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5 Ways To Maximise The Power Of The Full Pink Moon: April Supermoon

Updated on March 14, 2020
Karla Taylor profile image

I follow the phases of the moon and the significance each phase has on us.

What Is The Significance Of The Pink Full Moon?

The pink full moon, which lands in April, is an important one because it marks Easter which always falls on the Sunday after the full moon in April, the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.

This means that this particular full moon represents rebirth, especially since the name "pink moon" originated from the wildflower, pink ground phlox which starts to regrow at the same time of year.

Is The Moon Going To Be Pink?

It's fairly rare that the pink moon actually appears to be pink but it has been known to appear in shades of pink, yellow, orange or even red.

That's if you get to see it through the clouds!

How Is This Moon Going To Affect Me?

In my opinion, this full moon is going to be even more powerful than the super full moon of March this year. Two super full moons in a row means that the forces are charged and it couldn't come at a better time.

Saying goodbye to winter and inviting in a brand new spring means that we have the opportunity to rid ourselves of the entanglements and difficulties from the previous year.

The full moon in April represents regrowth, rebirth, renewal and revitalisation and you'll feel the shift. You might even connect to an enthusiasm for housework and if not, have no fear, I wrote an article on cleaning motivation that's almost as powerful as the moon:

Full Pink Moon
Full Pink Moon

"There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls".

— George Carlin.

When Is The Pink Full Super Moon?

This year, the pink full moon lands in the UK on 8 April (2020).

5 Things You Can Do To Maximise The Power Of This Full Moon

A lot of flowers rebloom at this time of year, similarly, there are lots of types of seeds that are best planted at this time of year. If you miss the window then you can't plant the seeds and the plants won't grow. This moon is kind of like that.

  1. Set your intentions.

It's common practise amongst those inclined, to set intentions under a new moon and celebrate under the full moon but this particular full moon encourages you to set intentions over this time too. You don't have to break down your goals, you don't have to think about how you're going to manifest your intentions, all you have to do is set them.

Take some time in the days approaching to think about which intentions would be most beneficial to you in the areas of your life you need to improve on and then write them down in a list under the full moon and perhaps leave the list on your windowsill overnight to "charge" your intentions under the light of the full moon and keep them for future reference. You might well be surprised when you look back in a couple of years and realise you manifested all of your intentions. It happens and it happens often.

2. Charge your crystals and stones

Stones and crystals are known for their healing properties and have been used for centuries to heal misfortunes from ailments to anxieties, major and minor. I personally took rose quartz to the hospital the second time I gave birth and I had a much calmer and easier experience with the rose quartz than without it.

Many people believe, primarily neo-pagans, that crystals need charging under the light of the full moon and cleansing under natural rain water in order to be effective. I believe this also but I'm not always in a position to charge and cleanse my crystals but if you are then you definitely should.

3. Use the full moon as digital content for your business

Take a decent photo of the moon and you have yourself aesthetic digital content that belongs to you which can be used for many things depending on your business or brand, I'd recommend using it for a post on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to boost engagement and business or brand exposure. It's good to post to social media consistently so that you're maximising your reach and full moons make for engaging content.

You can talk about the full moon in your captions for days leading up to it and on the night itself meaning that you don't have to pick your brain so hard to think of quality content for a few days.

4. Wake up early and make progress in your day.

Full moons are notorious for keeping people awake so use the day of the full moon as an opportunity to get up earlier than usual and get some things done that you wouldn't normally be able to do in the morning. Perhaps start the process of winding down the children a little earlier than usual just in case they struggle to sleep too but stick to their usual bed time routine otherwise. You may need to give yourself time to wind down too, setting your intentions is a good time. Write with a real pen on real paper, there are less distractions so you're less likely to be distracted from how tired you are.

5. Be considerate.

You are likely to feel a shift during the full moon but you won't be the only one. People will be refreshing their homes, refreshing their schedules, some may even be refreshing their whole lives.

People might have less time for one another during the effects of the April full moon and that's okay. We all need to be connected to ourselves and the moon encourages that, just remember to be aware of your moods during the shift and expectations of others because ultimately, most people like being close to others so although you might get irritated by company because you're so focused on completing tasks, you must remember that once those tasks are done, the benefits are boring unless you can share them with people you love. Tasks don't take forever and the people in your life are more important.

You're much less likely to become irritated of you aren't overwhelmed. You can break your intentions/goals down into manageable tasks to help and this is handy for your full moon intentions too.

© 2020 Karla Taylor


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    • profile image

      Sylvia Granato 

      8 hours ago

      My birthday is on 8th manifestations on manifestations

    • profile image

      Roslyn Grace 

      3 days ago

      Good article. My 55th birthday is on the 7th of April. So I'm really looking forward to it!


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