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Astrology, Location & Destiny – You Can’t Evade Your Karma and Fate by Relocating

Updated on May 11, 2013

In our experience, a person's life dramatically improving at any particular time is precisely reflected in their numerology and astrology timing charts.

Relocation charts involving a move do symbolize to some extent what's happening in a person's life, but it doesn't make those circumstances happen.

Through our research, we've consistently found that relocation doesn't erase significant karma, nor does it allow a person to skip important lessons s/he has incarnated to learn on schoolhouse Earth. Instead, a change of residence is representative of the timing in a person's birth charts; it's all part of the plan.

Moving to a new location, whether you're told it's a good or bad place for you represented by your relocated astrology and numerology charts, will only serve to somewhat enhance or mitigate specific fated life circumstances. The major positive or negative destined life experiences are unavoidable.

A person having fantastic love timing periods in his/her birth charts could hardly go wrong no matter where s/he resided during that time. Alternatively, that same person having very challenging love timing cycles would encounter trials in even the most promising love location as identified by searching his/her relocated birth charts.

Dharma (what you must do) allows you to balance your karma (necessary lessons and experiences for spiritual development).

These concepts are cornerstones of ancient wisdom supported by sages throughout history and are regularly overlooked today.

An extremely common error in today's New Age thinking is trying to avoid challenging life experiences in favor of attempting to manifest what one's ego-self wants when those desires (the "perfect" relationship, the "one," perfect harmony with family members, loads of money, etc.) are not part of one's destiny.

It's analogous to children thinking they can skip healthy food, feast on deserts only, and still be able to maintain good health.

There are no quick fixes, spiritually speaking; despite what many popular New Age types might tell you. After the inspiration and false hope have faded, one is still left with one's karma.

However, even though we may not be able to "create" everything we desire, we do have the free will to react positively to our karmic circumstances and "create" within the confines of our earthly blueprints, individual karma, and spiritual law.

In short, although relocating is linked to changes in life circumstances, one cannot manifest what isn't part of one's earthly plan or avoid dates with destiny simply by moving to a different location.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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