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What if you were a 4 dimensional painting?

...and you only thought that you were alive and thinking and doing things in an apparently constantly changing 3 dimensional universe with a forward time flow, when infact your entire sense of existence, yourself and the universe, was just a painting by a being in the fourth dimension, and the temporal nature of time was akin to how an artist expresses a 3 dimensional object on a piece of paper. You were just an artificially constructed entity. Even this very realization. Everything you ever thought you did or that happened anywhere to anyone. That you simply did not exist at all.


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Oztinato says

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2 years ago
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    RLWalker LM 2 years ago

    Well I'vei never done LSD or watched the twighlight zone. Thanks for your perspective.

    I wonder what would be your thoughts on Platos allegory of the cave. Maybe he was schitzo.

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