These Sightings in the Videos?

See results

Real Angel in the Sky on Tape?

Wow - what is this - an angel in the sky?

More Real Angels Caught on Video

Beautiful pictures that inspire hope, faith and a sense of security in the name of Jesus (Creator of the angels)

Here's Another One - What is it? - ~ Real Angel Caught on Cam or.... ~

It looks like an angel to me, but what do you think it is?

Names of Angels in the Bible

Not all of the angels mentioned in the Bible are named but I believe in my heart of hearts that God has a name for every one of them. The angels named in the Bible are the archangel Michael (Daniel 10:13), Gabriel (Luke 1:19) and Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12). There is another angel mentioned in Revelation 9:11 and his name is Abaddon. According to this scripture verse, this is the angel of the Abyss. Many confuse him with Satan but it is more likely that he is a high-ranking servant in the latter's evil scheme.

Have You Had a Supernatural Encounter? - ~ ~ Share it With Us and Encourage the World ~ ~

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    • PinoyWitch profile image

      Jude Ian 8 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

      That video Armies of Angels Caught on Tape is really interesting. I always believed back in ancient times people used to call them warring gods or angels in the skies and now we call them aliens or UFO, heck even superheroes. Maybe they're one and the same, or not..who knows for sure. I had an (okay lets call it Angelic)encounter when I was ten after my mom's funeral. My dad and I slept on the living room and from where I was I can get a clear view of my parent's bedroom..In the middle of the night I woke up and saw a little girl with short hair standing in the bedroom wearing a long white robe with her back to me, and upon seeing this figure the bedroom was very bright as if the lights are on..But thing is all the lights in our house are always off when we go to bed and only me and my dad are staying in the house at that time, our relatives went back home. I just went back to sleep covered in blanket after that. Maybe it was stress, or maybe I was dreaming but the experience was way too vivid to be such.

    • Loretta L profile image

      Loretta Livingstone 3 years ago from Chilterns, UK.

      Some months before my dad died, he kept hearing singing in his ears. doctor said it was tinnitis, but Dad said it sounded so beautiful that he thought it was angels, i guess we won't know which it was until we meet again. I have just written a fictitious story about an encounter with an angel, myself.