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Astral Projection Techniques For Beginners

Updated on October 24, 2013

Learn Easy Astral Projection Techniques For Beginners

Let me first say that astral projection techniques for beginners are many and you can spend years in trying all techniques from all the books and courses available for learning how to have an obe.

I should know. I've been practicing various astral projection techniques for a few years already, and only very recently I've gotten any success at all.

In this article I will describe various techniques that you can try in learning to astral project, and give you the best resources and books on learning this awesome way of learning about yourself, your inner self, and the world around you.

If there is anything I've learned throughout the years is that not every technique works for everyone. What worked best for me might not do anything for you. I guess this is why there are so many different techniques, because as we are unique, we respond to different stimuli, and we learn based on different wasy of teachings.

I'll tell you all about my way as well.

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How to have an out of body experience
How to have an out of body experience

The Best OBE Course I Can Recommend

by a great master of astral projection

This is the one astral projection course that helped me truly have my first AP. The set of 6 CDs have been put together by none other than William Buhlman, one of the major teachers in astral projection. I got interested in AP years ago by reading his book Adventures Beyond The Body. Awesome book as well, highly recommended.

Btw, there is an even better course on astral projection, however that might be out of the budget of many people. I will discuss it briefly towards the end of this article.

A Fun View Of How NOT To Have An OBE

It was seriously fun to watch this 13 minutes video. It tells you what NOT to do to avoid getting out of body experiences. Because if you DO them, you will probably have one...

As humorous as it is, this video sums up pretty well the main things one should do to have an astral projection. Totally recommended!

If You Liked The First Part, Then Watch Part 2 - Equally Fun!

astral projection myths
astral projection myths

7 Myths About Astral Projection Techniques For Beginners

When I first started learning astral projection, I've read everything I could on the subject, I've soaked up information like a sponge, I visited all the AP and OBE forums, I've watched countless videos, bought a lot of products (books and video courses) and I by the end I could have written a disertation on the topic.

But still, I didn't have a real out of body experience, with all my intellectual knowledge about it.

And one thing I've learned over time is that there is a lot of misinformation, there are a lot of myths around the subject, and some of these wrong informations were what kept me from having a real OBE.

So here are some of the major myths about astral projection techniques for beginners that I came across. Some you might already know, and others you might find curious, while there are some that you might not even agree with. That's ok. Just be aware that there is lots of stuff out there, and not everything works as expected.

Photo credits: guilanenachez

  1. Don't try to have an out of body experience in the night, because it won't work. I've stayed away from trying to AP in the evening exactly because early on I've learned that I should not do it.

    How wrong I was! My first successful astral projection happened just before falling asleep, in the night. That's right. First myth busted! Just thinking that I could have had an astral projection earlier if I actually tried and didn't listen to the all-knower gurus out there makes me cringe. Oh well, better late than never.

  2. Do not try to have an AP in bed - go to a couch, outside of your bedroom. Here is another myth busted. This one ties in together with the previous myth, but while the first one is about trying to AP in the night, this is about the location. Like I said before, my first successful AP happened in my own bed, just before falling asleep.

  3. It is very difficult to have an astral projection, and it might take you years of trying - Well, this is not exactly a myth, but it doesn't have to be this way. You have to try several techniques and stick with the one feels best for you. And you have to try regularly. Then it won't take you years until you have your first conscious astral projection.

  4. You can't learn OBE, it happens spontaneously, so don't even try. Wrong again. With regular practice you will get have an out of body experience, all you need is to find the astral projection technique that works best for you.

  5. Very few people have an astral projection - In fact, we all astral project during the night when we sleep, but we simply don't remember because we lose consciousness and then slip into a dream.

  6. You might not come back to your body when you're out projecting - This is totally not true. AP is a very normal part of our being and we practically astral project every single night. We always come back. Don't forget that we are astral beings, we are souls in a temporary body, so being out in the astral is a very natural state for us. There is no 'not coming back to the body'.

  7. Our body can be possessed during sleep. Have you been watching movies such as Insidious - Astral Projection by any chance? (Great movie by the way but totally wrong when it comes to real astral projection experiences).

    No entity can possess the body while it is out there traveling in the ether. You are connected to your body by a so-called silver cord, so you are never truly detached from it. Nothing can come in at all. The only time you are not connected to your body is when you are dead. Then there is no silver cord. And we all die only once in this life, and it won't happen any time during a regular astral projection.

Are you afraid of trying out astral projection?

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rope technique
rope technique

The Rope Technique For Astral Projection

As taught by Robert Bruce

The rope technique is one that most people try when learning to astral project. It is actually quite a good technique and many folks have great results with it. Sadly this is not the technique that brought my first out of body experience, but then again, we are not all the same, and what works for one, might not work for the other person.

Being a very popular technique, here it is described below.

The rope technique for astral projection is actually quite easy. Once you get your body asleep (completely relaxed, as in not feeling it anymore), start visualizing a rope that you grab and start climbing it. The visualization of the movement of climbing can bring about a real astral projection. Here bring yourself to the point where you begin to feel vibrations, and then you exit your body.

Note: there are two main ways for astral projection: astral in the nearby physical environment (your own room, you see your environment and your body, and projection directly in the astral plane - here you are going directly into the astral, you're completely out of your environment).

The rope technique brings you out of your body into the real time zone, not into the astral directly.

This technique has been started by Robert Bruce in his Astral Dynamics book. If you don't have it yet, I strongly recommend you get it. It's a mountain of a book teaching you how to project from beginning to advanced techniques, some which might just be the right for you!

Did I get you interested in astral projection?

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Just Some Of The OBE Books I Have At Home

Just Some Of The OBE Books I Have At Home
Just Some Of The OBE Books I Have At Home

The Roll Out Technique

This is another great technique that pulls you out of your body in the real time zone.

There are two versions to this technique. The roll-out and the lifting technique. In the lifting technique, you visualize yourself lifting out from your body, while in the roll out technique, you imagine yourself rolling to the left or right when the vibrations come. Two main reasons why this might not work for everybody are because 1 - you are not relaxed enough, and 2 - because you might be afraid that you physically roll out of the bed.

One way to easily achieve the roll-out of the physical body is by gently rocking yourself from side to side. Eventually you break free from your phisical body and end up in the ether - but still in the physical real time (you actually see your body lying in the bed or couch near you).

I'm not quite sure who thought of this technique first, but it is included in most astral projection techniques for beginners books out there.

Journey out of the body robert monroe
Journey out of the body robert monroe

The Phasing Technique

This is a very interesting technique, one that was coined by Robert Monroe, maybe the most popular astral projecting teacher all around.

Basically while with the previous techniques when you leave your body you land somewhere in the room, when you phase out of your body, you go to another realm altogether. So you won't be seeing your body at all, or your home, or your neighborhood. You'll be in another dimension directly.

It is said that the real time projection is actually an interruption before phasing. That if you don't try to get out of your body by the various astral projection techniques mentioned before, if you simply let yourself go (without falling asleep), you eventually end up in the astral directly.

Many people find phasing much easier than trying to get out of their body in the real lifetime.

Robert Monroe has written a set of 3 books on his experiences with astral projection and phasing, and his teaching on the subject. He is really known as the father of astral projection. His books are not only recommended, but necessary on the bookshelf of any serious astral projection learner.

To really learn phasing, you need to get his books. There are many websites talking about phasing, but none teach it as well as the person discovering this technique in the first place.

binaural beats
binaural beats

Astral Projecting Using Binaural Beats

One of the favorite astral projection techniques for beginners is using Binaural Beats.

There is a lot of talk about binaural beats and there are many that you can find online (paid and free). Not everything lends itself equally to astral projection though. It all depends on what frequencies are the beats at and what wave lengths they induce in the listener.

For example there are binaural beats that simply help you get into an Alpha state of meditation and relaxation. Or there are binaural beats that help with letting go of headaches and stress. And there are also binaural beats for brainwave entrainment suitable for giving you a much needed sleep (especially when you are suffering from sleep problems.)

Here are some of the real binaural beats that help with your AP session.

photo credit: image purchased at Istockphoto

The Gateway Experience Waves
The Gateway Experience Waves

Gateway Experience Waves For Astral Projection

Hemi-Sync - By The Monroe Institute

If you really want to get good at astral projection beyond beginner level, and you are interested in the actual astral voyage - i.e. getting to an astral plane rather than simply hanging around your body in the real time, there is no better course out there than the Gateway Experience Waves by Robert Monroe Institute.

Yes, this is the institute founded by the very Robert Monroe (I talked about him a bit earlier on in this article) who started the whole phasing technique.

I have this course, so I don't endorse it simply because it's there. I've tried it and it's awesome. It's great! Granted, it costs more than pretty much everything else out there, but what you get out of it is really worth it. It is the entire Astral Projection course (and if you go to their Gateway real courses, you spend a couple of thousand dollars at least).

Highly recommended!

Gateway Experience For Astral Projection - Learn how to astral project with this full kit of 6 CDs.

Here the entire knowledge is condensed in these Hemi-Sync CDs that help you with your out of body exploration.

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