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What other books have not been included in the Bible?

While browsing through the internet I always come across article heading with "Hidden bible books" that were not included in the bible, some of the books were were not included because they were written by women. I guess with this post I`m trying to ascertain whether that is the truth or not, I also saw something like that while reading "Manuscript Found In Accra" by Paulo Coehlo on the introduction or foreword of the book. Are there books that were hidden and not included in the bible? and if that`s the truth, Why were they not included? apparently there 16 hidden bible books.


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Larry Wall says

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2 years ago
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    Mthokozisi Nkosi 2 years ago

    Hi, Larry

    I do get your point here. Thank you. Could it be that they were not added because they are about the same message?

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