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Fruit for thought, maybe the Christian god is a demons and the real gods are the Anti Christs.

According to bible, anything that is none Christianity is Anti Christ. Including PagenGods, Confucius, Buddhism, human right activist speaking against church. Yet, powerful Pagen Rome fall right after converting to Christian, Europe remain dark ages, till science triumph over church. Today, Christian faithful Central&South America is weak, dirty & backwards, as dark ages. None religious US&western Europe are prosper. None religious Russia, despite poor, was powerful during cold war(still retain some power). NoneChristian Asia, was powerful till late 19 century, now China is threat again


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RLWalker LM says

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2 years ago
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    peter565 2 years ago

    Well some Catholic are spreading online that god is going to destroy the US for legalizing gay marriage soon. If they are telling truth, I think we better convert to anti Christ gods ASAP, so the anti Christ gods would protect us :D