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Would u think it make sense to start worshiping Lucifer as the real god, after reading this?

In ancient Egypt myth, jealous demon Set, killed the beloved good King that bring peace and prosperity. Set then hold dictatorship over the land, demand all to worship, serve and love him only and kill those who refuse. Under Set's rule the world fall to horror, till the God Horus came and defeated Set and established a new monarch and order to return peace, order and prosperity. Later, Set worshipers left Egypt its cult become Judaism, Christianity and Islam, so Christianity demand worshiping its god as only true god and to serve him, made Horus Lucifer, changing story ending to Set won.


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AF Mind says

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6 months ago
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    peter565 6 months ago

    But the plot twist is Ishtar is Horus'(Lucifer's) mother, according to mythology. In Egypt she was known as Isis, till, become known in Ishtar in Babylon.

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