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The Inevitable Questions

Updated on February 8, 2019
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What I love about writing is the opportunity to be creative and connecting with others.

Guilt is such an uncomfortable feeling, that sometimes is able to take control of your body. There have been times in which the remorse that I have felt is so big, that even my arteries have started to grow and pumped from the state of guilt that I am in. But one thing is feeling guilty in front of your parents or your partner and another, feeling guilt in front of the Creator of all Things.

Whether your Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish or Protestant, there is always a question that comes to the surface when you start practicing astrology: Do the zodiac signs go against my faith?

It is indeed an intimate question but is also a question that you have to answer for yourself. Of course, there is a version of what the establishment of religion has to say about this subject. They can see astrology as a distraction, and sometimes, even as the competition. But the truth is that there are so many points in which religion and astrology come together.

A question of inner peace

First of all, it is important to say that astrology is much more than predictions or studies about personality profiles. It is bigger than that and it implies concepts that are linked with the universe and the spiritual world. Many people pray to ask for protection or to ask for a wish or favor. Others pray to find peace and balance. It all depends on the perspective that you have about religion.

There is an aspect of religion that is structured. Being born under one religion or another, give you a sense of belonging. This environment can impact the education that you receive, the way you act, the way you interact with others.

But there is another aspect that is more emotional. It is a quest about looking for answers, or even a mechanism not to feel alone. This perspective is more focus on your personal relationship with God than following a dogma.

Restriction vs expansion

This is the eternal disjunction between both poles of religion. Religion can restrain an individual, but it can also free them. However, in the first case it is important not to blame religion, but the keepers of religion. At least the ones that are slaves of their own insecurities and are always immersed in a sin hunt. For those, the only purpose of religion is to serve.

On the other hand, religion can also be oriented to enlightenment. But the key factor here is not the goal. What matters is the process, as you can see in Taoism or Buddhism. But enlightenment it is nothing exclusive of oriental religion. As a matter of fact, enlightenment can be something complementary to any faith. It is a level of consciousness and balance with the universe.

What could be wrong about being a better person? In being above Good or Evil? One of the paths to achieve such a state can be provided by meditation, which is also an important element on astrology and can help you to connect through your mind with the stars, the planets and what surround us.

The 1000 faces of Astrology

Another common point that is clearly reflected both in religion and astrology concerns the angels. Angels are part of an extended branch of astrology called “Spirituality”. Angels are present in most religions. They form part of Christianity, even though they are briefly mentioned on the Bible (if you skip Satan). They are also taken into account by the Muslims and have their equivalent on Buddhism. Also, in the Hebrew tradition, the Angels of the Kabbalah play a key role.

In astrology, as well as in religion, the vision of the angels is basically as protectors. Guardian Angels is a concept that is getting more attention and importance in astrology. What is interesting about them is that the first contact that some have with Guardian Angels come as they are children and among the introduction to religion.

They are taught to pray to the Guardian Angel since the concept of having someone to look after you is a concept that someone of a young age could relate to. As they grow and start doing research, they discover the complexity of the angels and all the divisions of the angelic spheres.

Holy numbers

Another area of astrology that have parallel or better said, a clear relevance in religion is numbers. No one can deny the importance or the symbolism of the numbers in religion. Taking the Catholic, for example, there are numbers that are an entity on their own.

Sometimes it is almost impossible not to think on the relation that these numbers have with certain character or elements of the Bible. Like for example the 7 being the number of God or the 666 the number of the Devil. 10 is associated with the commandments. 3 is the number of the holy trinity and 4 is the number of the horsemen of the Apocalypse. Why are they represented by this number instead of another? The answer may be simpler as we can imagine, however, it is definitively not a random thing.

Historical frame

Knowing this, it is hard to understand then where does this animosity against astrology come from? For this is important to understand the historical frame in which most religion matured. How was the world at that time? What was the division of society back then? Who controlled the knowledge in the past? And most important, what were they afraid of?

If you compare it with the present, you can see that there was a big evolution in the world. However, sometimes it seems like the changes in religion are even slower than the changes in society. So, why stay in the past? There is a space for the zodiac and many other fields of astrology. And maybe, it would be through this knowledge that you could have a better understanding of God and your faith.

© 2019 Federico Rojas


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