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Apply the Universal Law of Attraction

Updated on July 9, 2015

Attract Your Magical LIfe

Learn how to attract the things you want in your life, not the things you don't want. But practising the Universal Law of Attraction, anything and everything is possible. It's all up to you!

I believe that I can have and create anything at any time. Enjoy this lens and put the Universal Law of Attraction to work for you! Create the magical life that you want to have.

Here are some tips for those of you already applying the Universal Law of Attraction and for those of you who want to apply it. It's all about thinking about the things that we want, and not the things that we don't want. Thoughts become things.

Lighten Up and Love to Laugh

One of the most uplifting movie scenes ever is when Mary, Bert, Jane and Michael visit Uncle Albert in the Disney classic film, Mary Poppins. In this scene, Uncle Albert declares, “I love to laugh, loud and long and clear.”

As he sings, he begins to laugh and as he laughs he begins to float towards the ceiling.

Bert advises the children to “keep a straight face,” as the last time Uncle Albert went soaring, it took “three days to get him down.”

Of course, Bert starts to crack up at the mere thought of it and the children readily join in. Mary tries to settle things down without success. Soon, all but Mary are singing, laughing, and floating about, having the best time.

The more I laugh, the more I fill with glee
And the more the glee
The more I'm a merrier me”

“Laughter is the Best Medicine” is a popular section in the Reader’s Digest magazine, and both the magazine and Uncle Albert may be on to something.

While you may not float to the ceiling, there is scientific evidence that not only does laughing feel good, but it’s good for you and provides many health benefits.

Does the laughing actually heal you? Perhaps, but maybe the laughing just raises your vibration and that’s what allows the healing to happen. Either way, laughter can be a great catalyst for your health.

Many people claim they actually get the same benefits from laughing as they do from a mild workout. How can this be?

The muscles in your face and body actually stretch as you laugh. You breathe faster and your pulse quickens. More oxygen moves through your bloodstream into your brain and your body. These are real physiological benefits to laughing.

Studies have shown that people who laugh frequently have an improved immune response, lower blood sugar levels, and get better sleep. Many people with serious illnesses such as cancer and diabetes have reported improved health and overall feeling better when they watch funny movies or television shows.

So strong is the belief that laughter is good for that, that comedy clubs have sprung up around the world. Because, as Bert and the children demonstrated, laughter is contagious. Surrounding yourself with others and laughing together can make it easier to stay grounded. Groups can be especially helpful if you’re feeling isolated or depressed because you feel the benefit of the higher vibration in the group.

The good news is that you don’t have to even think of anything funny to get the benefits, or even feel like laughing. Just start with the idea that you are going to laugh, even if not for real. Fake laughter is actually a great starting point.

The body reacts with fake laughter in much the same way as a genuine belly laugh. As your energy rises with this fake laugh, you feel lighter and begin to laugh for real. This is definitely a case where the principle of “faking it until you make it” works. With practice, you can move from fake laughing to real laughter quickly.

When you raise your vibration, you open yourself to more positive experiences. Laughter is then a tool to raise your vibration in order to attract more of what you want into your life.

Teaching Kids How to Deal with Anger

No one enjoys being around a child who is having a tantrum, but face it, tantrums happen. As a parent, you can teach your kids healthy ways to deal with this type of anger. You can be a model for how to handle intense feelings in ways that empower everyone.

Western society often teaches that intense emotions are bad, especially when it comes to boys.

In some families, it is only the so-called “negative” emotions such as anger or sadness that are bad. In other families, displaying any emotion, even joy, is discouraged.

Yet, human beings have emotions. They can’t be turned off and everyone has them. They’re not bad or good. They just are, and we have to teach kids to deal with them.

Emotions are indicators of whether or not what is going on around you is pleasing to you or not. For example, unhappy emotions that accompany the death of a loved one are negative emotions that will eventually occur, and this can be at a very young age.

Losing a favored grandparent or a pet, for example, can be devastating for a young child. They don’t understand death and dying. All they know is that they’ll never see their beloved again. You must help them to learn how to deal with the grief that accompanies that loss.

If you help kids to think of their emotions as part of their Internal Guidance Systems, they can learn to recognize what caused the negative feelings and learn how to overcome them. Anger is sometimes an emotion adults can’t contain, and it’s probably because they were never taught to deal with that emotion as children. It’s a reaction caused by frustration, so learning how to deal with frustration is important, too.

And sometimes negative feelings won’t dissipate overnight. Kids need to be aware that there is a process when it comes to ridding ourselves of negative emotions, and see that no matter what those emotions are, they will end – later that day, tomorrow, or maybe longer, but they will go away.

Some adults are so uncomfortable expressing or even experiencing their feelings that they do everything possible to avoid having to deal with feeling bad. For some, this involves drinking or taking drugs; it can drive people to overeat, to spend money frivolously, or to participate in other risky behaviors.

Feeling happy is great, and we all want to feel happiness, but life isn’t all puppies and roses. Kids need to understand that, and as parents, we need to be aware of how we’re teaching our kids to deal with emotions they’re feeling, good or bad.

When a child is crying, you need to figure out why. When they’re tiny babies, it’s most likely because they need food, a diaper change, or attention. Those situations are easily solved. But when they’re older and crying, dealing with the situation at hand must be done with love and care, not by matching or providing opposite emotions. No one wants smiles and happy platitudes when they’re feeling bad about something.

Respond to your child’s negative emotion with love, in a calm peaceful way, so that your child can feel the comfort he or she was looking for and calms down much more easily. They will also learn that even when they’re experiencing intense feelings that they’re having difficulty coping with, they are both loved and loveable.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People

You are constantly evaluating the events that happen in your life whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. Your tendency is then to label the events as negative/bad or as positive/good. If you find yourself in a string of “bad” events or experience something that has a large negative emotional impact on you, you might often wonder why this is happening.

You might ask yourself “What did I do to deserve this?” and “Why do bad things always happen to me?”

Yes, “bad” things happen to all of us. It’s part of life. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or that you have done anything wrong.

“Negative” events form your life by providing contrast. This contrast gives you the opportunity to choose the direction you want to take your life.

In the end, the events might not actually be negative or bad -- they were just points of contrast and possibly turning points in your life. Without these events, you might continue on the same path, never feeling the need to change.

Although going through a job loss or divorce is typically not fun, many people will cite those pivotal moments as the beginnings of much happier lives. This truly points out how it is not the events themselves that are good or bad, but your reactions to them are the important thing.

If you listen to your Internal Guidance System (IGS) in even the most extreme situations, you can turn a bad situation into something better. Some may deem this making lemonade when given a bushel of lemons. While that isn’t a bad idea, it still takes loving intention and the right type and amount of sweetener to make a drink that isn’t too tart.

Your IGS is love and it will guide you, so you make lemonade just to your liking. Or perhaps lemon meringue pie.

On the 70th anniversary of D-Day, NBC aired a special show, “Brian Williams Reporting: Journey to Normandy,” which really brought this idea home. I doubt there are many people who would argue that war is “good,” but one of the American veterans interviewed for this show clearly demonstrated the power of contrast in everyday life.

A machine gunner and sharp shooter during the invasion, the twice-wounded soldier did what he was trained to do during the war. Having had enough of killing, Tommy MacDonnell chose not to re-enlist, opting to go to medical school instead. By listening to his IGS, “Dr. Tommy” went on to raise 8 children of his own and delivered thousands of babies as an OB/GYN.

When things get tough, take inspiration from Dr. Tommy -- pay attention to how you feel and listen to your IGS as it directs you to take actions. These actions will lead you to a much sweeter life.

Manifesting and the Art of Allowing

Once you have a desire, the Universe responds. Things will begin to manifest for you, but what gets so many people into trouble is that they forget that the Universe doesn’t work on their time table.

“Grant me patience: and give it to me NOW!”

Does this phrase sound familiar?

You’ve probably felt this way in the past, while maybe asking for a new car, a promotion at work, or to meet your soul mate.

Once you have decided you know what you want, you want it yesterday.

However, that isn’t how the Universe works. You can’t just have a Skype session with the Universe, calendar in hand and arrange for the desired event to happen as if you were scheduling an appointment to get your teeth cleaned.

While it is perfectly reasonable to ask for whatever your heart desires, once you ask, you have to let go and allow the Universe to act in its own time.

Just because you think you should meet your soul mate by June 1st so you can have the summer together, the Universe may know better. In order for the meeting to go off best, you may need some additional experiences under your belt first. So if June 1st comes and goes and you are still single, don’t think the Universe has forsaken you. Know that your request has been received and that it is being worked on.

If you asked for a promotion and someone else in the office got the job you hoped for, stay positive and know that you are destined for something even better.

You can start imagining what it feels like to already have what you want. Don’t think about not having met the right person yet, that you are living paycheck to paycheck, or that your car needs new tires --that is the past and puts a barrier between you and the new lover, job, or car.

Let go, believe, and have faith that the Universe will deliver what you want when the time is right. The Universe will deliver your heart’s desire to you when you are ready and when you allow it. It will happen in the perfect time. You will be ready, feeling good and feeling positive.

In the meantime, while you are feeling positive and open, pay attention to messages you get from your Internal Guidance System. If you feel inspired to do something, do it. This will move you closer to getting what you asked for. After all, just because the Universe delivers, doesn’t mean that it will necessarily be room service. You may have to be in a different place literally or figuratively in order to manifest your desire.

Law of Attraction Tools: Plant a Dream Box to Grow Your Desires

Many people are familiar with creating a Vision Board to manifest positive things into their lives. The movie “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” provides an example of another manifestation tool:

In this movie, a couple has been trying to have a child for years without success. When they are told by their doctor that they have exhausted all efforts, they are understandably dejected.

Over a glass of wine, they express their sadness and disappointment when suddenly the husband declares, “What if… What if, for one night… We had a child?”

They then begin to talk about the qualities their child has. Taking a small note pad, they write down a trait or draw a picture symbolizing that quality.

They are not merely scribes. They actually feel what it would be like having a child with these qualities, down to celebrating the scoring of a winning goal.

When they have a stack of wonderful traits, they gather them together and place them into a wooden box which they then bury in the garden.

This is not to suggest that if you create this dream box you will get the same results as the couple in the movie -- it is unlikely you will grow a child overnight in your garden.

Forgiving the movie fantasy, the premise is still an excellent one. By thinking about what you want with positive energy and acting as though you already have it, you can manifest your desires. It may not come about exactly the way you envisioned, but it will come to you nevertheless.

Consider creating your own dream box. Rather than randomly tossing in things you might like to have in your life, take the time and thoughtfully fill the box. You can write things down, draw pictures, or cut images from magazines, just like you would with a vision board. Feel what it feels like to have that item or experience as you place it in the box.

Consider the box. Don’t just rescue something from the recycling to hold your precious dreams. The box doesn’t have to be fancy, but do select something that feels good to you. It can be a simple cardboard box that you decorate, a wooden box, or even a glass vase--it doesn’t have to be a box in the literal sense.

You can bury the box in your yard as they did in the movie, like a time capsule to be opened at a future date. You can also place the box on a shelf in the closet, to be taken down when you feel like re-examining the contents years from now.

If looking at the container will fill you with positivity, then don’t bury it. Instead, place it in plain sight so that every time you look at it, you remember that you are ever-closer to manifesting your dreams.

Your Current Situation Does Not Determine Your Future

One of the most wonderful things about being human is that you can change the direction of your life at any given moment. Of course, not everyone agrees with this. There are people who believe that you are born into a given set of circumstances and that determines your future.

Fortunately, those people are wrong. The Law of Attraction teaches that your current situation does not determine your future.

You may have been born into a family with few financial means. Does that indicate that you must endure monetary hardship your entire life?

Certainly not.

Perhaps no one in your family ever went to college or even finished high school. That doesn’t mean that you cannot.

No matter where you are right now, no matter your age, your financial status, or your level of education, you can change that in the future. Your current situation is not set by your birth or family position. It is a result of your past thoughts, feelings, and actions.

How liberating is that? You are not a prisoner, condemned to a life of poverty, destined to follow in the footsteps of your parents and their parents before them. You actually can control your destiny by changing your negative thoughts, feelings, or actions.

This doesn’t mean that by thinking one positive thought, you are going to instantly have a different life. This isn’t Disneyland and there is no Fairy Godmother with a magic wand to grant your wishes. It is actually better than that because you don’t have to wait for her to show up. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you have and have always had the power to do whatever you want.

Are you thrilled with your life? If not, what part of it would you like to change? In order to change the future outcome, you must change what you are doing in the present.

Have you limited yourself to certain types of work because that’s what your parents did? It doesn’t matter what the work is -- it could be menial labor or a working as a lawyer. If you are unhappy and unfulfilled with your employment, you can start to change that now and without running out and quitting your job this instant.

Start by shifting your thoughts and feelings about work and what you are capable of doing. Begin to accept that you are capable of other things. Believe that you deserve to work at something that brings you pleasure, and that you can find work that supports you and your family while bringing you satisfaction.

If you are new to applying the Law of Attraction, this may seem difficult at first. With your conscious emotional shift, you open up your life to the possibility of a very different future. You may be inspired to apply for a new job or ask for a raise. Your current boss may give you an exciting new project to work on that opens you up to new people and experiences. Whatever happens, you know the future is not predestined, but one of your own creation.

Sharon Ballantine, Your Law of Attraction Life Coach

The Universal Law of Attraction: Is That All There Is?

The Universal Law of Attraction is a very popular topic these days since the movie The Secret, but are all people manifesting what they truly want in their lives?

The answer is: No.

Despite the volumes of information available on the Universal Law of Attraction, many people are not interested or are going about manifesting what they want in the wrong ways.

We will focus a bit on the Universal Law of Love because this Universal Law sets the stage for the law of attraction to work.

The Universal Law of Love is not about romantic love. Universal Love is the building block of all things. Universal Love is the glue that holds the universe together. It is the cause and effect of all creation.

Everything springs from unconditional love and returns to the same. It is the most balanced form of energy. It allows you the freedom to be who you really are inside rather than what other people think you should be. Universal Love never imposes anything on anyone.

The Universal Law of Love is about loving yourself -- accepting yourself for who you really are. Once you can accept yourself and love yourself unconditionally, then you can begin to truly find the positive in yourself, in others and in life.

It is then that you begin to truly understand the power and how to practice and apply the Universal Law of Attraction within your life.

Universal Love frees you from worrying about how others perceive or experience you. Once you understand and embrace the Universal Law of Love, you will no longer fear the reactions of others. You will not let others tell you how to live your life.

When you live the life of your dreams, you are living your real internal self. When you are free to be your real self, then you will have abundance and happiness. You will be able to find and stay in your highest place, as your highest self.

When you are in balance and you have the power of unconditional love, you hold the keys to changing your circumstances. The Universal Law of Attraction will work more effectively for you when you can remain in that place of happiness and heighten your vibrational energy.

Universal love means acceptance and joy for who you are. That translates into the ability to use the Law of Attraction more effectively. Universal love makes it easier to intentionally focus on positive things and let go of negative thoughts.

Apply the Law of Attraction and Paint the Life of Your Dreams

When learning to apply the Law of Attraction to create the life of your dreams, it is best to use generalized specifics. That may sound like an oxymoron, but the Universe reacts to our vibrations. We want to send out the vibrations that are in tune with our desires, but we do not have to know all the details of the desired experience.

Let’s use painting as an analogy for this idea.

Feelings can be quite complex, with many different layers, just like a painting. Sometimes our emotions are crystal clear and easy to understand.

At other times, our emotions are confused, fuzzy, and muddied.

Paintings can also be clear and easy to grasp, or on the flipside, can be complicated with lots of intersecting lines.

Objects within the painting can have soft edges that blur into one another, making them hard to tell apart.

The best way to consciously manifest our desires is to paint the vibrational picture appropriately.

We can create a super-realistic painting or photograph, with every detail in place. While that may be a beautiful work of art, it may not be the best way to manifest what we want. If we visualize every single detail, then we severely limit what can come back to us.

We may get the picture we have “painted,” but it will probably take longer, and it is possible that something that would have been even better for us eludes our grasp because we were so literal in our visualization.

On the opposite end of the art spectrum, there are abstract paintings. They are filled with pure emotion, without imagery to get in our way.

This may not be quite enough detail for the Universe to give us what we want, partly because it is too difficult to interpret what we want in the first place. This is the equivalent to saying “I want to be happy” without determining what sorts of things make you happy. You may get lots of experiences to be happy with, but you might not feel satisfied by them because they are too vague and not specific.

The ideal painting is somewhere between realism and abstraction. When visualizing your soul mate, rather than their exact image, focus on the qualities you want them to have and the experiences you want to have together. Focus on how you want to feel with him. Give lots of attention to the feelings and specific experiences; enough that you have some actual picture of what makes them unique and why this person is right for you.

The Universe will respond to what is best for you if you give some guidance, but also leave some of the canvas blank. You may think that you are destined to end up with a significant other that has black hair and blue eyes—but if you leave those details out of the painting, you leave yourself open not only to that person, but also to a wonderful fiery redhead to sweep you off your feet.

The Law of Attraction and Attracting Positivity

According to the law of attraction, we are all made up of energy. Our thoughts are able to direct the course of that energy. Sometimes it is positive and other times it is negative. One of these thought types can become dominant in each of us.

It is not set in stone, however. A person with predominately positive thoughts can transition to one with predominately negative thoughts and vice-versa with practice and by being deliberate in redirecting thoughts.

Those people with predominately good thoughts produce positive energy. This positive energy is able to attract positive things to their lives because whatever we emit is what we will attract.

For example, if you ask for a promotion believing that you will receive it, you will get the promotion.

If you are ill, yet believe you will be better when you awake in the morning, you will awake to feeling better.

Examples could be shown for any aspect of your life, despite any common misconceptions and beliefs.

Not all people naturally think positively, but everyone has equal chances of living a positive life.

Negative things can and will happen in all our lives. Many people feel downtrodden and depressed when these things happen. Bad events tend to generally affect us more. One negative thought can easily spiral into more and more until that is all we have left. It eventually becomes a conglomeration of negativity that some feel unable to escape from. Few are aware of the effects this can have. But this can all be turned around.

If you assume you will only get sicker instead of getting better, you will only get sicker. If you believe you will be turned down for a promotion, you will be. Nothing positive can come to people with negative thoughts. This is because their energy is predominately negative, which attracts negative energy instead of positive.

It all boils down to the most basic rule of the law of attraction. Like forces attract one another. Therefore, positivity will attract positive or “good” things into your life. Negativity thus attracts the exact, undesirable opposite. Once you understand how positivity and negativity can affect your life, you will be able to take more control over it.

Universal Law of Attraction Results in Life Transformation

Author Louise Hay is considered by many to be the mother of positive thinking. According to Louise, "The law of attraction is that our thinking creates and brings to us whatever we think about. It's as though every time we think a thought, every time we speak a word, the universe is listening and responding to us."

Negativity can hold us back from obtaining the things we want in life. When we put ourselves down, or when we do not believe we are good enough to have the things we want, the universe hears and returns the same energy to you.

You can begin to transform your life by staying positive. Begin by using affirmations and focus on things that you feel really good about. If that is difficult, think of just one thing you truly like about yourself, no matter how small or insignificant you think it is.

Learn to love yourself, your life, your family. Focus on things like enjoying every day. Plant seeds of positivity. Things may not transform completely for you right away, but if you tend to your thoughts in the same way you care for a garden, you will begin to manifest different things in your life. You will start to see small changes, small transformations in the way you approach life and the expectations you hold.

As you nurture these seeds of positivity, you may begin to recognize your motivation more clearly. When we are motivated out of fear and negativity, we continue to attract things that we may not want in our life. If you are asking for things out of a feeling of desperation, you will only attract back to yourself more desperate situations.

The good news is that once you get a handle on your motivations, you can begin to ask for things you really want from a place of joy and gratitude. You will feel more gratitude for what you do have in your life.

Even desperate situations provide gifts-maybe the situation teaches you something about yourself or strengthens your resolve in some way. These are things you can be grateful for. Once you begin to accept the gifts inherent in every situation you begin to focus on the positive elements and then you are open to receive the positive gifts the universe has to offer you.

Transformation does not happen overnight. It takes constant effort to find and stay in your place of joy and to eliminate negative thinking for good. Like a patient gardener, if you begin to prune the negative thoughts away and nourish the positive thoughts, you will be able to transform your life and have the things you really want.

The Universal Law of Attraction: Resistance and Objective Evaluation

Before you can begin modeling and teaching your children the Universal Law of Attraction you must be in control of your own energy source. Living in that place of peace and harmony will keep you grounded.

The most important thing to realize about parenting is that it is simply one aspect of your life and like any other aspect of your life, the Universal Law of Attraction works in exactly the same way. Unfortunately, we often lose sight of what we need to do because we allow ourselves to get so tangled up in emotions and reactions to behaviors we don't want.

The key to successfully integrating the Universal Law of Attraction into parenting is to make the time to intentionally focus on what you want to happen during the time you spend with your children, and what you intend to happen with each interaction.

Use the following to guide your meditation, and creative visualizations each day, to help focus in on your intentions and stay in alignment:

* Focus on what type of interaction you want with your children today.

* Intend to act towards your children with love, openness, and using positive words.

* Identify and intend to feel what you want to experience this day.

* Connect with those feelings before interacting with your children.

* If you encounter resistance, stop, go deeper within yourself, and reconnect and realign with your place of happiness and joy.

Overcoming resistance isn't always easy, but by stopping, letting go, and then refocusing, you can bring your thoughts and feelings into alignment. Often our fears get the most of us so it is also helpful to acknowledge and then intentionally focus on removing the fear. Instead, invite in the possibility of wonderful things happening in your interactions with your children.

We talk often about being role models for our children, and it is no different when you apply the Universal Law of Attraction. When you are in your place of happiness and joy, and you are aligned. Your actions and words will model the right behavior and responses from your children.

It can be very helpful to sit down at the end of the day and identify those things you were able to manifest and those things that perhaps did not work out the way you had planned. Observe your own behavior objectively. Did you display behaviors that your children sent back to you?

For example, did you speak in a mean tone, or scream at a high level? Think about how your children might have perceived from what you told them. Look at your actions and your children's reactions. Learn from the daily review and take one thing from your review that you want to change for the next day. Intentionally focus on that for your next discussion.

Consistent reflection and evaluation is one of the best ways to truly identify precisely how you want to parent. Identifying and understanding the things you don't want will bring clarity to the things you do want. Once you are completely clear on what you do want and intentionally maintain focus on those things, you will begin to manifest them, and you will see the Universal Law of Attraction at work.

Digging Deep: Unearthing Limiting Beliefs

When I was a child I believed I could do anything. In fact, I could fly in my dreams. I really flew. I felt it, I lived it, and no one could convince me that I couldn't fly for many, many years. I am only sorry I let others convince me I couldn't fly because that was the beginning of developing a set of logical rules that limited my thinking, my faith, and my life.

A favorite phrase my dad would use often when talking with me was "think about this logically." The fact of the matter is that as a child, I much preferred "magical thinking" or, in other words, I preferred trusting my own instincts or internal guidance system.

It freed me from the limiting beliefs of those around me. Now I know it was a way of freeing me from my own limiting beliefs. And, it worked. As a child, whatever I set out to do I succeeded at.

It wasn't until I became a teen that I started to listen to what I should and should not be able to accomplish.

How can we rid ourselves of limiting beliefs, and recapture the adventurous "can't fail" attitudes we are born with? The first step is to take responsibility and own what you do believe. List out everything you believe, whether it's positive or negative. Focus on specific situations you are currently facing and look as deep down as you can to identify what beliefs may be affecting the situation.

Are there negative, or limiting beliefs about yourself or what you are doing? They're the things causing you to encounter roadblocks to accomplishing your goals - assess them carefully.

As you identify negative or limiting beliefs, construct a positive affirmation that counters it and use those positive affirmations every day until you truly believe them, feel them, and start to live them.

As you confront a situation, check in with your internal guidance system. Listen carefully to your small voice and focus on feeling what is right at the moment. When you engage in a challenging situation, feel yourself through it rather than think yourself through it. Is what you are doing feeling good? If it is, continue. If it doesn't feel right, it will serve you to stop.

Take inventory and determine why your choice doesn't feel right. Maybe you do not truly believe in what you are doing, or you doubt your own ability to carry it out. Continue to dig until you unearth those beliefs that are interfering with your ability to create the reality you want.

Finally, focus on the joy of freeing yourself from beliefs that no longer serve you. When I finally started throwing away articles I saved but never used over a period of decades, I had a sudden sense of freedom and light that was invigorating. Fear and anxiety fell away. It is the same when we begin to throw away those thoughts and beliefs that we really do not need.

Those things that no longer serve a purpose in our life. When we reclaim our right to believe what we feel, rather than what others tell us, we reclaim that "can't fail" mindset and we claim our internal guidance system as the source of all knowledge. Through this knowledge, we can utilize the law of attraction to the fullest.

The Universal Law of Attraction: Mind Over Matter

How Your Mind Can Actually Make Your Life Different

The Universal Law of Attraction states that all matter is energy, and that like energy attracts like energy. The law teaches that our bodies and thoughts are energy that vibrates at different frequencies. All other things in the universe are also composed of energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Although a bit simplistic, the law says that the energy we give off through our thoughts bring things and circumstances into our lives that match the vibrational frequency of our thoughts. The things we attract may be good or bad. In essence, positive thoughts attract positive things and negative thoughts attract negative things.

In a very real way, the Universal Law of Attraction boils down to mind over matter.

Most people are frustrated with all the thoughts running around in their heads. How many times have you had racing thoughts you simply want to stop but can't, or negative thoughts you need to dismiss, but seem to be inextricably ingrained in your mind?

The Universal Law of Attraction helps you take control of your thoughts. With the aid of materials, tools, and coaching and mentoring, you learn to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings about happiness. Then, you're able to stick to positive thoughts and stay with the feelings that make you feel happy. Because our thoughts are energy, we have the power to put our minds over matter and create or attract into our lives what we want.

Positive changes in your thinking patterns, and your feelings, don't change overnight. It takes daily practice to notice how you are feeling, and make a new choice to let go of negative thoughts that creep in.

Our minds are very powerful, and you can learn to put your mind to manifesting the things you want in life. It is about limitless thinking, and shedding beliefs that do not serve or support the things we want in life. Positive thinking is the key to unlocking the power of your creative mind!

Focus is the tool we use to discipline and change the direction of our thoughts. Love is the root of our happiness.

Mind over matter is more than a phrase. It is real. It is the reason placebos often work. The strength of your beliefs and thoughts will influence your reality. That is one of the basic tenets of the Universal Law of Attraction.

Do Children Really Know Best?

When we teach our children that they can find the answers to their problems and concerns within other people and other things, we are reinforcing an illusion that is contrary to the natural laws of our Universe.

The universal truth is that the answers to each person's questions are found inside themselves no matter how young or how old the person is.

Let's face it -- most parents have their own ideas about what is right and reasonable for their children as well as what they believe their children should be exposed to.

It is important to guide your children, but instead of dictating what children should think and do, consider coaching and mentoring them to be aware of their internal guidance system or their IGS.

Keeping your child safe is critical, but allowing children to discover their own path -- mostly through trial and error -- but in time, by trusting their IGS is something different but equally important.

Teaching children to make their own choices, even when you don't agree with those choices, helps a child to refine and hone their IGS. How can you help your child to hone their IGS? Asking open-ended questions about a specific choice or incident provides a framework for your child to objectively think about their thoughts and feelings related to the choice.

Take for example the following situation: Let's say your son has decided to purchase a video game that you believe is too violent and a waste of his time. Encourage him to be aware of his feelings while playing the game. Ask him how the violence makes him feel.

What is it about the game that inspires him or makes him feel good? Why does he want to play this particular game? What will he learn by playing this game?

As your child thinks about the questions it will help him tap into his IGS and become more aware of his feelings and motivations.

As parents, we have a responsibility to set certain boundaries for our children, especially when it comes to issues of safety. However, it is important to take your child's feelings into consideration and involve them as much as possible in making decisions for themselves while teaching them to be aware of the consequences of their decisions.

Being aware of feelings and consequences are an important part of your child's learning to listen to his or her internal guidance system. It is a first step in developing and honing a strong IGS.

Steps to Practicing the Universal Law of Attraction

The Universal Law of Attraction has roots in science, religion, physics and morality. The Universal Law of Attraction basically describes how human beings interact with the Universe. One of the points of the Universal Law of Attraction is that we attract into our life things and events with the same vibrational frequencies as our internal energies.

So, if you can focus on positive thoughts and feelings, you will attract positive opportunities and experiences into your life and manifest the things you want.

So, what steps can you take to apply the Universal Law of Attraction to your life? The first thing is to realize what it is you desire most in your life.

Identify that one thing you are most passionate about having in your life. Once you know what you want, you ask the universe for it by setting goals and committing to making your desire the most important thing.

This may also mean committing yourself to specific tasks or actions to help manifest that desire.

Creative visualization and imagination are core elements of the Universal Law of Attraction. You need to be able to visualize or imagine the future state of your life -- the future state of what you want to create. Seeing it in your mind helps it to become your reality. Seeing the opportunities coming into your life and focusing on this, will help you achieve your goal.

Another important step in the Universal Law of Attraction is gratitude. It is important to be content with what you currently have in order to transform your future without any negative feelings. Look for simple things to be grateful for every day. Take time in the morning or evening to say a word of thanks for something that went well or for a good feeling you had during the day.

Be grateful for the good things in your life now, and even for those things that may not be as you want them, as it is important to be at peace with whatever it is you want to change.

The final step is to use your internal guidance system, which will allow you to take actions that make you feel good. If you are in alignment and you are feeling that sense of happiness and well-being, then you will be inspired to make decisions and take action to manifest your greatest desires.

What actions fit with your goals and move you closer to manifesting what you want in your life?

Go with those feelings and the actions your gut is encouraging you to go with. With your daily commitment to practicing the Universal Law of Attraction you will manifest the things you want most in your life.

Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction

Learning to Change Limiting Beliefs

When you make the choice to consciously work with the Universal Law of Attraction, it is vital to first understand how this law responds to the aspects of your life based on your beliefs, behaviors and emotions. Once you are able to understand your current situation and how the law of attraction is at work in your life, you can begin to make conscious choices to make these changes.

This will help you to manifest the things you truly desire to experience.

Changing your behaviors, perceptions and beliefs requires faith, dedication and practice.

Sometimes it may feel like easy work to you and at other times it may feel difficult.

In general, it can be a challenge for people to give up old, negative patterns of thinking that have served them well in the past.

When you decide to create real transformation in your life, there will be many things that need to shift and change. Creating what we want in our lives isn't always easy or fun.

The reality is, if you want to attract desired things into your life, you will have to let go of the negative thoughts, pain and self-destructive behaviors that have previously limited your thinking.

The best way to get started with the Universal Law of Attraction is having the willingness to clear feelings of doubt, fear or disbelief you have held to this point. Learning to let go of these feelings and take advantage of tools, such as creative visualization and meditation which open up the path to wanted manifestations. As you begin to let go, you will notice that you begin to experience miracles in the littlest of things.

Miracles you could not previously see and allow will begin to reveal themselves and appreciation will enhance and bring more of them into your experience.

You do not need to look any further than your own experience to see how the Universal Law of Attraction in working in your life. What are your spiritual beliefs? How do you look and feel about life? How abundant do you feel? What kind of environment are you living in? All of these things are directly related to your beliefs about your world and yourself, therefore will affect what you manifest.

Your thoughts are energy signals to the Universe.

Those signals attract like energy back from the universe. So, if you send out positive thoughts, positive energy will return to you and if your send out negative thoughts and negative energy you will attract the same.

You create your own reality and it is important that you understand and take responsibility for the direction your thoughts go in. That is the beginning of successfully transforming your life.

The Universal Law of Attraction-Awareness

Harness the Power of the Law of Attraction

Like gravity, the Universal Law of Attraction is a natural law. It is constantly at work in everyone's life whether or not we are aware of it. The key to harnessing the power of the law of attraction is to become consciously aware of it.

Before one can truly practice and apply the Universal Law of Attraction deliberately, one must become aware of it.

One must notice the law at work in your everyday life. Observe it objectively.

Once you gain awareness of how the law is at work in your daily life, you can begin to affect it with the power of your own thoughts and energy. By learning how to practice the basics of the law, you can begin to manifest what you truly want in your life.

We all have a certain unconscious awareness of the Universal Law of Attraction. Think about people you know. A person who gives out a lot of negative energy or perhaps anger generally gets back the same from everyone around them. Then there is that always happy-go-lucky, calm person who seems to have all the luck. Good things seem to follow that person.

When we begin to be aware of why these things happen, we are beginning to gain a conscious awareness of how the Universal Law of Attraction is at work in everyone's life, including our own.

When we start to focus on the energy we emanate through our own thoughts, words, and actions, we become aware of how our thoughts and actions are interacting with the Universal Law of Attraction.

Many people think that to manifest what they want, someone else has to lose out but that is in conflict with the Universal Law of Attraction. There is no shortage in the universe and what can be manifested is limitless. It is important to become aware of others as part of the complete energy field rather than as competitors.

Others provide connections that help us manifest what we want through our connectedness in the universal energy field.

Awareness helps us successfully use the Universal Law of Attraction and techniques to manifest what we want in life. Awareness helps us overcome our egos and let go of the limiting beliefs that interfere with receiving the abundant gifts the universe has to offer us.

Awareness is also the energy that moves us forward. It is that energy that connects our subconscious and conscious minds, and harmonizes our thoughts and actions so that we can fully harness the power of the Universal Law of Attraction.

I Want It and I Want It Now!

Controling How Fast Our Desires Are Created

We live in a world that is focused on immediate gratification. We come from an "I want it and I want it NOW!" society. Waiting is difficult and patience is not something we find easy when it comes to forming our goals for life. So, if we can manifest what we really want in life using the Universal Law of Attraction, can we also control how fast our desires are created?

We can if we don't stand in our own way. When we are in a rush to get something, it is too easy to miss the things that will help manifest what we want faster, and when we focus on lack that is what we will bring into our experience.

Too often we miss the things that are being attracted into our lives that will help us to get what we really want if we are focused on what we don't have.

When we are impatient, we try to find shortcuts, but often, the shortcuts turn out to be long cuts. It actually ends up taking more time to accomplish what we set out to do.

It is important to give the Universal Law of Attraction time to work in our lives. It's counter-productive to be stuck on what you believe will happen to you, and when it will happen. The Universe picks the times and places for all things to happen and many times, things happen in strange and unexpected ways - ways that you don't imagine. We have to be alert to these occurrences and be ready to accept them.

When you try to control these events, you are interfering with the energies within life itself, and instead of manifesting what you want, you can set yourself up for failure instead.

How does this occur? If things take longer than you expect to happen, little nagging thoughts can start to infiltrate those positive thoughts you want to manifest. Those negative vibes or thoughts can literally and figuratively wash away all the positive thinking and all the good things that have happened up to that point. This is because you have blocked off the information you are seeking, with negative emotion.

That is why it is important to really, truly believe that what you see in your life currently as a direct result of the energies you have been putting out there. One must come to terms and take responsibility for their current life and for the state of their future.

When one really believes in something, it works like a catalyst to stimulate your subconscious mind and attract all that you desire according to the universal law of attraction.

Don't set time restrictions. Instead, look for new and different things that are being attracted into your life and believe in your power to create and manifest the things you really want.

Inspiration Source: Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction says that what we focus on and feel are the things that we attract back to us. The word inspire comes from the Latin word meaning to breath upon or into.

When we inspire others we are living our highest self. When we are inspired, we expand what we know ourselves to be. We find new breath, and our soul and actions are in harmony.

Inspiration is something that comes from within ourselves. It is the thing or things that you feel passionately about.

Inspiration is having a clear picture and instinctively knowing and feeling exactly what we want in life.

When we take inspired action we are doing things because we really want to do them. It is the most positive action we can take.

The Universal Law of Attraction is all about focusing on the positive: positive thoughts of the things you really want in life. When we are inspired, positive thinking comes naturally because we are focusing on those things we feel most passionately about.

Sometimes we act out of motivation, but most often motivation comes from a negative association to things we want to avoid. For instance, we may be motivated to lose weight because we don’t want to die early, but thinking about dying early is actually a negative thought. If we are inspired to lose weight it may be because we are passionate about looking or feeling better, which is a positive thought that makes us feel good.

How do we find inspiration? We have to look deep inside ourselves. One way to know what inspires you is to think back through all of your memories and pick out those moments when you felt the most inspired. Reflect on those moments and try to figure out any common theme or thread that runs through those memories. What action or actions felt the best? Then focus on feeling once again more of the same inspiring moments that led to the actions.

Inspiration can be supported and triggered from external sources. Create an environment that inspires you. Surround yourself with other people that inspire you. Follow their actions and nurture those relationships.

If you love a certain type of music, make it a part of your daily environment. If you need a bright, open space, or a dark, quiet space to relax, create a special place inside or outdoors that feels comfortable and inspires you to spend time there. If you love art, decorate your home with art you love to see.

Above all, learn to trust your internal guidance system. Live every day in the present and notice those events or actions that really tug at your heartstrings, because those events will provide hints for finding new sources of inspiration or reminding you of past sources of inspiration.

3 Common Situations for the Law of Attraction

People often think the Law of Attraction only works for big events or in outlandish situations. This could not be farther from the truth. In fact, the Law of Attraction can be applied to every situation you encounter no matter what the circumstances are. The situation can be as mundane as an everyday occurrence within your daily routine and here are a few examples:

1. Checking Your Mail

When checking the mail, many people fear they will receive bills, both expected and unexpected. This fear is actually a visualization of the worst possible outcome.

This will actually attract a negative outcome, thus resulting in the materialization of more bills.

You can utilize the Law of Attraction by visualizing happy news, a check, or some other positive document in the mailbox instead.

By visualizing this, you can expect a much more positive outcome.

2. Interacting With Your Peers

Have you ever noticed that negative people seem to attract other negative people? Or that positive people seem to attract positive people? This is actually one of the most basic foundations of the Law of Attraction at work. By being a positive person, you can attract positive people into your life. You can also help to attract positive outcomes for all of your peer to peer interactions.

3. Trying To Get a Promotion at Work

If you would like to benefit from a promotion that has recently come up at work, the Law of Attraction can help. Through focus, determination, strong intention, and visualization, you can help to increase your chances of gaining that promotion. Don't let your supervisors pass you over again. Remember how important it is to believe you will actually receive the promotion. There is no “cheating” the Law of Attraction.

Utilizing the Law of Attraction in your everyday life makes far more sense than simply hoping it will work for the big moments in your life. Reap the benefits of this law daily and see a huge difference in the general quality of your life. Whether you are checking the mail, interacting with your peers, trying to get a promotion at work, or doing something else entirely, the Law of Attraction can help you.

Apply the Law of Attraction: Stick-to-itiveness is Key

Stick-to-itiveness is the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though it may be challenging. Tenacity and perseverance are synonyms for stick-to-itiveness.

Why is this trait key to learning to apply the law of attraction in our lives?

A large part of manifesting what you truly want in life depends upon your ability to think positively—even when it is challenging to let go of negative thoughts. A little stick-to-itiveness is essential for mastering the ability to direct and focus your thoughts.

Let’s face it, thinking positively takes work, especially when we are out of practice—or we are more practiced at thinking negatively!

There are a variety of tools that help us to apply the law of attraction and shift our thinking. Just like learning any new skill, using these tools requires “stick-to-itiveness” and a degree of self-discipline.

Doing affirmations every day, showing gratitude for what you have, finding the positive in what seems to be a negative situation, requires practice and perseverance. Examining and analyzing your thoughts can be exhilarating when you discover something new about yourself, but it can also take a lot of time: this is where stick-to-itiveness can really help you.

There is no magic wand that we can wave in order to begin to experience all that we want in life. We do not manifest “all things positive” simply because we say we are going to start applying the law of attraction.

It is easy to become disillusioned when things don’t happen as quickly as we want, or as quickly as we believe they need to, or “should”, happen. This is true whether we are learning to play an instrument, drive a car, or change our thinking.

No one learns to shift a lifetime of habitual thinking overnight. We must learn to manifest by using tools, taking small steps, and sticking to it.

We have to practice observing and examining our thoughts, turning negative thoughts into positive ones, and showing gratitude for all the good we are experiencing. We can begin to meditate and visualize what we want in our lives.

By regularly using these and other law of attraction tools we can reach a place of pure joy. Soon we can shift our minds to think more and more positive thoughts, and discard negative ones.

The key to manifesting what you want is to have the stick-to-itiveness to practice those techniques. Use Law of Attraction tools throughout the day to help you intentionally focus on what you really want to manifest.

So while there is no literal magic wand, with practice, and good old stick-to-itiveness, you can have a magical life when you learn to apply the Law of Attraction.

Never Miss Loved Ones Who Have Passed

What Are You Attracting?

The Law of Attraction teaches you that you’re responsible for attracting people and events into your life. It’s common when people first hear this to have a lot of doubts. After all, who would want to attract job loss, divorce, or illness into their life?

Obviously, no one wants that. The point is that when these things are attracted into a life, it’s usually done on an unconscious level.

When you talk about applying the Law of Attraction in your life, it’s about doing so consciously and that makes all the difference in the world.

When my children were young, I taught them about the Law of Attraction and how it works. Even so, they didn’t always understand and appreciate how the law works.

Like many people, they seemed to believe that this was a straight-forward exchange, as if they were bartering for something they wanted with a neighbor.

My daughter thought she was a very happy person and therefore did not recognize when she attracted a serious illness. My daughter was drawn to drama in her life and typically swung from the highest of highs to big lows. Before she recognized the lesson and changed her behavior, she ended up in the hospital for emergency surgery.

Fortunately, the surgery was a success and my daughter was fine. I knew that it was time for another lesson in the Law of Attraction so she could learn from this experience. Then it would be up to her to decide if she wanted to change her point of vibration or risk attracting more health issues into her life.

Because she had already had a lifetime of learning about the Law of Attraction I was able to get into it pretty quickly:

"Well dearest, as you know, everything that comes into your experience matches the vibration that you’ve been putting out. You’ve attracted a physical condition by being in a resistant state for a long enough period of time to manifest this.”

"But Mom, I’m such a happy person!”

“That may be true, but there is more at play here. I see the high drama with which you experience your friendships, and I notice that you often tell me about being upset with one of your girlfriends, or that everyone is mad at so-and-so. For quite a while now, I’ve witnessed your crises involving intense drama and negative emotion. I believe that they’ve manifested into your current state of health.”

There was no further retort from my daughter. Just a thoughtful look and a nod of her head. It was sinking in that the drama and chaos that swirled around her was the very same energy that resulted in her emergency operation.

Recognizing that she had the power to change her thoughts and the vibration that she chose to be in alignment with, resulted in great success. I was proud as I watched my daughter tap into her Internal Guidance System (IGS) and consciously change her actions to attract a healthier life.

If you or your children are attracting events that you don’t want in your lives, it’s time to step back and figure out why. It may not be as easy to recognize as if you were actually thinking about getting sick and you just had to change that one thought.

If you check in with your IGS, it will help you identify the patterns of energy that you’re sending out that are aligned with the things you say you don’t want in your life. Then, like my daughter, you can consciously change those patterns and begin to attract the life of your dreams.

Seeing Kids’ Potential Despite Apparent Limitations

As a parent, you want to protect your children. You want to see them excel and you want them to be happy.

Sometimes those desires work beautifully together. At other times, they can fight against each other.

One of the biggest ways these goals can appear to not mesh well is when your son or daughter has a physical condition that creates some limitations for them.

Of course, there is a broad range of such limitations, from a temporary issue such as a broken arm, to a long-term health issue like asthma, or even a permanent condition a child was born with or acquired due to illness or accident.

Of course, you love your children no matter what. It’s precisely because you love them that you want to shield them from harm, whether that is teasing from other kids or from injury.

You’re intimately aware of your children’s health and their struggles. You know their heartaches and the physical pain. You don’t want them to have to feel that again. Sometimes one of the hardest things of all is to just let kids be kids.

This is when you need to tap into your Internal Guidance System (IGS) to help understand when it’s appropriate to shelter your children and when it’s better to support and even push them.

The good news is that kids are resilient. Given support and guidance, these kids who have “limitations” can go on and surprise everyone around them.

Are you keeping your son from athletics because of his asthma? Many world-class athletes had severe asthma as children. Scott Hamilton, international figure skating star and Olympic gold medalist, got involved in skating precisely because of his asthma. Track star Jackie Joyner-Kersee, basketball legend Dennis Rodman, and swimming great Amy Van Dyken all suffered from asthma. The exercise turned out to be great for all of them.

If your daughter is in a wheelchair, you may think that automatically keeps her apart from a lot of activities and other kids. That may be true, but if you engage your IGS and listen to her, you may be surprised at some of the things she can do with desire and creativity.

I was inspired reading about Cassie McLelland, whose son Caleb has Spina Bifida. As she told the Huffington Post, "If I had just known how amazing Caleb would be, I wouldn't have been so scared. That's the message I would want to share with anyone facing this same situation."

Rather than keep her son away from events because he might be teased or isolated, this mom found a way to let Caleb be a regular kid.

Armed with a hot glue gun and a desire for others to see her son’s potential and not just his wheelchair, this mom started decorating his wheelchair for Halloween. He has been an airplane pilot, Mario, Batman, and a construction worker; all things most boys would love to dress up as for the day.

Other children born with severe illnesses grew to become great authors or artists largely because of their illnesses. They turned inward and found a way to share great beauty and wisdom with the rest of the world.

Let your children tap into their IGS to help them know what’s right for them. Perhaps your son is one of the quiet ones who may become our next great poet. Or maybe your daughter feels compelled to run and become the next great track star.

Be open to whatever course your children are drawn to. Let them explore options and declare preferences just as you would allow children without their challenges. You can never know all the potential that’s inside your kids unless you let them explore it on their own.

2015 is the Year of Happy

It seems that no matter where I look, I hear people talking about how important it is to be happy. Granted, this isn’t a new topic, but it’s on the tip of many a tongue as we progress into this New Year.

Our American Founding Fathers felt that happiness was so important that they wrote the Declaration of Independence to allow not only life and liberty, but also the pursuit of happiness.

Therein lies the rub.

Perhaps Marci Shimoff started this trend with her 2009 book, Happy for No Reason. Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy” was a big hit in 2014.

Was all of this happy talk a result of the returning economy? Or was it the other way around? Did a focus on being filled with joy help fuel the economy?

Whenever people have found themselves in times of stress and worry, there have been people telling them to cheer up.

Back in 1988, Bobby McFerrin wrote the song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” borrowing the subject line from Meher Baba.

Baba encouraged people to do their best and then to let go. He was teaching a tenet of the Law of Attraction: know what you want, take inspired action, and then be ready to receive.

How different is pursuing happiness from saying you have the right to be happy? You don’t need to pursue liberty or life. Just the happiness and prosperity. Why is being joyful so elusive?

One of the reasons happiness seems so slippery is that it’s different for each person. There’s no magic formula that you can follow. X + Y is always going to equal a number and not an emotion.

Most people believe they’ll be pleased when -- when they get a promotion, when they lose weight, when they find their soul mate, etc. Yet as long as you believe there has to be something or someone that happens to you in order for you to attain the elusive feeling, then you probably never will be. At least not for long.

Take some time and consider the things that make you feel happiness. These things may include loving relationships and career fulfillment, but you are what determines your own happiness. Positive feelings attract more positivity, so even if you have to fake it until you make it, the Universe is giving you opportunities all the time.

One of the best tools to help you feel content right now is to take a look back at where you’ve been. Rather than looking back at 2014 and all the things that didn’t go according to your plan, remember all the wonderful things that did. Consider the pleasant accidents that weren’t part of your plan either. Instead of focusing on your mistakes, like not losing the extra pounds you declared you would, focus on what you did do right.

Take the time to sit and reflect on the past. Write down all the wonderful things you can think of that happened last year. Allow those memories to fill you with satisfaction and yes, even happiness.

Now while you’re feeling that happiness, look forward to tomorrow, next month, and the entire year. In this state of joy, you’ll begin to receive inspiration on what you can do to feel even more happiness.

By making a regular habit of reflecting back on the positive parts of your life, you’ll feel more happiness. And when you feel joyful, you attract other happy people and experiences into your life. In other words, stop pursuing happiness, start remembering and living it right now.

Teaching Kids to Reach for the Unexpected

There are a lot of expectations that are placed on your children. They’re expected to behave and to do well in school. They may feel like they’re expected to play sports or to be musical. Many kids feel pressure to go to college.

This may be to attend a specific University and follow in Mom or Dad’s footsteps or they may be seen as trail blazers with the hopes that they’ll be the first in the family to graduate high school and get a higher education.

In a way, it can be simple for everyone when your kids follow the expected path. It may or may not be an easy path to follow, but someone has been there before. It feels comfortable and familiar to everyone involved. It feels safe.

But what happens when that expected path isn’t the one that your son or daughter wants to follow?

What if they want to chart a course that’s so different from anything they’ve experienced that you don’t even recognize it as a possibility?

What if they don’t know what path they want to be on, but are certain the one they’re currently on isn’t the one they want?

The challenge for you as a parent is to help your kids follow the path that is right for them. This is often the unexpected one, which can feel uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and sometimes not so safe to you.

It can be a challenge to let go of your own expectations and support your children’s decisions, especially if they feel alien to you. This is often made easier when your kids have such a strong desire that it’s impossible to deny. You might not agree with it, but when you see their passion, you can go along with it.

It’s often harder when your children are adrift, not sure where they want to go, whether they’re floating aimlessly or plodding along a course that isn’t fulfilling. If they continue on their current path, they may never learn how it feels to be passionate about their lives and careers.

At this point, you should realize that you want your son or daughter to be happy. That may mean encouraging them to diverge from the expected at least temporarily.

How do you help your kids to reach for and follow the unexpected path? By teaching them to use and trust their Internal Guidance System (IGS). It’s equally important that you use and trust your IGS as well.

Let’s say your son comes to you and wants to be a musician or travel around the world with just a backpack, rather following your dream of going to college and becoming a doctor. Instead of listing off the reasons these choices are impractical, tap into your IGS and see how it would feel to be in his shoes.

Don’t try and see how it would feel to you to follow his dream – it’s his dream and it might not feel good to you at all. This isn’t the point. Instead, contemplate how it would feel to have someone else telling you what to do with your life. Not great, I imagine? Now check in and see how it would feel to be supported and loved while you follow your dreams. Pretty awesome, right?

When you see that your son or daughter are apparently aimlessly drifting, talk to them about their feelings. Are they overwhelmed, bored, and scared? Or are they happy and carefree?

You can use your IGS to help you to coach them, especially knowing how they’re feeling about their current situation. Does it feel right to encourage them to try new opportunities? Or does it feel right to let them float around for a while?

It’s common for parents, teachers, and society to place expectations on kids. Your children will feel these pressures and even add their own expectations to the list. When you enlist your IGS and encourage your kids to trust in their IGS, you can all let go of the expectations and allow them to enjoy their unique, magical lives.

Good, Bad and Ugly: Always Apply the Law of Attraction

People often want to know how they can get faster, easier results when applying the Law of Attraction. They feel that even though they’re doing everything right, they aren’t getting the desired results. Naturally, this can lead to frustration and an erosion of belief. Many will ultimately come to the erroneous conclusion that the LOA doesn’t work.

First, it’s important to remember that the LOA is actually a law of nature. Therefore, it MUST work in a similar manner to the law of gravity.

No human being decides when or if the law of gravity will work, so you need to assume the same of the LOA. No one’s standing in the way of the LOA working in your favor except you.

As a life coach, I’ve helped a number of different people determine how to utilize the LOA in a way that works best for them. After discussing the situation and their Law of Attraction practices, I frequently discover that they practice the LOA only when they desperately want something.

This is similar to when people pray for God to intervene when their life isn’t going the way they’d like and situations are dire. In moments like that, they’ll promise to be good and resolve to change their ways. Typically, they go back to their old ways as soon as the crisis has been resolved.

The Law of Attraction is not dependent upon a benevolent being in the sky. In order to get the LOA to work, it requires you to use the tools you were given in a consistent manner. By doing that, you consciously manifest what you desire.

That means you can’t only think about what you want when times are bad or you find yourself in an ugly situation.

Yet you still need to use your tools when things are looking good, too.

The saying, “practice makes perfect” can be applied here as well. When you routinely practice a variety of LOA tools regularly, it’ll be easier to apply said tools during the rough patches. When you hit a bumpy patch on the highway of life, being comfortable with a variety of tools will enable you to shift gears and course correct much more easily.

Don’t wait until you’re extremely unhappy or stressed to try to attract change into your life. That’s like trying to learn to swim by jumping into the ocean without a lifejacket and hoping you’ll float.

When you’re sailing along and your life feels great, that’s the perfect time to practice appreciation. It’s also a great opportunity to learn a new method of appreciation. Every trick you learn gives you more flexibility to apply the LOA when you want to.

Don’t try to learn a lot of different tricks all at one time. Focus on one that feels good to you in that moment. Feel your own energy throughout the process. Be aware of when your energy lifts, even if it’s only marginal.

Like a carpenter needs more than one type of saw, you’ll want to be comfortable with a variety of tools to apply the Law of Attraction.

Although all the Law of Attraction tools work, some will work better than others for you in general. On top of that, some will work better for you in certain circumstances.

Use your own positive moments to experiment with different tools so you can try a variety when things are less than rosy. Then, if you do find yourself caught in the swirling ocean waters, you’ll be able to find and use the best lifeline, jacket, or dinghy to get yourself safely back to shore.

Negativity and the Law of Attraction

As a Law of Attraction coach, a lot of people ask me if they have to get rid of all negativity in their lives in order to get the Law of Attraction (LOA) to work in their lives. I understand the question – you’ve been told repeatedly that the key to LOA is to raise your vibration and to be positive. After a while, it does begin to feel like you have to be positive all the time.

Good luck with that.

You’re only human. You experience all emotions, not just the happy, feel-good ones. Negativity, sadness, and anger will creep into your heart and mind from time to time.

That’s normal. It doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. It doesn’t mean you can’t successfully apply the Law of Attraction to make your life better. It just means that you’re human and there’s nothing wrong with that.

There’s a difference between experiencing negativity and dwelling on it.

The LOA stresses that what you think about and what you feel is in alignment with what you’ll attract into your life. That’s why it’s important to learn how to raise your vibration so that you spend less time in that negative space.

It’s important to listen to your Internal Guidance System (IGS). It’ll help direct you towards activities and people that bring you pleasure. You might experience negativity, but you don’t have to invite it in to play. Even when you’re feeling down, give yourself a simple choice -- one path or the other. It may be difficult at first, but trust and listen to your IGS. It’ll help you know which feels better even if it’s only a little bit.

Learning tools to lift you up when you begin to feel that negative knock on the door is an important part of applying the Law of Attraction. Take the time to learn a variety of LOA tools to raise your vibration rather than trying to rely on one. There is no one-size-fits-all tool that’ll work for every occasion.

Be easy on yourself about this. If something sounds or feels like a dreadful homework assignment, then that’s not the right choice for you. At least not right now. If you aren’t sure what your IGS is, it’s that inner wisdom that made your stomach churn like when you were back in school. It’ll also help you identify the right tools for you because their prospect will feel light and positive.

Keep in mind that the goal is to lift yourself up. Not to never feel sad or angry. It isn’t even the goal to move from sadness to joy in one giant leap like Superman over tall buildings. Start small and then keep lifting yourself up bit by bit.

If you apply Law of Attraction tools and listen to your Internal Guidance System, you’ll be able to raise your energy over time so your stay in the house of negativity is short-lived. Then you can consciously shift your thinking to positive things more easily.

The more often and the quicker you can do that, the sooner you’ll see the LOA respond. Eventually, you’ll be living the magical life of your creation.

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